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Chelsea, London
Alfred Sadler from Birmingham married Marie (known thereafter as Mary) Lauvers, who was Belgian, in 1864. Jules was born in 1875 and registered as Jules Leon H Petit. It seems he was adopted by the Sadlers. In 1881, they lived at 14, Duke Road and in 1891 at 20, Alkerden Road (both Chiswick). Jules married Annie Martha Toms on 28/6/1902 at Chiswick. Their son Dennis Jules Sadler was born on 13/4/1909 and their daughter Norah Annie Sadler on 16/10/1914. In 1911, they lived at Edingley, Southwell, Nottinghamshire but had moved to 30, Gregory Boulevard, Nottingham by 1915. At the time of Sadler's discharge, they lived at 20, Alkerden Road, Chiswick. Jules Sadler died at Kensington.
He was a pupil teacher in 1891, a Nottinghamshire County Council school attendance officer in 1911 and a clerk & storekeeper upon enlistment.
24 Oct 1927
Royal Engineers
Meterological Section Sadler's Army Service Record (ASR) survives. He attested 9/12/1915 under Lord Derby's Scheme aged 40 years and six months. Jules Sadler served in the UK from mobilisation on 17/5/1916 until being discharged 'no longer fit for war service' on 12/12/1918. He was suffering from myalgia and chronic gastritis. He was awarded a weekly pension of 8/3d.
His character was described as 'VG' (ASR) despite being confined to barracks for 10 days on 16/11/1918 after being absent for '4 days 20 hours and 30 minutes.' This is a probable identification on the assumption that JP was mis-transcribed as JR when the St Andrews memorial list was compiled. David Nunn
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