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07 Mar 1888
Sarthe, France.
Albert Victor Clément Victor Ange Côme lived in Nottingham before the war.
03 Jun 1916
Albert Victor Clément Victor Ange Côme was living in Nottingham when war broke out and, part of the class of 1908, returned to France on mobilisation. He served in the French Army in the 117th Infantry Regiment. Albert died of wounds on 3rd June 1916 during the battle of Verdun.
Pre-war Nottingham resident, Frenchman Albert Come, 117th Regiment, described some of his experiences in a letter to friends in the city, extracts from which were published on 15th May 1915 in the Nottingham Evening Post :- “BORN LUCKY. “FRENCH SOLDIER’S EXPERIENCE AT THE FRONT. “Called up while living in Nottingham to serve with his regiment at the front, a French soldier of the name of A. Come, has written to friends here stating that he is in good health and spirits. “Things are terrible," says the writer, “and really I begin to think that I was born under a lucky star to pass through it all without a scratch. Never mind, we must be patient if we want to wipe out all these beasts of Germans to the last. I am always with my Maxim gun, and lately we have done good work. We will stop them attacking, and I don’t think they will try to attack again in this part of the front. I heard they are now using poisoning gas, but have not yet seen this at work. If we know already what to do in the emergency, and they will find us ready. By jove! How I should like to sleep again in a bed. I do not know how many days I have not undressed myself, and to take off one’s boots is the only thing allowed every four days. The worst of all is that no man living can tell how long this business will last. In my opinion I think we must reckon on three months at least of very hard fighting, but I do not think we shall pass another winter in the trenches.” 'In Memoriam' notice published in the Nottingham Evening Post, 2nd June 1917 :- “COME. – In remembrance of Corpl. Albert Come, 117 eme Mitraelleurse French Army, killed at Verdun, June 3rd, 1916. – Fondly remembered by Louie and Henri Buol and A. Bozon.” 'In Memoriam' notice published in the Nottingham Evening Post, 4th June 1918 :- “COME. – In remembrance of Corporal Albert Come, Mitraelleuse, Armée Francaise, killed at Verdun, June 3rd, 1916. – Always remembered by his friends, A. Bozon, Henri and Louie Boul.” Above article and notices are courtesy of Jim Grundy and his facebook pages Small Town Great War Hucknall 1914-1918. Note: Henri Buol (1888-1943) was the son of John George Buol. His father was a Swiss national and a confectioner and restauranteur who opened numerous restaurants in England, including Nottingham. Henri was also a confectioner and baker and had premises on Clumber Street and St James' Street, Nottingham.
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