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20 Oct 1885
Sherwood Nottingham
He was the son of Edward Harrington Thurman, a malster, and Ann Eliza Thurman of 6 Notintone Place Sneinton Npttingham and later Selby Lane, Keyworth, Nottinghamshire.
In 1911 he was employed in Uttoxeter as a clerk in the corn trade.
03 Dec 1917
653450 - CWGC Website
1/1st Bn South Nottinghamshire Hussars
At the end of December 1915 Thurman was serving in Swaffham and wrote to the Uttoxeter Advertiser to thank the townsfolk for a Christmas parcel that they had sent: Rubbing It In The parcel came as a pleasant surprise, for up to the present I am the only one in the Sergeants’ mess to be remembered in such a substantial way by townspeople. I have had my leg pulled at various times about Utcheter but I can assure you I did not forget to rub it in when I had the table spread. At the time of writing the above letter he was attached to the headquarters staff as Sergeant Instructor of Musketry By November 1916 he was serving in the Balkans and sent a copy of The Balkan News to the Uttoxeter Advertiser[1b]. As the newspaper was published in Salonika, it seems likely that his service took him there at some stage. The Uttoxeter Advertiser published an extract from The Balkan News as follows: Under the heading of Our Birthday, the Editor says: To-day is our birthday number, and we sincerely hope that it will never attain its second anniversary. Such a wish is unusual in those who are responsible for the life and vigour of newspapers, but The Balkan News is unique among its kind. It was born of the war it is indeed one of the very few authentic war babies and the continuance of ist existence depends directly on the continuance of the war. In conclusion the writer says: Let us hope that by this time next year the successful march of events will have enabled us all to take a cheery farewell of Macedonia. And if Fate and the Kaiser will otherwis well,The Balkan News will still be there, helping to make the best of the situation. At some stage after this, Sergeant Thurman was reduced in rank to Corporal Thurman. We dont know why. He was killed in action in Palestine on the 3rd of December 1917. Shortly afterwards, the Uttoxeter Advertiser published an obituary, which said the following: He was well-known in the Uttoxeter district, especially amongst the agricultural community, having for many years been the representative of Messrs. Shaw & Co., corn factors, of Uttoxeter. Corporal Thurman came to Uttoxeter from the Nottingham district, and on the outbreak of war he rejoined the Yeomanry unit with which he was connected some years previously. He was for several years a member of the Uttoxeter Town Cricket Club, being popular with all who knew him and his many friends in the district will be sorry to hear of his death.
Ramleh War Cemetery
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