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  • The stained glass window commemorating Sydney Hanson in Holy Trinity Church, Kimberley (WMA 26881). Photo courtesy of Peter Gillings
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Kimberley Nottinghamshire
Sydney was the youngest child of Robert Goodall Hanson and Mary Ann Hanson nee Banner. Robert Goodall Hanson was born in Watnall in 1843 (J/A/S Basford) while Mary Ann Banner was born in Greasley in 1846 (J/A/S Basford). they were married in 1865 (A/M/J Basford) and according to the 1911 Census completed by the widowed Mary Ann, they had had 13 children of whom only 11 survived. Eleven children were named on the census returns from 1871 onwards: Annie Eliza birth registered 1867 (J/F/M Basford, Eleanor Sarah b. 1868 (O/N/D Basford), William Banner b. 1869 (O/N/D Basford), Robert Adolphus b. 1872 (A/M/J Basford), Henry b. 1873 (J/A/S Basford), Frederick Walker b. 1876(J/A/S Basford), Gertrude b. 1878 (O/N/D Basford), Phoebe Frances b. 23 September 1880 (O/N/D Basford), Marian (or Marion) b. 9 November 1881 (O/N/D Basford), Frank Stephen b. 12 January 1884 (J/F/M Basford) and Sydney b. 1885 (A/M/J Basford). In 1871 Robert (27) a brewer, and his wife Mary (25) were living in Greasley with their three children, Annie (4), Eleanor (2) and William (1). They employed two female domestic servants. The family was still living in Greasley ten years later (Newdigate House). Robert gave his occupation as 'wine and spirit merchant and brewer' adding that he employed 16 men and 2 boys. He and his wife now had eight children: Annie (14), Eleanor (12), William (11), Robert (8), Henry (7), Frederick (4), Gertrude (2) and Phoebe (6 months). Two live-in servants were employed. The family home was still in Greasley in 1891. Robert still described his occupation as wine and spirits merchant but gave the added occupation of farmer. All eleven of the children were at home on the night of the census: Annie (24), Eleanor (22), William (21) a brewer, Robert (18) an assistant brewer, Henry (17) a law student, Frederick (14), Gertrude (12), Phoebe (10), Marian (9), Frank (7) and Sydney (5. Robert and Mary employed three female domestic servants, a cook and two housemaids. By 1901 the family was living in their new home of 'Cloverlands' in Kimberley. Robert had retired from business and his sons Robert and William were managing the business. In the home on the night of the census were Robert (57), Mary (55), Robert (28), a brewer, Frederick (24) an auctioneer, Gertrude (22), Phoebe (20) and Marian (19). Annie, Eleanor and William had married while Sydney (15) and Frank (17) were boarders at Repton School, Derbyshire; Henry has not yet been traced on the 1901 Census. Robert Goodall Hanson died two years later on 17 March 1903. His widow continued to live at 'Cloverlands' and at the time of the 1911 census four of her children were in the household on the night of the census: Frederick (34) an auctioneer, Gertrude (32), Sidney (25) a malster, and her married daughter Marian Hodges and her husband Leonard Cliff Hodges (30), a mining engineer, and their daughter Sheila Marion (1, b. 7 October 1909). Mary employed five female domestic servants. Mary Ann Hanson died on 14 July 1926. Her son Frederick continued to live at 'Cloverlands' until his death 1936 when the property was sold. Of Sydney's siblings: Annie Eliza married Thomas Draycott Hancock on 21 June 1893 (A/M/J Basford) at Kimberley Holy Trinity church. Thomas Hancock was the manager of the Kimberley colliery which was owned by Colonel Seely. Eleanor Sarah married Robert Dick Fraser on 10 August 1898 (J/A/S Basford) at Kimberley Holy Trinity Church. she died on 23 November 1948; she was then living at Auchendoune, Dunblane, Scotland. William Banner was married by 1901; his wife, Elizabeth Cockburn was born in Scotland. In 1901 they were living at Nuthall House, Nuthall, Nottingham, with their two children Dorothy Mary Tullis (3) and William Gordon (b. 25 September 1900). Also in the household on the night of the census were three female servants. William was described as a 'brewer employer'. He died on 14 May 1930; he was still living at Nuthall House. His wife, Elizabeth survived him; she died on 1 March 1931. Robert Adolphus married Maud (b. Glasgow) in about 1901 and in 1911 they were living in Beauvale, Greasley, with their three children, Robet (7), John Keil Tullis (6) and Helen Rosemary (7 months). They employed four domestic servants. Robert died on 25 August 1938; he was still living in Beauvale. His widow Maud died in 1968 (September Nottingham) aged 88. Henry qualified as a solicitor and may have been a partner in the firm of Walker and Hanson, solicitors, of Low Pavement, Nottingham, and was joint executor of various of his siblings estates including that of Robert in 1938. No other records have yet been found for Henry although a Henry Norman Hanson, solicitor, acted as executor for Phoebe (1951) and Frank (1956). and may have been Henry's son. Frederick Walker did not marry and continued to live at 'Cloverlands' until his death on 23 April 1936. He had served in the Royal Garrison Artillery during the war, including service in France. At the time of his death in 1936 he was a partner in the Nottingham firm of Walker, Walton and Hanson, auctioneers and valuers. Gertrude did not marry and died on 9 February 1929; she was still living in the family home, 'Cloverlands'. Phoebe Frances did not marry. It is likely that she continued to live at 'Cloverlands' until it was sold in 1936 after the death of her unmarried brother, Frank, in 1936. In 1939 she was living at Holly Lodge, Southwell; she employed a cook, parlourmaid and housemaid. Phoebe was living at the Manor House, Oxton, when she died on 28 March 1951. Marian, married Leonard Cliff Hodges (b. 23 September 1880) at Kimberley Holy Trinity Church on 17 December 1907 (O/N/D Basford). In 1911 Marian and her husband and their daughter were living at 'Cloverlands', Kimberley. At the time of the 1939 Register Marian and Leonard were living at Bamburgh Hall, Doncaster, with their daughter Sheila; Leonard was a colliery managing director. Marian may have died in 1971 December Ledbury Herefordshire), aged 90. Frank Stephen married Grace Phillips (b. 12 April 1886) in 1910 (J/A/S Nuneaton, Warwickshire) and in 1911 they were living near Coventry where Frank was a mining engineer and assistant manager of a coal mine. Also living with them was Grace's younger sister, Effie Eileen Phillips (14). Frank and Grace employed one domestic servant. Frank also served in the war and was awarded the DSO and the MC: Nottingham Evening Post, 2 January 1918: ‘Military Honours. Acting Lieut-Colonel FS Hanson MC, is the fifth son of the late Mr RG Hanson, of Kimberley, he was in the Territorial force for some years and was employed as a mining engineer in Warwickshire.’ (www.britishnewspaperarchive.co.uk). In 1939 Frank and his wife were living at The Lodge, Stratford on Avon; Frank was described on the 1939 Register as a retired mining engineer, director Standard Motor Co. Ltd. Frank died on 6 January 1956; he was then living in Bognor Regis. His widow died in 1961.
He was educated at Repton School, Derbyshire. In 1911 he was a maltster.
27 May 1918
1438658 - CWGC Website
South Nottinghamshire Hussars Yeomanry
He was drowned when HMS Leasowe Castle on passage from Alexandria, Egypt, was sunk by submarine in the Mediterranean. His body was not recovered for burial and he is commemorated on the Chatby Memorial. The following account is by a local resident, posted on the Woodborough village website. The Hussars had been fighting in the Middle East and they were returning to France where they were to be re-formed as a machine gun company. Their new title was to be the South Notts Machine Gun Battalion. They were sent to Alexandria, Egypt and had received orders to embark on a transporter ship called the "Leasowe Castle" on 23th May 1918 ¹. On 27th May, the ship was struck by a torpedo with devastating results. A very detailed account of the fateful journey may be read in the historical records of the South Notts Hussars Yeomanry by G. Fellows. The "Leasowe Castle" was one of a convoy of six transporters and they were accompanied by a number of destroyers. The weather was good, the sea was calm and a brilliant moon shone in the night sky. At 1.30 am on May 27th 1918 when the ship was about 104 miles from Alexandria, the "Leasowe Castle" was struck by a torpedo on the starboard side. The engines were immediately stopped. The troops mustered to their stations, rolls were called, boats lowered and rafts flung overboard. The Japanese destroyer "R" stood by, while the remainder of the convoy continued on their journey at full speed. We are informed that perfect order was maintained on board, the men standing quietly at their stations as if on parade, while those detailed for the work assisted in lowering the boats. Lifeboats were launched in the course of forty five minutes and the rescue attempt continued smoothly. The "Leasowe Castle" remained fairly steady, though sinking a little at the stern, with a slight list to port. All of 'B' (Warwickshire Yeomanry) Company of the Battalion went over the port side and were picked up in the water. About 1.45am. HM sloop "Lily" appeared having turned back from the convoy to assist in the work of rescue. She ran her bows up to the starboard side of the "Leasowe Castle" and made fast, so that troops were able to pass quickly on board. Meanwhile the Japanese destroyer put up a smoke screen for protection. Suddenly about 3.00am a bulkhead in the aft part of the ship gave way, and with a loud noise the "Leasowe Castle" sank rapidly. The "Lily" had a narrow escape, as the hawsers connecting her with the sinking ship were cut with an axe just in time.
(WMA 26881) A single light lancet window in the south wall of the nave in Holy Trinity church depicts a scene from 'walking on the sea' (Matthew 14. 29-32) with a second depiction beneath from Matthew 14. 25-27. Inscription at the bottom of the window: 'In loving memory of Sydney Hanson, Captain South Notts Hussars, who gave his life for his country when the Leasowe Castle was torpedoed 27th May 1918.' Nottingham Evening Post, 1 June 1918 (extract): ‘Local Yeomanry Officers. Reported Missing, believed Drowned. Official news reached Nottingham yesterday that three well-known Yeomanry officers, Captain Fredk. Wm Piggin, MC (T2T ROH] Captain Sydney Hanson, and Lieut. JCG Warwick {T2T ROH], are missing and believed drowned. Telegrams conveying the sad messages were received by the parents from the authorities at York, and in a fourth case, that of Captain FP Holmes, a similar intimation was happily followed by a telegram containing reassuring news that he was a survivor. Further information as to the missing officers is being awaited with keen anxiety ... Captain Sydney Hanson is the youngest son of the late Mr RG Hanson and Mrs Hanson, Cloverlands, Kimberley, and prior to the war was a partner in the firm of Messrs GR Long and Co. malsters, of Nottingham. He is 33 years of age, and was educated at Repton, joining the Yeomanry some years ago. He has served in the Dardanelles operations, in Salonika, and Egypt.’ (www.britishnewspaperarchive.co.uk) Nottingham Evening Post, ‘In Memoriam’, 27 May 1919: ‘Hanson. In proud and loving memory of Sydney Hanson, captain, South Notts Hussars, drowned on active service, sinking of HM troopship Leasowe Castle, May 17th 1918.’.(www.britishnewspaperarchive.co.uk) Probate: Hanson Sydney of Cloverlands Kimberley Nottinghamshire captain in HM army died 27 May 1918 at sea Administration Nottingham 13 June to Robert Adolphus Hanson esquire. Effects £8988 8s. 10d. Nottingham Journal, 22 June 1893: ‘Fashionable wedding at Kimberley. Kimberley yesterday was dancing to the music of wedding bells. The little mining centre had done its utmost to throw off the sombre aspect it wears on workdays. The long uninviting length of its principal street was decorated with bunting, and assumed the reckless gaiety that flags and spangled banners alone have the secret of imparting. The good people gathered to their doorsteps, lined the roads, and helped to make the fine dust finer … They assembled n little crowds at the numerous cross-roads, and massed themselves into a large crowd at the gates of holy Trinity church. Miss Annie E Hanson, the eldest daughter of Mr RG Hanson, the proprietor of the Kimberley Brewery and chairman of the Basford Board of Guardians, who is widely known and respected throughout the neighbourhood was about to be married to Mr Draycott Hancock, the manager of Colonel Seely’s collieries at Kimberley. Her five bridesmaids [were] Miss Florence Hancock, sister of the bridegroom, and the Misses Eleanor, Gertrude, Phoebe, and Marian Hanson, sisters of the bride … The ceremony over, a long string of carriages took the bridal party back to Cloverlands, Mr Hanson’s new residence.’ (www.britishnewspaperarchive.co.uk) Nottingham Daily Express, 11 August 1898: ‘Fashionable Wedding at Kimberley. Marriage of Miss E Hanson. Trinity Church, Kimberley, was the scene of a pretty wedding yesterday, when the nuptials of Miss Eleanor S Hanson, second daughter of Mr RG Hanson, JP, of Cloverlands, Kimberley, and Mr Robert Dick Fraser, of Stirling, were solomonised … Flags and bunting were displayed on most of the public buildings and houses in Kimberley, and a large assemblage congregated in the vicinity of Trinity Church some considerable time before the hour fixed for the wedding … The bridesmaids were Miss Gertrude Hanson (sister of the bride), Miss Jean Fraser (sister of the bridegroom), Miss Phoebe Hanson, and Miss Marian Hanson (sister of the bride).’ (www.britishnewspaperarchive.co.uk) Probate: Hanson Robert Goodall of ‘Cloverlands’ Kimberley Nottinghamshire esquire JP died 17 March 1903 Probate Nottingham 12 June to Mary Ann Hanson widow William Banner Hanson and Robert Adolphus Hanson brewers and Henry Hanson solicitor. Effects £154315 4s. 11d. Nottingham Journal, 18 December 1907: ‘Pretty wedding at Kimberley. Miss Marion Hanson and Mr LC Hodges. It was a pleasant indication of the esteem in which the families of the contracting parties are held that so much interest was taken yesterday in the marriage at Holy Trinity, Kimberley, of Miss Marion Hanson, youngest daughter of the late Mr RG Hanson and Mrs Hanson, of Cloverlands, Kimberley, with Mr Leonard Cliff Hodges, son of Mr and Mrs WA Hodges, of Sherwood-rise, Nottingham … She was attended by three bridesmaids, Miss Gertrude Henson, and Miss Phoebe Hanson, her sisters, and Miss Maisie Hanson, a niece, while a little niece and nephew, Miss Elspeth Fraser, and Master Bobbie Hanson walked behind the bridesmaids … The officiating clergy were the Right Rev. Bishop Hodges and the Rev WH Hodges, uncle and brother of the bridegroom respectively and the Rev Frederick Hart, rector of Kimberley … the bride walked up the aisle leaning on the arm of her eldest brother , Mr WB Hanson.(www.britishnewspaperarchive.co.uk) Nottingham Evening Post, ‘Deaths’, 15 July 1926: ‘Hanson. On July 14th, at ‘Cloverlands’ Kimberley, Mary Ann, widow of the late Robert Goodall Hanson, in her 81st year. Funeral service, Kimberley Church, 2.30pm Friday.’ (www.britishnewspaperarchive.co.uk) Probate: Hanson Mary Ann of Cloverlands Kimberley Nottinghamshire widow died 14 July 1926 Probate (limited to settled land) Nottingham 10 November to William Banner Hanson and Robert Adolphus Hanson directors of limited company and Henry Hanson solicitor. Effects £4000. Former Grant DR Nottingham 13 October 1926. Probate: Hanson Gertrude of Cloverlands Kimberley Nottinghamshire spinster died 9 February 1929 Probate Nottingham 26 April to Frederick Walker Hanson auctioneer and valuer and Frank Stephen Hanson mining engineer. Effects £24329 0s. 10d. Probate: Hanson William Banner of Nuttall House Nuttall Nottinghamshire died 14 May 1930 Probate Nottingham 22 August to William Gordon Hanson and Robert Adolphus Hanson brewers and Henry Hanson solicitor. Effects £30226 0s. 1d. Probate: Hanson Frederick Walker of Cloverlands Kimberley Nottinghamshire died 23 April 1936 Probate Nottingham 15 July to Henry Hanson solicitor and William Gordon Hanson director of a company. Effects £84686 9s. 8d. Nottingham Evening Post, 23 April 1936 (extract): ‘Death of Mr FW Hanson. Partner in Nottingham Auctioneering Firm. British Legion Work. The death occurred early this morning at his home, ‘Cloverlands’, Kimberley, of Mr Frederick Walker Hanson, a partner in the firm of Messrs. Walker, Walton and Hanson, auctioneers and valuers, Exchange-walk, Nottingham. Mr Hanson, a bachelor, was in his 60th year, and had only been ill about two months. He was the fourth son of the late Mr Robert G Hanson and was extremely well known in the county. Keenly interested in agriculture, he was chairman of the Moorgreen Show. During the war Mr Hanson saw service in France as a lieutenant in the Royal Garrison Artillery and after the war he threw himself whole-heartedly into the work of the British Legion, and became chairman of the Nuthall and Kimberley branch.’ (www.britishnewspaperarchive.co.uk) Nottingham Evening Post, 25 April 1936 (extract): ‘Funeral of Mr FW Hanson. British Legion’s ‘Act of Homage’. Big gathering of mourners. Holy Trinity Church, Kimberley, was filled today with a congregation of mourners for Mr Frederick Walker Hanson, of Cloverlands, Kimberley, a partner in the well-known firm of Messrs Walker Walton and Hanson, auctioneers and estate agent, who died on Thursday … The family mourners were Miss Phoebe Hanson (sister), Mr and Mrs RA Hanson (brother and sister-in-law) … Mr Harry Hanson (brother, Mr and Mrs LC Hodges (brother-in-law and sister), Lieut-Col FF[FW] Hanson (brother) [also nephews and nieces].’ Probate: Hanson Robert Adolphus of Beauvale Greasley Nottinghamshire died 25 August 1938 Probate Nottingham 18 November to Maud Crawford Hanson widow Robert Goodall Hanson director of a company and Henry Hanson solicitor. Effects £47352 19s. 5d. Resworn November 1939 £48338 8s. 11d. Probate: Fraser Eleanor Sarah of Auchendoune Dunblane Perthshire widow died 23 November 1948 Confirmation of Colin Neil Fraser advocate and Alexander Logan McClure writer to the Signet. Sealed London 26 February. Probate: Hanson Phoebe Frances of the Manor House Oxton Nottinghamshire spinster died 28 March 1951 Probate Nottingham 9 July to Henry Norman Hanson solicitor and William Gordon Hanson company director. Effects £77483 4s. 9d. Probate: Hanson Frank Stephen DSO MC of Storth Manor-way Bognor Regis Sussex died 6 January 1956 Probate Nottingham 31 July to Grace Hanson widow Frank Herbert Hanson motor factory executive and Henry Norman Hanson solicitor. Effects £28491 3s. 9d.
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  • The stained glass window commemorating Sydney Hanson in Holy Trinity Church, Kimberley (WMA 26881). Photo courtesy of Peter Gillings
    Sydney Hanson - The stained glass window commemorating Sydney Hanson in Holy Trinity Church, Kimberley (WMA 26881). Photo courtesy of Peter Gillings
  • Depiction of 'walking on the sea' (Matthew 14. 29-32). Photograph Rachel Farrand (September 2012)
    Sydney Hanson - Depiction of 'walking on the sea' (Matthew 14. 29-32). Photograph Rachel Farrand (September 2012)
  • Inscription (WMA 26881). Photograph Rachel Farrand (September 2012)
    Sydney Hanson - Inscription (WMA 26881). Photograph Rachel Farrand (September 2012)