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21 Mar 1879
Newark Nottinghamshire
Frederick was the son of Joseph Turgoose and Alice Turgoose nee Walker. Joseph Turgoose was born in Barnby, Nottinghamshire, (birth registered 1838 J/F/M Newark) and Alice was born in Newark. They were married in 1862 (marriage registered O/N/D Newark) and had at least nine children, all of whom were born in Newark: Thomas (b.1863), Mary Ann (b. 1865), George (b. 1867), John Walker (b. 1869), Florence Alice (b. 1875), Elizabeth (b. 1877), Frederick Birkett (b. 1879), Betsy (b. 1881) and Albert (b. 1884). John probably died in early childhood - he appeared on the 1871 Census as John W. aged 1 year, and was not on any subsequent census; the death of a John William (sic) Turgoose aged 4 was registered in 1874 (J/A/S Newark). In 1871 Joseph (32), a corn porter, and Alice (30) were living at 54 Whitfield Street, Newark, with their four children, Thomas (5), Mary Ann (5), George (3) and John (1). The youngest child, John, died three years later in 1874. Joseph and Alice were still living on Whitfield Street ten years later in 1881. They had seven children of whom six were still living at home: Mary Ann (15), George (13), Florence (5), Elizabeth (3), Frederick (2) and Betsy (under 1 year). The eldest son, Thomas, was serving with the Essex Regiment (regimental number 219). Their youngest child, Albert, was born three years later in 1884. Joseph Turgoose died in 1887 (death registered J/A/S Newark) aged about 49. In 1891 the widowed Alice was living at 57 Whitfield Road, Newark, and working as a dressmaker. Five children were still at home; George (23) a miller's carter, Florence (15) a dressmaker's apprentice, Frederick (12), Betsy (10) and Albert (6). Frederick joined the Royal Navy on 5 July 1894 and served continuously until his death in 1916. By 1901 Alice was living at 10 Whitfield Road; only Betsy (20), a school mistress, and Albert (16), a railway telegraphist, were still at home. Alice died two years later aged 62 (death registered 1903 J/F/M Newark). Of Frederick's siblings: Thomas served in the 2nd Bn Essex Regiment and was awarded a medal for the Sudan Campaign (1884-1886). He married Mary Steptoe in 1889 (marriage registered J/A/S Dover). In 1901 they were living in Military Police Married Quarters, Portsmouth; Thomas was now a sergeant. He and Mary (42, b. London) had three children, Thomas (10, b. Kent), Alice Mary (9, b. Dublin) and Joseph (6, b. Dublin). By 1911 Thomas had left the army and on the census was described as an army pensioner although he was also working as a sack repairer. He and Mary were living at 22 Sleaford Road, Newark, with two of their three children, Alice (19) a dressmaker, and Joseph (16) a shop assistant for a dairy company. Thomas died in 1923 at the age of 60 (death registered December, Newark). Both of Thomas' sons served in the Great War. George married Jane Francis in 1894 (marriage registered J/A/S Newark) and in 1901 they were living at 23 Chatham Street, Newark. George was a miller's carter. He and Jane (30) had two children, Elsie (5) and Joseph Francis (3). They were at the same address ten years later in 1911 and George was still following the same occupation. He and Jane now had six children; Elsie (15) a tailor's machinist (wholesale tailors), Joseph (13), George Albert (9), Annie (7), Charles Ernest (5) and William (1). George died at the age of 69 in 1936 (death registered March, Newark). Mary Ann married Thomas Connelly in 1883 (marriage registered A/M/J Newark) but died in 1889 aged 24 (death registered O/N/D Newark). Florence Alice married Walter Bailey in 1899 (marriage registered J/F/M Newark). In 1901 Walter, (23m b. Newark), a house painter, and Florence (25) were living at 2 Albany Terrace, Fairfield, Derbyshire, with their seven-month old daughter, Louise. Also in the household was a boarder, David P Day (24), a railway guard. Florence and Walter later had a son, John. Florence and Walter emigrated to America and were registered on the 1910 US Federal Census. Florence died on 14 September 1948 and was buried in Lick Creek Cemetery, Perry, Ralls County, Missouri; the grave index names her spouse as Walter Bailey and her children as Louie Shepard and John D Bailey. Elizabeth was living in Lincoln in the household of Charles Pate, a farmer, and his wife in 1901. She was employed as a nurse and as the census does not describe her as either a boarder or lodger she may have been living in the household to care for either the Pate's 15-month old daughter or Mrs Pate. Elizabeth married Frederick Armstrong at St Swithen's Church, Lincoln, on 22 August 1901 and in 1911 they were living at 45 Broadgate, Lincoln, with their two children, Frederick Joseph Turgoose (8) and George Albert (7 months). Betsy married Frank Oswald Newboult in 1903 (marriage registered A/M/J Southwell) and in 1911 they were living on King Street, Southwell. Frank was a self-employed ironmonger. He and Betsy had three children, Maude Marion (6), Eric (4) and Frank Philip (1). They employed one general servant. Betsy died at the age of 40 in 1924 (death registered June, Southwell). Albert joined the Royal Navy as a telegraphist, later Petty Officer Telegraphist (J657); there is a record of him serving in HMS Acteon as a leading signalman in May 1912. There is a record that he served on the China Station as on 18 December 1925 he arrived in the Port of London from Hong Kong onboard SS Mantua (P&O), proposed address RN Barracks Portsmouth. He was promoted and is in the Navy List as a retired officer (TL) with a seniority of 25 September 1933. The Navy List has an Albert Turgoose, Telegraphist Lieutenant Commander with seniority of 25 August 1941, and so it is likely that he rejoined the Royal Navy following the outbreak of the Second World War and from later editions of the Navy List continued to serve after the war. Albert married Ida Kate Hunt in 1913 (marriage registered O/N/D Weymouth) and his name is on the Absent Voters list for the North Dorset Division (parish of East Stour) between 1918-1922. He died on 28 July 1953, home address 34 Wallisdean Avenue, Copnor, Portsmouth; his wife survived him. Albert's son, Frederick Albert Burkett, was born on 16 June 1916 and also served in the Royal Navy during, and after, the Second World War (died 1997 aged 81).
He went to the Wesleyan School, Newark, and the Wesleyan Sunday School, Charles Street (www.newarklocalhistory.org.uk). He was a butcher when he joined the Royal Navy in 1894.
07 Mar 1916
3051765 - CWGC Website
180665 (Ch)
Petty Officer
  • CGM CGM Conspicuous Gallantry Medal
Torpedo Boat No.11 Royal Navy
HM Torpedo Boat No 11 was a tender to HMS Actaeon and based at Sheerness (Chatham). Frederick joined the Royal Navy on 5 July 1894 when he was 15 years old. He signed on for 12 years on his 18th birthday on 21 March 1897 and re-engaged on 21 March 1909. He served in the following ships and shore establishments: HMS Impregnable, 5 July 1894-22 January 1896 (Boy 2nd Class, Boy 1st Class 6 June 1895); HMS Black Prince, 23 January 1896-8 July 1896; (-) I, 9 July 1896-23 August 1896; HMS Talbot, 24 August 1896-1 May 1899 (Ordinary Seaman 21 March 1897, Able Seaman 20 March 1898); HMS Terror, 2 May 1899-20 July 1899; HMS Talbot, 21 July 1899-23 (-) 1900; (-); (-) I, 24 (-) 1899-9 January 1900; Pembroke I, 10 January 1900-21 October 1900; HMS Excellent, 22 October 1900-25 May 1901; HMS Vernon, 26 May 1901-26 October 1901; Pembroke I, 27 October 1901-11 November 1903; HMS Albermarle, 12 November 1903-29 January 1906; Pembroke, 30 January 1906-9 February 1906; HMS Actaeon, 10 February 1906-6 April 1906; Pembroke I, 7 April 1906-27 May 1907 (Leading Seaman 23 October 1906); HMS Edgar, 28 May 1907-31 May 1907; HMS Warrior, 1 June 1907-22 January 1909; Pembroke I, 23 January 1909-15 February 1909; HMS Africa, 16 February 1909-21 February 1911; Pembroke I, 22 February 1911-10 March 1911; HMS Actaeon, 11 March 1911-25 July 1911; Pembroke I, 26 July 1911-4 August 1911; King Edward VII, 5 August 1911-26 October 1915 (Petty Officer 1 February 1914); Permbroke I, 27 October 1915, 5 November 1915; HMS Actaeon, 6 November 1915-7 March 1916. Record annotated ‘NP1734/16, DD [Discharged Dead] 7 March 1916 when TB11 (-) mined’. Frederick was killed when TB11 (Lt JA Leigh RN) was mined off the east coast on 7 March 1916. His body was not recovered for burial and he is commemorated on the Chatham Naval Memorial. He qualified for the 1914/15 Star, British War Medal and Victory Medal.
Frederick appears on the 1911 Census as a leading seaman onboard HMS Actaeon, Stangate Creek, Sheerness. Frederick's sister, Elizabeth Armstrong of 45 Broadgate, Lincoln, was notified of his death in 1916. Frederick's medals and plaque were advertised for sale on e-bay in 2020.
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