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Frank was the son of James Neal and his wife Fanny nee Bagley. His father James was born in Kennington, Surrey, in about 1835, the son of William and Jane Neal, and was baptised on 18 October 1835 at St Mark, Lambeth. His mother Fanny was born in Camberwell, Surrey, the daughter of Charles Bagley. James and Fanny were married at Camberwell St Giles on 21 August 1860. James was already working in Newark as a school master at the time of his marriage. James and Fanny had at least eleven children who all born in Newark and with the exception of the eldest child, Fanny, who was baptised in London and Frank, whose baptismal record has not been traced, their children were baptised at Newark St Mary Magdalene: Fanny Elizabeth b. 18 June 1861 (A/M/J Newark) bap. 25 August 1861 at Camberwell St Giles, William b. 1862 (O/N/D Newark), bap. 3 January 1863, James Henry b. 1864 (J/A/S Newark) bap. 16 August 1864, Charles Arthur b. 20 March 1866 (A/M/J Newark) bap. 30 April 1866, Herbert John b, 13 January 1868 (J/F/M Newark) bap. 11 June 1868, Laura Bettina b. 15 October 1869 (O/N/D Newark), bap. 6 November 1869, Florence b. 18 January 1872 bap. 24 May 1872 d. 1874, Frank b. 1874 (J/A/S Newark), Percy b. 6 September 1876 (O/N/D Newark) bap. 30 September 1876, Mabel Gertrude b. 21 September 1878 (O/N/D Newark) bap. 20 October 1878 and Reginald Omer b. 1881 (J/A/S Newark) bap. 30 August 1881 d. 1894. James and Fanny were living on Appleton Gate in 1862 at the time of William's baptism but had moved to William Street by 1866 when Charles' was baptised and were still living there in 1881. James (45) was still employed as a certified schoolmaster, and eight of their nine surviving children were in the home on the night of the 1881 census: Fanny (19) no occupation, James (16) a railway clerk, Charles (15) a merchant's clerk, Herbert (13), Laura (11), Frank (6), Percy (4) and Mabel (2). Their eldest son, William, who would have been about 18 years old, has not yet been traced on the census. Another daughter, Florence, had been born in 1872 but had died aged two in 1874 (J/A/S Newark), the year Frank was born (J/A/S Newark). By 1891 the family was again living on Appleton Gate, Newark. Only Fanny (29), Laura (21) a stationer's assistant, Frank (16) a brewer's assistant, Percy (14), Mabel (12) and Reginald (9) were in the home with their parents on the night of the census. Reginald, the youngest child, died three years later in 1894 (A/M/J Newark). By 1901 only Laura (30), who was still working as a stationer's assistant, was recorded in the family home at 27 Appleton Gate, Newark. Her father James had retired from teaching. He died two years later on 22 November 1903 (O/N/D Newark) aged 68; the probate record gives his address as 25 Appleton Gate. Administration of his will (4 January 1904) was awarded to his widow, Fanny, who died in 1910 (J/F/M Newark) aged 73. Frank has not yet been traced on either the 1901 or 1911 Census, but in 1906 he attested at Liverpool in the Militia and gave his address as 36 Park Lane, Toxteth, Liverpool. He was a marine engineer, employer Captain Sharpe, SS Puffin, for the Elder Dempster Company of Castle Street, Liverpool (SS Puffin - West African coastal trade). He served in the Militia from 5 January 1906 but only served for 49 days; the reason for his discharge is not clear from the attestation record. He had named his mother of 27 Appleton Gate and his brother Charles of New Brighton, Cheshire, as his next of kin. Of his eight surviving siblings: Fanny Elizabeth was living at 37 Pevensey Road, Eastbourne, in 1911, employed as a housekeeper to the widowed Henry Pilley who owned an apartment house. Also in the home were his daughters, Dorothy (20) and Gladys (18). In 1939 Fanny, was living in Hailsham, Sussex, with Dorothy Pilley and Gladys Rolfe (nee Pilley), all of whom had 'private means'. She was living on Eastbourne Road, Lower Willingdon, Sussex when she died in The Leaf Hospital, Eastbourne, on 18 February 1945. Gladys Rolfe was awarded administration of her will. William was probably living in Kidderminster in 1891, a lodger in the home of Eliza and Mary Oakes; he was a master at a National School. He married Ada Lowe in 1893 (J/A/S Birmingham) and in 1901 he and Ada (27) and their three children, Mabel (6), Ethel (4) and Fred (1) were living in Kidderminster. They were still living in the town, at 32 St John's Street in 1911 and now had four children, Mabel (16), Ethel (14), Fred (11) and Eric (2). William was head master at an elementry school. His wife Ada probably diedin 1922 (O/N/D Kidderminster Worcs). There is a record on the 1939 England & Wales Register of a William Neal (b. 29 November 1862), a widower and retired teacher, living in a guest house at 5 Queen's Crescent, Exeter. James Henry married Annie Elizabeth Sanders (b. Brandon Lincs) in 1885 (O/N/D Grantham) In 1891 he was a head brewer's clerk and living with his wife Anne Elizabeth (25) on Bowbridge Terrace, Newark. They had had a daughter, Florence Eva, who was baptised on 31 July 1889 (St Mary Magdelene) but died the same year (J/A/S Newark). By 1901 they were living at 48 Penleys Grove Street, York, with their daughter Eveline Maud (8) who had been born in Newark and baptised at St Mary Magdalene on 4 March 1893. James was a brewer's clerk. In 1911 they were living at 41 Francis Street, Fulford Road, York, with their two children Eveline (18) a railway clerk, and Edward Arthur (7 b. York). James (46) was a grocer's manager and his wife a grocer and general dealer. James died in the County Hospital, York, on 3 May 1933 (A/M/J York); according to the probate record he was still living at 41 Francis Street. His wife Annie survived him. Charles Arthur, an accountant, was a lodger at Sandforth Road, West Derby, Liverpool, in the household of John and Sarah Hubbard, in 1891. He married Mary Elizabeth Hoyland in 1893 and they had at least three children: Constance May b. 1896 (J/F/M Birkenhead), Irene Muriel birth registered 1901 (J/F/M Birkenhead) and Charles Anderson b. 2 September 1904 (O/N/D Birkenhead). By 1901 Charles was a company accountant and he and his wife were recorded on the census as boarders at 18 Prescot Street, Liscard, Birkenhead. When his brother Frank attested in the Militia in 1906 he named Charles as one of his next of kin; Charles' address was given as Albion Street, New Brighton, Cheshire. In 1911 Charles' wife Mary and two of their three children, Irene (9) and Charles (6), were living at 15 Montpelier Crescent, New Brighton, Cheshire; the eldest child, Constance (15), was living in Newark with her maternal aunt, Mabel Neal. At the time of the same census Charles (46) was a patient at a private residence in Upper Warwick Street, Toxteth Park, Lancashire. His wife Mary Elizabeth died on 30 March 1935. The probate record gives her address as 83 Wellington Road, Wallasley, Cheshire; Charles was awarded administration of her will. In 1939 the widowed Charles was living in the Victoria Hotel on the Wirral; he died in 1951 (J/F/M West Cheshire) aged 84. Herbert John died aged 47 in 1915 (A/M/J Bingham), a few months after Frank's death. Laura Bettina was recorded living at 55 Holland Road, Kensington South, London, (an 'apartment house') at the time of the 1939 England & Wales Register; she was unmarried and her occupation was given as retired untrained nurse. She died on 14 February 1941 at the St Charles Hospital, Kensington. The probate record gives her address as 44 Norland Square, Holland Park Avenue, Kensington; her sisters Fanny Elizabeth Neal and Mabel Gertrude Hopkinson were awarded administration of her will. Percy married Jessie Lee (b. 16 July 1877) on 24 August 1898 at Christ Church. Newark. They had at least four children: May/Mary b. 3 June 1899 bap. 2 July 1899 Christ Church, Arthur William b. 31 October 1900 bap. 30 November 1900 St Mary Magdalene, John Reginald and Winifred Jessie. In 1901 the family was living at 23 Carter Gate, Newark; Arthur was a grocer. By 1911 Percy and Jessie and their four children, Mary (11), Arthur (10), John (9) and Winifred (6), had moved to 19 Sleaford Road, Newark; Percy (34) was a grocer, baker and confestioner and Jessie (33) a shop assistant. Their eldest son Arthur, a wood pattern maker, attested in the RAF on 15 July 1918 (268795); he gave his address as Carter Gate. In 1939 Percy and Jessie were registered at the Elmhurst Commercial Hotel, 44 Lombard Street, Newark; Percy's occupation was given as private hotel proprietor/master grocer, and Jessie as a partner in the grocery business. Percy was still at the hotel when he died aged 73 on 19 June 1950 at the General Hospital (A/M/J Newark). His sons Arthur, an ironmonger, and John, an engineer, and a solicitor's managing clerk, were awarded administration of his will. Mabel Gertrude was living at 27 Appleton Gate, Newark in 1911 and her occupation given as a teacher of music. Also in the home was her brother Charles' eldest daughter, Constance May Neal (15), who was a music student, a boarder, Mary Chimley (25), a stationery shop assistant, and Agnes Dobson (31) who was a housekeeper. Mabel married Frank Hopkinson in 1914 (O/N/D Newark). In 1939 the widowed Mabel was landlady of a boarding house at 72 Barrow Road, Wandsworth; also in the house was her son Frank (b. Newark 11 October 1916) a motor mechanic. Mabel died in 1964 (O/N/D Wandsworth) aged 86.
In 1891 he was a brewer's assistan, He attested in the Militia in 1906 and gave his occupation as marine engineer
29 Jan 1915
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Frank had attested in the Militia at Liverpool in 1906 but only served for 49 days. He gave his occupation as marine engineer. Frank was later attached to the Boston district of the Royal Naval Reserve; the RNR comprised volunteers from the merchant marine who would transfer to the naval service in time of conflict. He served in the Royal Naval Reserve during the war, drafted to HMS Victory. Frank died on 29 January 1915 in the Royal Naval Hospital Haslar from measles and bronchitis. He is buried in the Royal Naval Cemetery at Haslar, Gosport, Hampshire.
Frank's service record gives his date of birth as 8 June 1875 although his birth was registered in 1874 (J/A/S Newark). Royal Navy records give his next of kin as 'Mable (sic) Neal of 23 Appleton Gate, Newark.' Mabel Gertrude Neal, Frank's sister, had married Frank Hopkinson in 1914 (O/N/D Newark).
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