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  • Vincent Patterson's headstone in Retford Cemetery.
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Retford Nottinghamshire
He was the son of William and Mary (née Fletcher) Patterson. Patterson presumably moved south during his youth as he met Alice Maud Mary Brown in the Plumstead area near Woolwich and married her at St Michael's Church,Woolwich on 29th June 1896. The first three of their five children Alfred (1898), Walter Kimberley (1900) and Henry (1902) were born at Plumstead. In 1907 the Pattersons returned to the Retford area after which two more children Sidney (1908) and William (1910) were born. In 1911 the family lived at 33 East Street Retford.
07 Nov 1915
2749936 - CWGC Website
3rd Bn Lincolnshire Regiment
Vincent was serving in the Army during the South African War . (which may explain the name of his son Kimberley) and had been a regular soldier for 28 years at the outbreak of the war when he volunteered his services again. Patterson's service record shows that on 11th September 1914 he attested at Retford and joined the Special Reserve giving his age as 42. He later served with the 3rd Battalion Lincolnshire Regiment. At this time he and his family were living at 22 Abney Street Sheffield. He served on home duties and on 2nd November 1915 he was admitted to Kilingholme hospital with suspected pneumonia. He was later transferred to Grimsby District Hospital on 5th November with acute lober pneumonia. His health steadily became worse and he died on 7th November 1915. His wife was awarded a pension of 23 shillings commencing on 22nd May 1916 for her and her children. In 1917 Alice later married William Davison and continued to live at 22 Abney St, Sheffield.
His eldest son Alfred Patterson also served in the Army with the 1st battalion Lincolnshire Regiment and must have lied about his age as he was only 17 years of age when he died on 16th June 1915. His second eldest son Walter Kimberley Patterson born 15th March 1900 attended the recruiting office in Sheffield on 28th August 1914 and enlisted into the Army Special Reserve at the age of 14 years and 5 months although on his enlistment form he gives his age as 18. He was a groom. He was medically examined and passed fit for service in the reserves. His medical record shows he was only 5 feet 1 and ¾ inches tall weight was 106 lbs and he had a 32 inch chest. He was mobilised on 30th August 1914 and served with the East Yorkshire Regiment with service number 9/6846. He served at home and was in training until 8th September 1915 when he was finally discharged when his true age was discovered. He had served over a year with the army and was still only 15 years old at the time of his discharge. A true 'fighting' family. This page was researched by Peter Gillings.
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  • Vincent Patterson's headstone in Retford Cemetery.
    Photo Peter Gillings - Vincent Patterson's headstone in Retford Cemetery.