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  • Grave in Southwell (St Mary) churchyard. Photograph Murray Biddle
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03 Sep 1884
New Basford Nottingham
John George was the only son of James Maxfield Egleshaw and his second wife Mary nee Hawley. James first marriage was to Ellen Truswell (1862 J/A/S Basford) and they had at least four children: Phillip (b. 1863), Hannah (b. 1865), James Maxfield (b. 1866 O/N/D Basford) and William (b. 1874). Ellen died in 1878 (O/N/D Basford) aged 38. James married Mary Hawley on 24 March 1879 (J/F/M Nottingham) at St Mark's, Nottingham. Mary had a son, William (Hawley) and she and James had at least three children: Florence Mary b. 21 June 1882 (J/A/S Basford), John George b. 3 September 1884 (O/N/D Basford) and Thirza birth registered 1890 (J/F/M Basford) who died in 1902. James and Mary were living at 5 Chelsea Street, Basford, in 1881 but had moved to Oxford Street, Bulwell, by 1891. In the home on the night of the 1891 census were James (39), a lace maker, and Mary (33), James' children Phillip (18) a lace threader, Hannah (16) a lace mender, James M. (14) a lace warper, and William (7) together with Mary's son William Hawley (5). James and Mary had moved to Oxford Street, Bulwell, by 1891; only five children, Wiliam (17) a lace hand, Florence (8), John George (6), Thirza (1) and William Hawley (15) a lace hand, were in the home on the night of the census. The family was living at 7 Byron Street, Nottingham, by 1901. James (59) was still working as a lace maker. In the home on the night of the census were John (16) a coal miner, Thirza (11) and their married daughter Florence Burton (18) and her husband William Burton (19) a boot wheeler at an iron works. Their youngest child Thirza died the following year (1902 (J/A/S Nottingham) aged 12. John's mother, Mary, died in 1910 (O/N/D Southwell) aged 63. John George married Ellen Moore (b. Southwell) in 1908 (J/A/S Southwell). They had four children: Florence Annie b. 1 February 1909 (J/F/M Southwell), Kenneth Maxfield b.11 January 1911 (J/F/M Southwell), Mary Ellen b. 1914 (O/N/D Southwell) and Grace Evelyn b. 28 April 1917 (A/M/J Southwell). In 1911 John (26) a lacemaker-curtain twist hand, and Ellen (24) were living on Spring Terrace, Southwell, with their two children Florence Annie (2) and Kenneth Maxfield (u/1 year). Also in the household was John's widowed father, James Maxfield (69), a retired lacemaker. John's father, James Maxfield, died in 1922 (J/A/S Southwell) aged 81. It appears that John's wife and children moved to Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, after his death. Of John George's four children: Florence Annie married George R Dales in 1930 (J/F/M Gainsborough) and they were recorded on the 1939 England & Wales Register at 16 Burgh Road, Skegness, in the household of George F Dales (b. 2 January 1870) a dairy farmer, and his wife Rose A. (b. 21 Decmber 1869). Florence and George (b. 5 September 1895) were described on the register as 'assisting dairy farmer'. They may have had a son, Kenneth W. b. 1944 (A/M/J Spilsby Lincs-Egleshaw). Florence probably died in 2001 (O/N/D Boston Lincs). Kenneth Maxfield, a railway porter with LNER, was living at 3 Shipyard Lane, East Retford, in 1939 in the household of Herbert and Helen Parkin. Railway employee records show that in 1939 he was based at Walkeringham station; he had probably been working there since 9 March 1938. Kenneth married Dorothy Marguerite Catlow in 1945 (J/F/M East Retford). Dorothy (b. 23 July 1917) died in 1981 (O/N/D Lincoln) and Kenneth died on 23 November 1988 (O/N/D Gainsborough Lincs); the probate record (Leeds) gave his address as 7 Stockwith Road, Walkeringham. Mary Ellen may have married Stephen E Thursby in 1953 (A/M/J East Retford) Grace Evelyn, a shop assistant, was living at 8 Trinity Terrace, Gainsborough, in 1939; also in the property were Kate Dowse (b. 1862), Laura Shearman (b. 1890) both of whose occupation was described as unpaid domestic duties, Wilfred Shearman (b. 1912) a hairdresser's assistant and Robert Shearman (b. 1916) a window cleaner. Grace married Joseph R Shearman in 1941 (J/F/M Gainsborough Lincs). They may have had a son, Michael D. b. 1941 (J/A/S Gainsborough Lincs-Egleshaw). There is a record of the death of a Grace Evelyn Shearman (b. 28 April 1917) in 1998 (June Winchester Hants). Of John George's two siblings: Florence Mary married William Burton on 24 December 1900 at Bulwell St Mary the Virgin and All Souls. They may have had at least five children: Florence May b. 1901 (J/A/S Nottingham), George William b. 1904 (J/A/S Southwell), Ida Ellen b. 1906 (A/M/J Southwell), who were recorded on the 1911 Census, and possibly Mary H. birth registered 1912 (J/F/M Basford), Constance E b. 1914 (J/A/S Basford) and Doris M b. 1922 (O/N/D Southwell), the birth records of whom give the mother's surname as Egleshaw. In 1911 William (29) a lace maker, and Florence (28) were living at Easthorpe, Southwell, with their children Florence (9), George (6) and Ida (4). By 1939 Florence and William (b. 2 April 1882), a twist hand in a lace factory, were living at 14 Lower Kirklington Road, Southwell. Florence died on 28 April 1974; the probate record gave her address as The Old Vicarage, Westgate, Southwell. Thirza died in 1902 aged 12.
John was a coal miner (inclineman) in 1901 but later a lace maker working for E. Carey & Sons, Southwell. He was also a part-time professional to the Southwell Golf Club, 1912-1917.
14 Aug 1917
2750723 - CWGC Website
Aircraftman 2/Class
Royal Naval Air Service
HMS President II John George joined the Royal Navy (RNAS) on 12 June 1917. He was drafted to HMS President II (Crystal Palace and Kilhome) on 12 June and then to the Royal Naval Air Station Calshot from 10 August. John died in RN Hospital, Haslar, (Gosport, Hampshire), on 14 August 1917 as a result of injuries to his head and back received in an accident at Calshot. His service record is annotated: 'NP6697/1917, DD [Discharged Dead] 14 August 1917 in Haslar Hospital from inuries sustained to head and back when struck by seaplane propellor' and 'NL26323/17. Particulars of Court of Enquiry into the accident resulting in the death of this rating.' He was buried in Southwell Minster (St. Mary) Churchyard.
Also 'George E.','EGGLESHAW', 'ENGLESHAW', 'EAGLESHAW'. Inscription on gravestone, Southwell Minster churchyard: 'In loving memory of my dear husband John George Egleshaw, professional to the Southwell Golf Club, accidentally killed Aug. 14th, 1917, RN Air Service. Aged 32 years. Thy will be done. Erected by his widow and members of the Southwell Golf Club.' Extract: John George Egleshaw 'was the professional at the now defunct nine-hole Southwell course at the county between 1912 and 1917. This was not a full-time position as he also worked in the local lace-making factory of E Carey & Sons.' (www.antiquegolfscotland.com)
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  • Grave in Southwell (St Mary) churchyard. Photograph Murray Biddle
    John George Egleshaw - Grave in Southwell (St Mary) churchyard. Photograph Murray Biddle