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He was the son of Henry and Mary Sargent and then brother of Harry Sargent. In 1901 they lived at 5 Berry Hill Lane Mansfield.
He was a miner (loader) on enlistment.
01 Jun 1916
3038345 - CWGC Website
Stoker 1st Class
HMS Tipperary Royal Navy
HMS Tipperary, a Faulknor Class destroyer launched in 1915, led the 4th Flotilla at the Battle of Jutland under Captain C. J. Wintour. Tipperary and her squadron pressed home determined torpedo attacks on the German main battle line as it escaped across the rear of the British fleet during the night action, starting at approximately 23:20 on 31 May 1916. The 4th Flotilla sank the German light cruiser SMS Frauenlob, but Tipperary and many of the other British destroyers were sunk or badly damaged. These engagements took place at such close range that some of Tipperary 's squadron were able to hit the German dreadnoughts with their small 4-inch guns, causing casualties that included command officers on the bridges. HMS Tipperary was sunk on 1 June 1916 by 5.9-inch (150 mm) fire from the secondary battery of the German dreadnought SMS Westfalen with the loss of 185 hands from her crew of 197. The wreck site is designated as a protected place under the Protection of Military Remains Act 1986. (Wikipedia)
There is an element of uncertainty about Sargent’s life and naval service. Trevor Thomas Sargent was born at Loughborough J/F/M/1885. Records (CWGC, UK Royal Navy Register of Seamen’s Services 1909-1928 and HMS Tipperary’s fatality list) affirm that he was serving as John Sargent rather than Trevor Thomas. He enlisted 10/6/1907 for 5+7 years (giving 14/1/1887 as his date of birth) and served on numerous vessels.
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