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15 Apr 1893
Huthwaite Nottinghamshire
Adam was the son of Sam and Jane Fox (née Riley). His father Sam was born in 1857 (J/A/S Mansfield) in Tibshelf, Derbyshire, the son of Sampson and Mary Fox. His mother Jane was born in 1860 (A/M/J Mansfield) in Newton, Derbyshire, the daughter of Thomas and Hannah Riley. Sam and Jane were married at Blackwell parish church, Derbyshire, on 25th December 1879; Sam was 22 years old and Jane 19. It appears from information provided on the 1911 Census that they had had 13 children, all of whom were still living, but only twelve children have been identified from census records and birth registrations: Joseph b. Newton Derbyshire 1880; Sampson b. Pilsley Derbyshire 7 September 1881; Arthur b. Blackwell birth registered 1883 (J/F/M); Mary Hannah b. Newton 1884; George b. Newton birth registered 1886 (J/F/M); Thomas b. Newton 1888; Alfred Freedman b. Sutton in Ashfield 1890; Jane b. 1891 (J/A/S), Adam b. Huthwaite 15 April 1893; Stephen b. 18 January 1895 bap. Hucknall under Huthwaite All Saints 30 January 1896; Emma b. Huthwaite 1898 and Doris Sarah b. Huthwaite 4 October 1899 (O/N/D). Their births were registered in the Mansfield registration district and Joseph, Sampson, Arthur, Mary and George were all baptised at Blackwell parish church on 30 May 1886. In 1891 Sam (34), a coal miner, and Jane (30) were living at Windmill Cottages, Sutton Road, Huthwaite, with their seven children Joseph (11), Sampson (9), Arthur (8), Mary (6), George (5), Thomas (2) and Alfred (10 months). Five children were born between 1891 (Jane) and 1899 with the birth of Doris Sarah in the last quarter of that year. Their mother Jane died in 1899 (O/N/D Mansfield) aged 39 and her death resulted in the break up of the family. In 1901 Sam and his son Adam (8) were living as boarders on Sutton Road, Sutton in Ashfield, in the household of Henry and Eliza Derrick. Adam joined the Royal Navy as a boy entrant in August 1909. Joseph (21), a coal miner hewer, and his sisters Jane (9) and Emma (2) were living at New Fall Street, Huthwaite, in the household of George Marshall (39) a coal miner hewer, and his wife Mary Elizabeth. Sampson (19) a coal miner hewer, and his brother Stephen (6) were living on New Street, Huthwaite, in the household of a widow, Elizabeth Ball, a grocer and paper hanger, and her three children. Mary Hannah (16) was a domestic servant living in Heage, Derbyshire, in the household of Charles Beeston, a coal miner, and his wife Eliza, a dressmaker. Arthur (18), a coal miner loader, Thomas (12) and Alfred (11) were living on New Street, Huthwaite, with their aunt Ruth Vardy (née Fox m. Tibshelf St John the Baptist 1888)), her husband Charles Henry and their five children. George (15) a coal miner/pony driver, was living on Blackwell Road, Huthwaite, a boarder in the household of John Hodkin, a coal miner hewer, and his wife Mary. Doris Sarah was living on Forest Road, Nottingham, with her aunt Selina Gill (née Fox) and her husband James (m. 1899 J/F/M Nottingham). Doris continued to live with her aunt and uncle in Nottingham and in 1911 she was listed on the census as their adopted child; Doris Sarah Fox Gill. In 1911 Sam was a barman, working and living at the White Lion Public House, Market Street, Sutton in Ashfield. The licensee for the premises was Jane Alberry (32), a widow. In 1939 he was living in Sutton in Ashfield with his grandson Cyril Fox, George's son, and Cyril's wife and child. Sam died in 1945. Of Adam's siblings: Joseph married Sarah Ann Bradley in 1902 (J/F/M Mansfield) and in 1911 were living in Sutton in Ashfield with their three children Doris Jane (8), Winifred (7) and John Joseph (1). Sarah may have died later in 1911 (A/M/J). Joseph has not been identified on records after 1911. Sampson married Beatrice Barnes in 1902 (J/F/M Mansfield and in 1911 they were living in Huthwaite. Also in the household was his brother Alfred (20) who was also a coal miner. In 1939 when the England & Wales Register was compiled Sampson and his wife were living in Sutton in Ashfield with their daughter Phyllis (22). He died in 1958 (J/F/M Mansfield). Arthur married Emma Farmer in 1901 (A/M/J Mansfield) and in 1911 they were living in Sutton in Ashfield with their three children - Arthur, Mary Ellen and Thomas Henry - and his younger sibings, Stephen and Emma. Arthur has not been identified on records after 1911. Mary Hannah married Arthur Barber (23) a lead smelter of Lea, Derbyshire, at Dethick church, Derbyshire, on 9 April 1904. She died on 19 April 1970. George married Sarah Elizabeth Allsop in 1905 and they had five children, one of whom died in infancy. George served in the Sherwood Foresters during the war and died in 1916. (See record on this Roll of Honour) Thomas, a coal miner, was living in Huthwaite in 1911 a boarder in the house of Samuel Radford, another coal miner, He married Eliza Ransford (19) at Blackwell parish church on 19 June 1911. He died in 1918 (O/N/D Mansfield). Alfred Freeman, a coal miner, was living with his married brother Sampson in Huthwaite in 1911. In 1939 he was probably living in Sutton in Ashfield in the home of retired miner William Goddard, a widower. Alfred may have died in 1947. Jane may have married John George Fox, a coal miner, in 1908 (O/N/D Mansfield). In 1911 they were living in Siutton in Ashfield with their two children John George and Albert Sidney. They were still livng in Sutton in Ashfield in 1939. Jane died in 1972 (J/A/S Mansfield, dob 19 June 1891). Stephen, a pony driver (underground), and his sister Emma were living in Huthwaite in 1911 with their married brother Arthur. Stephen probably married Eveylyn (otherwise Emma) Tilley in 1914 (J/F/M Mansfield) and had at least three children: Willoughby b. 1915 (m. 1938 Margery Smith), Owen b. 3 May 1917 and Mary b. 14 August 1928. In 1939 Stephen his wife, Owen and Mary were living in Blidworth, Nottinghamshire; Stephen was a coal miner. The record of one other person in the household remains closed. Stephen probaby died in 1957. Emma and her brother Stephen were living in Huthwaite in 1911 with their married brother Arthur. Emma probably married Harry Webb in 1922 (J/F/M Mansfield) and had two daughters, Enid b. 1923 and Connie b. 1926. In 1939, Emma (b. 6 July 1898) and Harry (b. 24 December 1897), a general labourer, were living in Sutton in Ashfield. She died in 1978. Doris Sarah, who had been adopted by his mother's sister Selina and her husband, married Ambrose Burton in 1934 (A/M/J Nottingham). Ambrose, a lace maker, had served in the Royal Garrison Artillery during the war (89609). In 1939 they were living on Noel Street, Hyson Green, Nottingham with their son David James b. 1937. Doris died in 1977.
Adam was pony driver (colliery) when he joined the Royal Navy in August 1909.
31 May 1916
2865971 - CWGC Website
Able Seaman
HMS Defence Royal Navy
Adam joined the Royal Navy as a boy entrant on 14th August 1909 aged 16 years. His next of kin, his father Sam, was residing at Shooters Road, Newton, near Alfreton, Derbyshire. Adam began his training on the shore based training ship HMS Ganges. On his 18th birthday, 15th April 1911, he joined on a 12 years continuous service engagement. He served in the following ships and shore establishments: HMS Ganges 14 August 1909-16 May 1910 (Boy 1st Class, 22 March 1910); HMS Leviathan, 17 May 1910-16 September 1910; Vivid II, 17 September 1910-30 September 1910. HMS Mars, 1 October 1910-11 January 1911; HMS Hibernia, 12 January 1911-17 July 1911, (5 days cells), 23 July 1911-22 January 1912 (Ordinary Seaman 15 April 1911); Vivid I, 23 January 1912-36 March 1912; (-), 27 March 1912-18 March 1913 (Able Seaman, 20 December 1912); Vivid I, 19 March 1913-19 May 1913; HMS Defiance, 11 May 1913-1 September 1913; HMS Defence 2 September 1913-13 November 1913, (14 days cells), 28 November 1913-31 May 1916. His service record was annotated: ‘NP 4141/1916. DD ‘Discharged Dead] 31st May, 1916. Killed in action,’ HMS Defence, flagship First Cruiser Squadron (Rear-Admiral Sir Robert Arbuthnot), was lost at the Battle of Jutland, 31 May 1916. The cruisers of the Admiral's Squadron attacked a disabled German light cruiser, Wiesbaden, at 6.5pm but were in turn attacked by Hipper's battle-cruisers and the Third Squadron of German battleships. Under heavy German fire, Defence was soon ablaze and blew up when her ammunition exploded. HMS Defence sank at 1815 with the loss of over 900 shp's company, including Adam; there were no survivors. His body was not recovered for burial and his name is commemorated on the Plymouth Naval Memorial.
His brother George Fox served with the 2nd Bn Sherwood Foresters (13649 Private). He was killed in action on 13th September 1916. (See record on this Roll of Honour) Notts. Free Press 9th June, 1916. Huthwaite Sailor's End - Sinks with the "Defence" A Huthwaite man who went down with H.M.S. “Defence” was Able Seaman Adam Fox, a son of Mr. S. Fox, who resides at Newton. He was 21 years of age, and had been in the navy over seven years. He had been on the “Defence” for three years, and was a “seaman ?????”. He was on leave quite recently, and only arrived on his ship again on the 21st. of May, the vessel then proceeding on what proved to be its last journey. Seaman Fox, it is curious to note, had served in two other ships which lie on the ocean bed, the “Irresistible” and the “Inflexible". During his seven years’ service he had visited many parts of the world, and had twice crossed the equator. Notts Free Press – 23rd June, 1916 (summary) A memorial service was held for A.B. Adam Fox the Huthwaite naval man who went down with the “Defence” in the battle of Jutland and for the officers and men who were lost in the same battle. The congregation was described as numerous, the Union Jack flown at half-mast and psalms and hymns were sung. A personal friend of Fox was also present – a man from another ship involved in the battle. The Dead March from “Saul” was played.
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