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  • 10994 Pte Bertie Fidler, 1st Bn Sherwood Foresters (Notts and Derby Regiment), Le Touret Memorial, France. Visited, wreath laid and photograph taken by John Morse
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New Basford Nottingham
Bertie was the eldest son of Walter and Harriett Fidler nee Moult. Walter was born in New Basford, probably in 1863, and Harriett (also Harriet) was born in Nottingham on 6 August 1864 (J/A/S Radford). They were married in 1886 (O/N/D Basford) and had twelve children of whom only nine survived infancy or childhood. Nine children were named on the census between 1891 and 1911: Ethel b. 13 March 1889 (A/M/J Basford), Bertie b. 1890 (A/M/J Basford-Moult), Beatrice Annie b. 21 April 1893 (A/M/J Basford), Walter George b. 18 February 1895 (J/F/M Basford), Edith b. 14 February 1896 (A/M/J Basford), Hilda b. 8 December 1898 (birth registered J/F/M Basford) bap. 16 July 1900 St Augustine, Horace b. 10 February 1900 (J/F/M Nottingham) bap. 16 July 1900 St Augustine, Ernest b. 6 August 1901 (J/A/S Nottingham) and Charlie probably b. 29 February 1904 (J/F/M Nottingham). the six older children were born in Basford but the younger ones may have been born in Nottingham. In 1891 Walter (28), a lace cutter corrector, and Harriett (26) were living on North Gate, Basford, with their two children, Ethel (2) and Bertie (under one year). When Hilda and Horace were baptised at St Augustine's in July 1900 the family was living at 59 Constance Street, Basford, and still living there at the time of the 1901 Census. Walter and Hariett now had seven children: Ethel (12), Bertie (10), Beatrice (8), Walter (7), Edith (5), Hilda (2) and Horace (1). Bertie enlisted in the regular army in 1908 and by 1911 was serving with the 1st Bn Sherwood Foresters in India. In 1911 Bertie's family was living at 166 Noel Street, Nottingham. His eight siblings were still living at home: Ethel (22) and Beatrice (18) who were both lace menders, Walter (16) a telephone mechanic, Edith (15) a 'back girl' (Leivers), and Hilda (12), Horace (10), Ernest (9) and Charlie (7) who were all at school. Walter jnr. attested in 1914 and gave his parents' address as 356 Berridge Road, Hyson Green, but in 1915 at the time of Bertie's death the family was living at 83a Gawthorne Street, Radford. This was still the family home when his father Walter died two years later on 13 March 1917. However, on 9 October 1923 when his widowed mother Harriett completed form AFW 5080 for the Army listing her son's surviving blood relatives she was living at 7 Laurence Street, Radford, with her four surviving sons, Walter (29), Horace (22), Ernest (21) and Charlie (19). Her four daughters had married and were living independently: Ethel Hallam (34) of 6 Ethel Terrace Garfield Road Radford, Beatrice Frost (31) of 57 Lonsdale Road Radford, Edith Sharp (30) of 56 Rossetta Road Basford and Hilda Miller (25) of Russell Road Basford. In 1939 Bertie's widowed mother Harriett was living with her married daughter, Beatrice Frost, at 57 Lonsdale Road, Nottingham. Harriett died in January 1947 (J/F/M Nottingham). Of Bertie's siblings: Ethel married Ted Hallam in 1913 (A/M/J Nottingham). In 1939 they were living at 30 Lonsdale Road, Nottingham; Ethel was a lace curtain mender while Ted (b.24 March 1888) was a plain net lace maker. Ethel died in 1969 (A/M/J Nottingham). Beatrice Annie married Francis D Frost in 1913 (J/A/S Nottingham). In 1939 they were living at 57 Lonsdale Road, Nottingham; Beatrice was a lace curtain mender and Francis (b. 7 November 1891) a plain net lace maker. Also in the household was Beatrice's widowed mother, Harriett. Beatrice died in 1876 (A/M/J Nottingham). Walter, a mechanic, enlisted in the Royal Warwickshire Regiment (5785 Private) on 5 September 1914; he was discharged on 20 September the same year as 'not likely to become an efficient soldier' (ref. Para 392/3/C/KR). However, he must later have been accepted by the army as there is a record that he served in the 27th Durham Light Infantry (99752 Private) and was discharged on 11 March 1919. Walter married Ann Branson in 1919 (J/F/M Nottingham). In 1939 they were living at 7 Byford Close, Nottingham; Walter was a window cleaner while Ann (b. 26 January 1898) was a cleaner/household duties. Walter died in 1960 (J/A/S Basford). Ethel married Samuel Sharp in 1918 (O/N/D Nottingham). In 1939 they were living at 254 Valley Road, Nottingham; Samuel (b. 31 May 1894) was a hosiery fabric maker while Edith's occupation was given as unpaid domestid duties. Smauel died in 1947 (O/N/D Nottingham) and Edith married secondly Banjamin Rowland (J/F/M Nottingham). She died in 1967 (A/M/J Basford). Hilda married Robert Miller in 1923 (J/A/S Nottingham). In 1939 she and Robert (b. 1 June 1898), a bricklayer, were living at 180 Russell Road, Nottingham. Also in the home was Winifred Miller (later Kew, b. 22 February 1924) a tailoress. Hilda died in 1992 (O/N/D Basford). Horace married Clara Hall in 1925 (J/F/M Nottingham). In 1939 they were living at 131 Hartley Road, Nottingham; Horace was cigarett machinist and Clara (b. 28 January 1902) was a hosiery frame kniter. Also in the household was Lizzie Hall (b. 28 November 1905) a cigarette packer. Horace died in 1971 (J/F/M Nottingham). Ernest married Florrie Wilson in 1924 (A/M/J Nottingham. In 1939 they were living at 155 Allendale Avenue, Nottingham. Ernest was a cigarette machine operator while Florrie (b. 3 June 1903) had no occupation. Ernest died in 1987 (A/M/J Basford). Charlie may have married Mabel Hickling in 1929 (A/M/J Nottingham). He probably died in 1986 (J/A/S Nottingham).
1908 - threader 1908 - regular soldier
15 Jan 1915
859304 - CWGC Website
144 Egypt Road Radford Nottingham
1st Bn Sherwood Foresters (Notts & Derby Regiment)
Served with 'D' Company 1st Bn Sherwood Foresters. Bertie Fidler enlisted in the Sherwood Foresters (Notts and Derby Regiment) on 27 October 1908 after passing his medical on 23rd; he was already serving in the 7th Bn (Territorial Force) Sherwood Foresters. He was 18 years 6 months old and gave his next of kin as his parents and three brothers, Walter, Horace and Ernest. On 16 November 1908 he was posted to the 2nd Battalion based in England. Two years later in July 1910 Bertie was examined and found fit for service in India and on 20 September 1910 was posted to India with the 1st battalion. Bertie's medical record shows that he had three periods of illness requiring admission to hospital while serving in India. From 12 January 1912 to 22 January he suffered from onychia (infection of the folds of tissue surrounding the finger nails or, less commonly, toe nails). The following year he was stung on the right eyelid by a hornet causing moderately severe inflammation of both eyelids and was in hospital from 23 January 1913-30 January. On 15 January 1914 he was admitted to hospital with dysentry, discharged 3 February 1914. Bertie returned to England with the battalion on the outbreak of war, serving at home from 3 October 1914. After refitting the battalion moved to France on 4 November 1914; Bertie was in 'D' company. The battalion war diaries for January 1915 mentioned it as a quiet period, although with the enemy trenches only 120 yards away and the communications trenches flooded, it was anything but safe. Rations and men had to travel overground to the frontline and at times it became a 'shooting gallery'. Bertie was killed in action on 15 January 1915; he has no known grave and is commemorated on the Le Touret Memorial, France. John Morse
His army service record contains a memo dated 20 May 1915 listing his effects of: (-) 2nd class certificate, post card (photo) and ID disc. The original letter to Bertie's father informing him of the personal possessions which were to be returned was sent to Berridge Road. In reply, Walter Fidler gave a new address, 83a Gawthorpe Street, New Basford, and also asked about money in the Indian Bank to which the Army replied with details of whom to contact (details missing). WW1 Pension Ledgers: the record gives his mother's name only. Registers of Soldiers' Effects: Walter received one payment and was probably Bertie's sole legatee but Harriet was awarded a second payment and this might have been paid after Walter's death when she would have become her son's legatee. Nottingham Evening Post, ‘Roll of Honour’, 6 February 1915: ‘Fidler. Killed in action, January 15th, Private Bertie Fidler, the beloved son of Walter and Harriet Fidler, aged 25 years. Deeply mourned by all the (-) Berridge-road, Hyson Green.’ (www.britishnewspaperarchive.co.uk) Nottingham Evening Post, ‘In Memoriam’, 15 January 1916: ‘Fidler. In loving memory of our dear son, Bertie Fidler, 1st Sherwood Foresters, killed in action at La Bassee, January 15th, 1915. Until the day breaks. Father, mother, sisters, and brothers, 83a, Gawthorne-street, Basford.’ (www.britishnewspaperarchive.co.uk) Nottingham Evening Post, ‘Deaths’, 14 & 5 March 1917: on March 13th, at 83a, Gawthorne-street, Walter, the dearly-beloved husband of Harriett Fidler, after a painful illness, patiently borne, aged 52. Funeral on Saturday.’ (www.britishnewspaperarchive.co.uk) Nottingham Evening Post, ‘In Memoriam’, 13 March 1918: ‘Fidler. In loving memory of my dear husband , Walter Fidler, who passed away March 13th 1917, after a painful illness. Days of sadness still come o’er us, tears of sorrow often flow, memory keeps our loved one near us, whom God called one year ago. Deeply mourned. Wife and children. Also our dear son Bertie, killed in action, Neuve Chapelle, 1915, aged 27. Ever in our thoughts.’ (www.britishnewspaperarchive.co.uk)
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  • 10994 Pte Bertie Fidler, 1st Bn Sherwood Foresters (Notts and Derby Regiment), Le Touret Memorial, France. Visited, wreath laid and photograph taken by John Morse
    Bertie Fidler - Le Touret Memorial - 10994 Pte Bertie Fidler, 1st Bn Sherwood Foresters (Notts and Derby Regiment), Le Touret Memorial, France. Visited, wreath laid and photograph taken by John Morse