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Tiverton Devon
He was the son of Francis Albert Matthew and Jane Carter of 20 Cecil Street Castle Boulevard Nottingham.
31 May 1916
2865541 - CWGC Website
Royal Marine Light Infantry
HMS Indefatigable HMS Indefatigable was a battle cruiser sunk at Jutland on May 31st 1916 during the ‘Run to the South’ as Admiral Beatty changed course to steer east south east. Around 16.00hrs Indefatigable was hit around the rear turret by two or three shells from Von der Tann. She fell out of formation to starboard and started sinking towards the stern and listing to port. Her magazines exploded at 4:03 after more hits, one on the forecastle and another on the forward turret. Smoke and flames gushed from the forward part of the ship and large pieces were thrown 200 feet (61.0 m) into the air. The most likely cause of her loss was a deflagration or low-order explosion in 'X' magazine that blew out her bottom and severed the steering control shafts, followed by the explosion of her forward magazines from the second volley. Von der Tann fired only fifty-two 28 cm (11 in) shells at Indefatigable before she exploded. Of her crew of 1,019, only two survived. While still in the water, two survivors found Indefatigable's captain, C. F. Sowerby, who was badly wounded and died before they could be rescued. The two survivors, Able Seaman Elliott and Leading Signalman Falmer, were rescued by the German torpedo boat S16. (Wikipedia)
Plymouth Naval Memorial
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