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He was the son of Kate Millhouse and the brother of Fanny Hilda Millhouse of 13 Manchester Cottages Denman Street New Radford Nottingham.
He was a Levers cotton lace maker. Leavers lace machines John Levers adapted John Heathcoat's bobbinet machine in Nottingham in 1813. The name of the machine was the Leavers machine (the 'a' was added to aid pronunciation in France). The original machine made net but it was discovered that the Jacquard apparatus (invented in France for weaving looms by J M Jacquard in about 1800) could be adapted to it. From 1841 lace complete with pattern, net and outline could be made on the Leavers machine. The Leavers machine is probably the most versatile of all machines for making patterned lace and was widely used throughout Nottingham's lace industry . (Wikipedia)
26 Jul 1918
328862 - CWGC Website
Lance Corporal
King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry
Lance Corporal Frederick Millhouse, enlisted in Nottingham and served with 6th Battalion King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry,He landed in France on 3rd September 1915 and died of wounds on 26th July 1918. He is buried in Bouilly Cross Roads Military Cemetery.
No BMD record of birth. Age at death cited as 28 by CWGC but given as 19 on 1911 Census (26 at death) Announcements published on 24th September 1918 in the Nottingham Evening Post :- MILLHOUSE. – Died of wounds, July 26th, 1918, Lce.-Cpl. E. Millhouse, beloved son of Kate Millhouse, 13, Manchester-cottages, Denman-street, Radford, Nottingham. We loved you in life, you are dear to us still, but in grief we must bend to God's holy will; the sorrow is great, the loss hard to bear, but angels, dear son, will guard you with care. – From broken-hearted mother, Hilda, Kate, Jane, Michael. “MILLHOUSE. – Died of wounds, July 26th, 1918, Lce.-Cpl. Millhouse, the dearly beloved brother of Robert Conner. A loving brother, faithful friend, one of the best God could send, God grant him eternal rest. – From sorrowing brother, wife, and family, Loggerheads.” Above are courtesy of Jim Grundy and his facebook pages Small Town Great War Hucknall 1914-1918
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