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Bulwell Nottingham
Frank William was the son of Walter and Eliza Jane [also Jane Eliza] Brown (née Ward). His parents were both born in Nottingham, Walter on 9 August 1860 and Eliza Jane in about 1860, and were married at Sneinton St Matthias on 11 June 1879 (A/M/J Radford). They had 12 children, one of whom had died by 1911. Twelve children were recorded on the census between 1891 and 1911. No baptismal records have been found for the two youngest children, Richard (b. New Basford) and Ethel (b. Bulwell), but their first child, Stella Elizabeth, was baptised in Nottingham and the other nine, who were born in Bulwell, were baptised at Bulwell St Mary: Stella Elizabeth b. Nottingham 1879 bap. Nottingham St Paul 29 September 1880; Annie b. 1881 bap. 24 October 1883, Eliza Ellen b. 1883 bap. 24 October 1883; Frank William b. 1885 bap. 10 December 1885; Florence Jane b. 1880 bap. 8 April 1888; Arnold Walter b. 1890 bap. 21 May 1890; Abert Edwin b. 1892 bap. 18 September 1892; Mary Alice [Alice] b. 1894 bap. 18 November 1894; Cyril George b. 1896 bap. 13 December 1896; Ivy Harriet b. 18 November 1898 bap. 25 January 1899; Richard Ernest b. 1901 and Ethel Irene b. 1905 According to the baptismal records, Walter and Eliza were living at 23 Richmond Street, Nottingham in 1879, at 30 Key Street, Bulwell, by 1881, 27A Quarry Road in 1889 then from 1892 to 1898 at 194 Quarry Road. However, 1891 Walter, a shoe maker, and his wife were living on China Street, Bulwell, with their six children, Stella (11), Annie (9), Eliza (7), Frank (5), Florence (3) and Arnold (1). By 1901, though, the famiiy was living at Constance Street, Nottingham. Walter and Eliza now had eleven children, all of whom were living at home: Stella a lace curtain folder, Annie a lace dresser, Eliza a lace curtain taper, Frank, a coal miner loader, Florence, Arnold, Albert (8), Alice (6), Cyril (4), Ivy (2) and Richard (under 1 year). Also in the home on the night of the census was a boarder, Harry Ward (18) a coal miner loader. Walter and Eliza were living at 68 Vernon Avenue, Basford, by 1911. Walter was working as a lamplighter. Only four children, Alice, Ivy, Richard and Ethel (6), were in the home on the night of the census. Frank's mother, Eliza Jane, may have died in 1922 (O/N/D Nottingham). When the 1939 England & Wales Register was compiled Walter was living at 43 Vernon Avenue, Basford, with his unmarried daughter, Ivy Harriet, a hosiery cop winder. He died in 1943 (O/N/D Nottingham). Frank William married Annie Sophia Smith (b. 13 April 1888) in 1905 (O/N/D Nottingham). They had four children, born in Bulwell: Stella Ena b. 29 May 1906, Mornington Walter b. 14 August 1907, Vesta Fraulien b. 15 March 1909 and Albert Edwin b. 15 July 1911. In 1911 Frank, a bricklayer's labourer, and Annie were living at 1 Woodhead's Terrace, Bulwell, in Nottingham with their three children Stella (4), Mornington (3) and Vesta (2) Their fourth child, Albert, was born later that year. Annie was still living at 1 Woodhead Terrace in 1919 when she was awarded a pension for herself and her four children. Of their children: Stella Ena married Frank Wakelin in 1932 (J/F/M Nottingham). In 1939 she and Frank (b. 26 May 1907), a collier hewer, were living at Allendale Avenue, Nottingham, with their son Neville E. (b. 15 July 1932). The records of two other members of the household remain closed. Stella died in 1978 (J/F/M Nottingham). Mornington Walter was a coal miner but joined the Royal Navy as a Boy 2nd Class on 8 March 1924 and entered on a 12 year engagement on 14 August 1925 as an Able Seaman. He left the Navy on 4 April 1932 on a free discharge and transferred to the Royal Fleet Reserve. It is likely that he was mobilized on the outbreak of war and on 25 August 1939 was drafted to HMS Beagle (D/JX109847 Able Seaman). He was lost overboard on 20 October 1940, probably while HMS Beagle was escorting a ship to Iceland. His body was not recovered for burial and he is commemorated on the Plymouth Naval Memorial (CWGC.1150354). Mornington had married Hilda Angus in 1928 (O/N/D Southwell). Vesta Fraulien married Sydney Hemsley in 1927 (J/F/M Worksop). In 1939 vesta and Sydney (b. 5 February 1908), a trolley bus driver and conductor were living on Winsford Close, Nottingham. The records of two other members of the household remain closed. Vesta died in 1987 (A/M/J Crawley Sussex). Albert Edwin married Eileen IE Newell (b. 11 January 1912) in 1930 (J/A/S Portsmouth) and in 1939 they were living in Portsmouth; Albert was serving in the Royal Navy (KX80367 Leading Stoker, HMS Royal Mary). He died in 1984 (Oct. Stockport Cheshire).
In 1911 he was a bricklayer's labourer.
06 Sep 1918
1740527 - CWGC Website
Residence Bulwell. Enlisted Nottingham.
9th Bn Essex Regiment
Frank William Brown initially served in the Sherwood Foresters (116847) before transferring to the Essex Regiment. He was initially reported missing in action but his death was confirmed on 15 October 1918 as having taken place on 6 September 1918. He has no known grave and is commemorated on the Vis-en-Artois Memorial (Panel 7).
'In memoriam' notice published 6th September 1919 in the Nottingham Evening Post: “BROWN. – In loving memory of my dear husband, Pte. Frank W. Brown, killed in action September 6th, 1918. Though death divides, fond memories clings. – From loving wife [Annie] and children. “BROWN. – In loving memory of our dear son, Pte. F. W. Brown, killed in action September 6th, 1918, aged 33. Ever in our thoughts. – From sorrowing mother, dad, Albert, Ivy, Ethel.” Above courtesy of Jim Grundy and his facebook pages Small Town Great War Hucknall 1914-1918. WW1 Pension Ledgers: Widow Annie Sophia Brown (b. 13 April 1888) of 1 Woodland Terrace, Church Lane, Bulwell, Nottingham. Children: Stella Ena b. 29 May 1906 (expiry date 29 May 1922), Mornington Walter b. 14 August 1907 (expiry date 14 August 1923), Vesta Fraulein b. 15 March 1909 (expiry date 15 March 1925) and Albert Edwin b. 15 July 1911 (expiry date 15 July 1927). His widow was awarded a pension of 33/9d (33 shillings and 9 pence) a week on 29 April 1919 to be paid from 5 May 1919, the payments in respect of her children to cease on the date of expiry above. Nottingham Evening Post, ‘In Memoriam’ 20 and 22 October 1943: ‘Brown. Memories always of Walter, my dear son, who lost his life at sea October 20th, 1940. treasured thoughts of one so dear, often bring a silent tear. Mam, family’ (www.britishnewspaperarchive.co.uk) Nottingham Evening Post, ‘In Memoriam’ 20 October 1945: ‘Brown. Ever loving memories of a dear son and brother, Mornington Walter, lost at sea October 20th, 1940. Loving mam, sisters, brother (RN).’ (www.britishnewspaperarchive.co.uk)
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