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Southwell - Minster School (Old Southwellians)

Gary Tranter - June 2012

UKNIWM Ref - 38865

The memorial is in the former Southwell Minster School in Minster Buildings, Church Street, Southwell, now the Minster Visitor Centre. The dedication reads, 'In Memoriam. Old Southwellians who gave their lives for their country and for justice in the great War 1914-1918. (Names) This memorial is given by Mr C Taylor, MRCVS, Nottingham.' See also 'Southwell Minster School - Old Southwellians (WW1 & WW2)' (WMA38866)

Memorial location
Names on Memorial

Arthur Leslie Arnold - Arthur Leslie Arnold

FM Bates - Frederick Machin Bates

Davis HR Davis - Harry Reginald Davis

F A Dixon - Frederic Arthur Dixon

HR Ewers - Harold Richmond Ewers

HT George - Hubert Trehearn George

Frederick Parker Hargreave - Frederick Parker Hargreaves

Arthur Edward Horsley - Arthur Edward Horsley

Jebbett - Frank Arnold Jebbett

John Neville Kirkby - John Neville Kirkby

Walter Gilbert Moore - Walter Gilbert Moore

Tom Musgrave - Tom Musgrave

George Leonard [L] Parr - George Leonard Parr

WHC Pyatt - William Henry Chaplain Pyatt

Rose - C Rose

AG Stanley - Archibald George Stanley

Alexander Straw - Alexander Straw

Frederick Walter Straw - Frederick Walter Straw

George Charles Taylor - George Charles Taylor

Ernest Charles Vickers - Ernest Charles Vickers

Charles Archibald Rees [ACR] Williams - Charles Archibald Rees Williams

Arthur Lawrence Worman - Arthur Lawrence Worman

  • Gary Tranter - June 2012
    Southwell - Old Southwellians - Gary Tranter - June 2012