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Annesley Woodhouse - St. John the Evangelist Church

Wooden memorial which reads: To the Glory of God and in grateful memory of the fallen from this parish in the Great War 1914-1918

Memorial location
Names on Memorial

Lancelot Allcock - Lancelot Allcock

Albert Allen - Albert Allen

Harry M Amos - Harry Moreland Amos

Harry L Barratt - Harry Barratt

Harry Bettridge - Harry Bettridge

James H Bettridge - James Henry Bettridge

George Buckberry - George Buckberry

George Clarke - George Clarke

Luther Cordin - Luther Cordin

Harold Cupit - Harold Cupit

Ernest H Davison - Ernest Harold Davison

Joseph Eason - Joseph Eason

George W Else - George Else

Victor Eyre - Victor Charles James Eyre

Joseph B Flavell - Joseph Flavell

Sydney S Franks - Sidney Stewart Franks

Willis H Frith - Willis Hirwin Frith

Thomas Frost - Thomas Frost

Harold Garner - Harold Garner

Albert Gilbourne - Albert Gilbourne

Harry Godley - Harry Godley

Luther Green - Luther Green

Thomas Hallam - Thomas Hallam

Sam Hardstaffe - Samuel Hardstaff

Alfred Hardwick - Alfred Hardwick

Ernest A Harvey - Ernest Arthur Harvey

John H Hill - John Henry Hill

Arthur Hipkiss - Arthur Hipkiss

Bernard J Horabin - John Bernard Horabin

George H Huffen - George Henry Huffen

George W Jones - George Jones

Ernest Knowles - Ernest Knowles

Horace Knowles - Horace Knowles

Haydn Knowles - Haydn Knowles

William Larwood - William Larwood

Wilfred Lee - Wilfred Lee

Harry Mellors - Harry Mellors

George Miller - George Miller

Arthur Edward Mills - Arthur Edward Mills

Arthur G Nash - Arthur Nash

John Henry Nock - John Henry Nock

George Norman Ollerenshaw - George Norman Ollerenshaw

George Owen - George Owen

Laurence Thomas Parker - Laurence Thomas Parker

Joseph William Peach - Joseph William Peach

Ralph Pearce - Ralph Pearce

Michael Quinn - Michael Quinn

Ferdinand Reynolds - Ferdinand Reynolds

William Rowlett - William Rowlett

Robert W Sculpher - Robert William Sculpher

Harold Sheppard - Harold Sheppard

John W Shipman - John William Shipman

James Shooter - James Shooter

William Shooter - William Shooter

Harry Skillingtron - Harry Skillington

Harold Smith - Harold Smith

John Smith - John Smith

Norman Stoppard - Norman Robert Stoppard

Walter Stoppard - Walter Stoppard

Robert Henry Swift - Robert Henry Swift

Thomas Timms - Thomas Timms

Thomas C Topham - Thomas Topham

Albert Varnam - Albert Varnam

Joseph Verity - Joseph Verity

Arthur Webster - Arthur Webster

Arthur Eyre Willars - Arthur Eyre Willars

Harry Wright - Harry Wright

Fred Yull - Fred Yull

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