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UKNIWM Ref - 58983

Titchfield Park, off Park Drive (east side), Hucknall. This memorial is Grade II listed (410910): 'Portland stone, ashlar and sandstone paving. Rectangular base of 3 steps, carrying cenotaph column with moulded base and Greek key capital. To west, bronze cross. To east, inscribed bronze tablet. Surrounding square paved area, has at each corner, a truncated obelisk with bronze memorial plaques. Intermediate smaller obelisks connected by oval linked chain.' The memorial was designed by local architect, TC Howitt. The memorial was unveiled on Sunday, 3 September 1922 at 3.30pm by Brigadier General Sir JF Laycock KCMG DSO TD. The service was conducted by Rev Canon Barber MA, Vicar of St Mary's church, and Rev WT Thorpe, president of the Free Church Council. A parade assembled in Hucknall market place at 2.15pm and marched to Titchfield Park via the High Street, Duke Street, Beardall Street and Park Drive. The order of service includes the names of participants, including the war memorial committee, and the order of march. (Nottinghamshire Archives ref NC/MR 7/190/1-11). There is a photograph of the unveiling of the memorial in 'Images of England. Hucknall: looking back', compiled by Harold Smith, Tempus Publishing Ltd, 2000. The same publication has photographs of 'The Shrine' at the bottom of Duke Street which was a temporary memorial ('street shrine') at which local people laid floral tributes until the erection of the memorial in Titchfield Park. The names of those who died in the Second World War have been added to the memorial together with a plaque to commemorate those who died post-Second World War and which was dedicated in November 2010.

Memorial location
Names on Memorial

Arthur Adlard - Arthur Adlard

Ted Allcock - Joseph Edward Allcock

Harry Allcock - Harry Allcock

William Allcock - William Horace Allcock

George Allen - George Allen

Arthur Allen - Arthur Allen

Stephen Allen - Stephen Allen

Luther Allwood - Luther Allwood

Leonard A Andrews - Leonard Arthur Andrews

Reginald Anstey - Reginald John L Anstey

Leonard H Atkinson - Leonard Hobster Atkinson

Bertie Atkiss - Bertie Atkiss

Thomas Atkiss - Thomas Atkiss

James Atterbury - James Atterbury

Albert Babbs - Albert Babbs

Ezra Bagnall - Ezra Bagnall

Henry Bagnall - Henry Bagnall

Frank Baguely - Frank Baguley

Alfonzo M Bailey - Alphonzo Miles Bailey

Luther Bailey - Luther Llewellyn Bailey

William Bailey - William Thomas Bailey

Isaac Ball - Isaac Ball

John G Ballard - John George Ballard

Carl J Bamkin - Carl Jocelyn Bamkin

Roland Banner - Roland Banner

Arthur B Barkby - Arthur Bertram Barkby

Ezra Barke - Ezra Barke

Cyril J Barratt - Cyril James Barratt

William Barrow - William Barrow

Benjamin Bates - Benjamin Bates

Thomas Beecroft - Thomas Beecroft

Frederick Belcher - Frederick John Belcher

Fred Bennington - Fred Bennington

William H Betteridge - William Henry Bettridge

Ernest Bettridge - Ernest Bettridge

Joseph Binch - Joseph Binch

Samuel Bird - Samuel Bird

Thomas G Bird - Thomas George Bird

Thomas H Blackmore - Thomas Henry Blackamore

John H Blake - John Horace Blake

Richard Bodsworth - Richard Bodsworth

William Bonnington - William Bonnington

William A Brackner - William Arthur Brackner

Thomas F Bramley - Thomas Francis Bramley

John E Braseby - John Edwin Braseby

Edwin Brentnall - Edwin Brentnall

Robert Britton - Robert Britton

Alan Brodie - William Allan Brodie

Arthur Brown - Arthur Brown

J Ambrose Brown - John Ambrose Brown

Walter Brown - Walter Leverton Brown

William Brown - William Brown

Bernard Brownlow - Bernard Brownlow

Francis J Bullin - Francis Joseph Bullin

Henry J Bullin - Henry John Bullin

William A Burgin - William Arthur Burgin

Thomas Burke - Thomas Burke

Herbert P Burman - Herbert Peet Burman

Cornelius J Burton - Cornelius Burton

George TH Burton - George Thomas Hibbert Burton

James Burton - James Burton

William Burton - William Burton

Albert E Butlin - Albert Edward Butlin

Henry Bywater - Henry Bywater

Robert M Canham - Robert Morley Canham

Ernest Carpenter - Ernest Carpenter

John L Cash - John Lewis Cash

Joseph Caunt - Joseph Henry Caunt

Nathan Chadbourne - Nathan Chadbourne

William H Chadbund - William Henry Chadbund

Walter Challand - Walter William Challand

William E Chapman - William Edward Chapman

George H Chapple - George Henry Chapple

Sandford F Chester - Sandford Chester

Percy Christian - Percy William Christian

Arthur Clarke - Arthur Clarke

Ernest Clarke - Ernest Clarke

Henry Clarke - Henry Clarke

Stephen Clarke - Stephen Clarke

Arthur Clayton - Arthur Clayton

G Edgar Coleman - George Edgar Coleman

Samuel W Collins - Samuel William Collins

Richard Cooper - Richard Cooper

William Cope - William Cope

Thomas H Cory - Thomas Cory

Charles Couzens - Charles Couzens

Ernest Cowley - Ernest Albert Cowley

Harry Cox - Harry Cox

John Critchley - John Granville Critchley

Joseph Crockett - Joseph Crockett

Albert N Croft - Albert Norton Croft

George E Croft - George Edward Croft

John T Cutts - John Thomas Cutts

William Dabill - William Dabill

Robert Henry Dawkins - Robert Henry Dawkins

Henry Deakin - Henry Deakin

T Bird Dennis - Thomas Bird Dennis

George Dennis - George Dennis

Walter E Devonshire - Walter Edward Devonshire

Nahum Dexter - Nahum Dexter

Gordon Dignum - Thomas Rigby Gordon Dignum

Sylvester Dunn - Sylvester Dunn

Arthur L Edwards - Arthur Lord Edwards

Henry Edwards - Henry Edwards

John G Edwards - John George Edwards

William Elliott - William Elliott

George Evans - George Evans

Wilfrid Evans - Wilfrid Evans

Joseph Fairfield - Joseph Fairfield

Joseph M Fearn - Joseph Moult Fearn

Frank Fidler - Frank Fletcher Fidler

George Foster - George Foster

George F Gelsthorpe - George Fred Gelsthorpe

Hiram Gething - Hiram Gething

Frederick Goodyear - Frederick Goodyear

George Grainger - George Grainger

Guy CE Granger - Guy Clement Edgar Granger

William Gray - William Gray

Albert H Griffiths - Albert Henry Griffiths

Bertie Griffiths - Herbert Griffiths

Charles Henry Griffiths - Charles Henry Griffiths

Bill Hallam - William Hallam

Arthur E Hardstaff - Arthur Edward Hardstaff

Caleb J Hardy - Caleb John Hardy

George G Hardy - George Hardy

William Hare - William Hare

Anthony J Harley - Anthony John Harley

Joseph J Harley - Joseph Harley

W Buckley Harris - William Buckley Harris

Albert Harrison - Albert Harrison

William H Harrison - William Henry Harrison

Frank Hartwell - Frank Hartwell

Arthur Harvey - Arthur Harvey

George Hatfield - George Hatfield

Matthew Hawksworth - Matthew Hawksworth

Harry Haywood - Harry Llewlelyn Ostler Haywood

Joseph Haywood - Joseph Haywood

Herbert Hodgkinson - Herbert Hodgkinson

Leonard Horton - Leonard Horton

Gordon Houldsworth - John Gordon Houldsworth

Howitt Houldsworth - Samuel Howitt Houldsworth

J Ernest Hufton - John Ernest Hufton

Owen Hufton - Owen Hufton

Fred A Hyde - Frederick Arthur Hyde

Frederick Johns - Frederick Johns

Arthur Johnson - Arthur Ralph Johnson

James Johnson - James Johnson

Thomas Johnstone - Thomas Johnstone

Harold W Joyner - Harold William Joyner

Arthur Kendall - Arthur Kendall

Frank Kiddy - Frank Kiddy

Samuel Kiddy - Samuel Kiddy

Edwin King - Edwin King

Thomas King - Thomas King

Ernest Kirk - Ernest Kirk

EV Knight - Major Eustace Victor Knight

Frederick R Knight - Frederick Richard Knight

William W Lakin - William Lakin

John J Lamb - John Lamb

Horace HW Lee - Horace William Lee

William W Lee - William Lee

Frank F Lees - Frank Lees

Samuel STJ Lilley - Samuel Thomas Joseph Lilley

Henry H Loach - Henry Loach

William W Lowe - William Lowe

George G Machin - George William Machin

John JW Machin - John William Machin

Charles C Mason - Charles Mason

Henry H Mason - Henry Mason

Albert A Mason - Albert Mason

Charles CWA May - Charles William Adey May

William W Meakin - John William Meakin

Bertie B Mee - Bertie Mee

Sam S Mellows - Samuel Mellows

George G Mills - George Mills

William WE Mills - William Edward Mills

Charles C Mitchell - Charles Mitchell

Clarence C Mitchell - Robert Clarence Mitchell

Myran JM Moorcroft - Joseph Myran Morecroft

Thomas TW Moore - Thomas William Moore

William W Moore - William Moore

Harold H Moorehouse - Harold Moorhouse

Thomas TE Morris - Thomas Edward Morris

Walter W Morrison - Walter Morrison

Harold HH Murfin - Herbert Harold Murfin

David DP Murray - David Pirie Murray

Thomas TG Newberry - Thomas Goodacre Newberry

Charles C Newbold - Charles Newbold

Jeremiah J Nicholls - Jeremiah Nicholls

Clifford C Parker - John Clifford Parker

John J Parker - John Parker

Stanley S Parker - George Stanley Parker

Alex A Parsons - Alexander Parsons

Harry H Parsons - Harry Parsons

William W Parsons - William Parsons

Wilfred W Pascall - Wilfred William Pascall

William W Pass - William Pass

John JG Peck - John Peck

James JW Peel - James William Peel

William W Pegg - William Pegg

Joseph Pepper - Joseph Pepper

Kershaw K Peters - Arthur John Kershaw Peters

John JT Pickard - John Thomas Pickard

Richard R Porter - Richard Porter

Sidney S Radford - Sidney Radford

Sidney S Randle - Sidney Randle

Herbert HW Raynor - Herbert William Raynor

Alex A Reid - Alex Reid

Leslie AL Rhodes - Arthur Leslie Rhodes

George G Richards - George Richards

Percy P Riley - Percy Riley

Frank F Roberts - Frank Roberts

Frank F Robinson - Frank Robinson

James JH Roe - James Herbert Roe

John J Roome - John Roome

Arthur A Rose - Arthur Rose

Cyril C Saxton - Albert Cyril Saxton

Ernest EW Saxton - Ernest Wilkinson Saxton

Harry H Shaw - Harry Shaw

Percy P Sheldon - Percy Sheldon

Reginald RH Sheldon - Reginald Harris Sheldon

Foley WF Sheldon - William Foley Sheldon

Sydney S Shelton - Sydney Shelton

Albert A Sherrard - Albert Sherrard

Harold H Slaney - Harold Slaney

Thomas T Smalley - Thomas Smalley

Harry H Smith - Harry B Smith

James W Smith - James William Smith

Stephen S Smith - Stephen Smith

William W Smith - William Smith

Thomas T Spinks - Thomas Spinks

John JW Spray - John William Spray

Arden HA Spring - Harold Albert Arden Spring

Wilfred WT Stainforth - Wilfred Stainforth

John J Starr - John Thomas Starr

James J Steer - James Steer

Peter P Stewart - Peter Irons Stewart

Ernest E Straw - Ernest Straw

Charlie C Stubbs - Charles Sampson Stubbs

John JW Summers - John William Summers

Henry H Sutton - Henry Sutton

John J Swain - John Thomas Swain

Lewis L Swindell - Lewis Swindell

Bernard B Taylor - Bernard Taylor

Harry H Tonge - Harold Tonge

Joseph J Tudbury - Joseph Tudbury

William W Tudbury - William Tudbury

Joseph JH Turton - John Henry Turton

Wilfred W Turton - Wilfred Turton

Isaiah I Varley - Isaiah Varley

Lance L Veres - Lance Veres

Andrew A Vickers - Andrew Vickers

Amos A Wagg - Amos Wagg

Amos A Walker - Amos Walker

Thomas T Walters - Thomas Walters

John J Ward - John Ward

Mick M Ward - Mick Ward

Horace H Wardall - Horace Wardall

Tom T Wass - Tom Wass

Alfred A Watson - Alfred Watson

Charlie C Watson - Charles Watson

Joihn J Welbourn - John William Welbourn

Grenville G West - Grenville West

William W Weston - William Harold Weston

John JW Wheat - John William Wheat

Thomas TH White - Thomas Henry White

Percy P Whyatt - Percy Whyatt

Raymond R Whyatt - Raymond Selwyn Whyatt

Samuel S Whyatt - Samuel Whyatt

Charles CD Willett - Charles Douglas Willett

Frank FL Willett - Frank Leslie Willett

Matthew M Williams - Matthew Harry Williams

Sidney S Wilmott - Sidney Wilmott

Arthur A Wilson - Arthur Wilson

William WE Wilson - William Edward Wilson

John H Wood - John Henry Wood

John Wood - John Wood

John JE Wooton - John Edward Wooton

Leonard L Wooton - Leonard Wooton

William W Wooton - William Wooton

George G Worley - George Worley

Arthur Worrall - Arthur Worrall

Oliver OL Worrall - Oliver Lawrence Worrall

Thomas Worrall - Thomas Worrall

Thomas TM Worrall - Moses Thomas Worrall

George G Wright - George Wright

John J Wright - John Wright

John JT Wright - John Thomas Wright

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