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UKNIWM Ref - 26909

Forty-nine names are commemorated on the parish memorial in St Helen's church. A new memorial was erected in the village in 2014 and includes the names of men not commemorated on the memorial in the church.

Memorial location
Names on Memorial

Sidney Adams - Sidney Adams

Archibald Askin - Archibald Askin

Alfred Bacon - Alfred Bacon

William Ball - William Ball

Thomas Banton - Thomas Banton

Charles Butcher - Charles Butcher

George Clarke - George Clarke

George William Day - George William Day

George Dobbs - George Dobbs

Harry Dove - Harry Lynam Dove

William Heath Dunn - William Heath Dunn

Albert Henry Gell - Albert Henry Gell

William Gilder - William Henry Gilder

James William Gregory - James William Gregory

Reginald Lee Hand - Reginald Lee Hand

Joseph Hankin - Joseph Hankin

Arthur Henry Harpham - Arthur Henry Harpham

Thomas Edward Hawkins - Thomas Edward Hawkins

Henry Heald - Henry Heald

Ben Hopewell - Benjamin Hopewell

Bernard Hudson - Bernard James Hudson

Harry Joseph Jeffs - Harry Joseph Jeffs

William Leonard Jones - William Leonard Jones

Arthur Keeling - Arthur Keeling

Samuel Kirk - Samuel Kirk

Clarence Kirkland - Clarence Kirkland

Samuel Edward Lee - Samuel Edward Lee

Christopher Lewis - Christopher Lewis

Francis Harold Marshall - Francis Harold Marshall

William Maxey - William Edward Maxey

Arthur Mills - Arthur Edward Mills

John Lionel Nichols - John Lionel Nichols

Harry Palmer - Harry Palmer

Lawrence Parker - Laurence Thomas Parker

James Platts - James Platts

John William Priestly - John William Priestley

William Prothero - William Prothero

Frank Reed - Frank Reed

James Sheavyn - James Sheavyn

Joseph Henry Sheriston - Joseph Henry Simpson Sheriston

John William Shipman - John William Shipman

John Tom Stocks - John Tom Stocks

Norman Robert Stoppard - Norman Robert Stoppard

Cyril Storer - Cyril Percy Storer

Thomas William Tagg - Thomas William Tagg

William Wilson Taylor - William Wilson Taylor

Horace Timms - Horace Timms

Joseph Harold Trueman - Joseph Harold Trueman

Ernest Victor Wheatley - Ernest Victor Wheatley

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  • Recruiting outside St Helen's Church Selston in 1914
    - Recruiting outside St Helen's Church Selston in 1914