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Mansfield - Bridge Street Methodist Church

Names: Belshaw to Meggitt

UKNIWM Ref - 26980

Bridge Street Methodist Church, Rock Valley, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, NG18 2HA. The church is at the corner of Bridge Street and St Peter's Way. The memorial comprises two panels with the names surmounted by the dates of the Great War, '1914-1918'.

Memorial location
Names on Memorial

Clarence George C G Belshaw - Clarence George Belshaw

Ernest E Brown - Ernest Brown

Albert Edward A E Cliffe - Albert Edward Cliff

Frank William F W Evans - Francis William Evans

Fred Gregory F G Fletcher - Fred Gregory Fletcher

John William J W Fletcher - John William Fletcher

Harold H Foster - Harold Foster

Samuel Harry S Hampshire - Samuel Harry Hampshire

Sydney S Hemsley - Sydney Hemsley

Meynell M Hickinbottom - Meynell Hickinbottom

George G Hinton - George Hinton

Charles Morley C M Houfton - Charles Morley Houfton

Percy William P May - Percy William Arthur May

William Thomas W T Meggitt - William Thomas Meggitt

Charles George C G Millott - Charles George Millott

Claude Duncan C D Moss - Claude Duncan Moss

Henry H Moult - Henry Moult

Elias E Orton - Elias Orton

Reginald R Penson - Percy Reginald Penson

Albert A E Slack - Albert Slack

William W Starkey - William Starkey

Albert Athley A A Taylor - Albert Athley Taylor

Wilfred W Teare - Wilfred Kneale Teare

John George J G Townroe - John George Townroe

Ernest Arthur E A Wightman - Ernest Arthur Wightman

George G Wilcockson - George Wilcockson

Stanley S Witham - John Stanley Witham

  • Names: Belshaw to Meggitt
    Mansfield Methodist Church - memorial - Names: Belshaw to Meggitt
  • Names: Millott to Witham
    Mansfield Methodist Church memorial - Names: Millott to Witham