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UKNIWM Ref - 27007

St Lawrence the Martyr, junction of Peck's Hill and Skerry Hill, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire. The church was opened in 1909. The memorial is in the baptistry and comprises six wooden panels, three each on the north and south walls either side of the font. An inscription is inscribed across the top of the rails on either side: ‘1914 To the Glory of God' and 'In memory of the fallen 1919’. The memorial is now on the Baptistry walls, located to right of the main door in an alcove below the west window. The panels originally formed a low screen in front of the choir but were moved in recent times to open up the church. The names are grouped by unit, with three of the panels inscribed with the names of men who served in the local units, the Sherwood Foresters and the South Notts Hussars. The parents of one of the casualties, Frank Hill, presented a memorial brass procession cross in their son's memory; inscription on the cross: ‘To the glory of God and the blessed memory of Frank Hill, 1/8th Sherwood Foresters, who fell in France on June 15th, 1915. Dulce est propatria mori.’ (Dedicated 12 October 1919, Mansfield Reporter, 24 October 1919.)

Memorial location
Names on Memorial

John J Allsop - John Allsop

Thomas T Allsop - Thomas Allsop

Charles Harry C H Aram - Charles Harry Aram

Albert Edward A E Armitage - Albert Edward Armitage

George G Asher - George Asher

Albert A E Baggaley - Albert Baggaley

Edgar E Bailey - Edgar Bailey

Fred F Barlow - Fred Barlow

Ernest E Blake - Ernest Blake

John Joseph J J Blant - John Joseph Blant

George Walter G Bradshaw - George Walter Bradshaw

Frank Ewart F E Brindley - Frank Ewart Brindley

Fred F R Brown - Fred Raper Brown

Ernest Harry E H Bull - Ernest Harry Bull

Charles Thomas C T Burgess - Charles Thomas Burgess

Walter Herbert W H Bycroft - Walter Herbert Bycroft

Joe J Chamberlain - Joe Chamberlain

Ernest E Chatwin - Ernest Chatwin

Benjamin B Clarke - Benjamin Clarke

William W G Cleavers - William Cleaver

Harvey H Coupe - Harvey Coupe

Samuel S Cudworth - Samuel Cudworth

Thomas William T W Cudworth - Thomas William Cudworth

James P J P Cupit - James Percy Cupit

Henry H Day - Henry Day

Thomas T Dove - Thomas Dove

John James J J Dowen - John James Dowen

Percy P Fell - Percy Fell

James J Gully - James Gulley

Thomas T Hardy - Thomas Hardy

Arnold A Haslam - Arnold Haslam

John William J W Haslam - John William Haslam

John Thomas J T Hatcher - John Thomas Hatcher

Thomas T Heathcote - Thomas Heathcote

William Henry W H Heaton - William Henry Heaton

James George J G Hibbard - James George Hibbard

Frank William F W Hill - Frank William Hill

John J Hinchley - John Hinchley

George G Hinton - George Hinton

William W Hinton - William Hinton

Henry H Hursthouse - Henry Hursthouse

Frederick William F W Ingham - Frederick William Ingham

Ben B Marsh - Ben Marsh

Joseph J H Mee - Joseph Henry Mee

Samuel S Mellows - Samuel Mellows

Charles Samuel C S Miller - Charles Samuel Miller

Albert Charles A C Milsom - Albert Charles Milsom

Charles C R Mitchell - Charles Mitchell

George Edwin G E Nicholson - George Edwin Nicholson

Herbert H Peach - Herbert Peach

William Henry W H Penford - William Henry Penford

William w Piper - William Piper

William Henry W H Pritchard - William Henry Pritchard

Sydney S Radford - Sydney Radford

Eben E Renshaw - Eben Renshaw

William W Rigg - William Rigg

Bernard Harold B H Robinson - Bernard Harold Robinson

Frank David F D Robinson - Frank Dalton Robinson

William George W G Robinson - William George Robinson

Charles C Ross - Charles Ross

Herbert H Severn - Herbert Severn

Arthur A Smith - Arthur Smith

Ernest E Smith - Ernest Smith

Herbert Henry H H Smith - Herbert Henry Smith

Leonard L Smith - Leonard Smith

James J E Smitheringale - James Ernest Smitheringale

Henry H Spademan - Henry Spademan

Thomas T Stafford - Thomas Edwin Stafford

Joseph J Taylor - Joseph Taylor

Willie W Taylor - Willie Taylor

John J Thompson - John Thompson

Thomas T Thrall - Thomas Thrall

James A Tomlinson - James Allen Tomlinson

John George J G Townroe - John George Townroe

John J Walker - John Walker

Joseph J Ward - Joseph Ward

Frederick F White - Frederick White

Thomas T Wilcockson - Thomas Wilcockson

Charles Baker C Willoughby - Charles Baker Willoughby

George Thomas G T Woolley - George Thomas Woolley

Aubery George A G Wright - Aubrey George Wright

John William J W Wright - John William Wright

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