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Outside to the right of the path.

UKNIWM Ref - 27165

St Mark's Church, Nottingham Road, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, NG18 1BP. Freestanding Calvary in the churchyard. The memorial in Portland stone was the work of Messrs Bridgeman of Lichfield and was dedicated on 1 April 1920. A report of the service was published in the Mansfield Reporter, 2 April 1920.

Memorial location
Names on Memorial

Fred F Adcock - Fred Adcock

William W Antill - William Antill

George G Asher - George Asher

Frank F Asher - Frank Asher

Harold H Bartram - Harold Bartram

William W Barwise - William Barwise

Charles C Beaumont - Charles Beaumont

Alfred A Berridge - Alfred Berridge

Charles C Bowen - Charles Bowen

Leonard L Bowen - Leonard Francis Bowen

Alwyne A Bower - Alwyne Bower

William W Bower - William Bower

Frederick F V Bramley - Frederick Vernon Bramley

Harry H Brewer - Harry Brewer

William W Bullock - William Bullock

Douglas D Candy - Douglas Bowhill Candy

Harry H Crowder (Croudace) - Harry Croudace

George G Dennis - George Dennis

Ernest E Dickenson - Ernest Dickenson

Edward E Fletcher - Edward Fletcher

William W Fletcher - William Fletcher

Donald D Fraser - Donald Fraser

Hugh H Fraser - Hugh Fraser

Harold H Green - Harold Green

Harry H Green - Harry Green

William W Hancocks - William Hancocks

William W Harrison - William Harrison

John J H Hassall - John Henry Hassall

Fred F Hawkins - Fred Hawkins

Edwyn E J Haynes - Edwin John Haynes

William W Hazelwood - William Charles Hazelwood

Charles C Hibbert - Charles Henry Hibbert

Cyril C S Hole - Cyril Seymour Hole

James J Hopewell - James Handley Hopewell

Alfred A Hough - Alfred Hough

Pollie P Jepson - Pollie Jepson

John J Lockwood - John Charles Lockwood

John J H Lyons - John Henry Lyons

John J Mann - John Mann

George G Mitchell - George Clerkstone Mitchell

Francis F H Morris - Francis Henry Morris

Thomas T J Musson - Thomas James Musson

John J H Norman - John Norman

Archie A Page - Archie Page

Joseph J Page - Joseph Page

Walter W Parker - Walter Parker

Fred F Parnham - William Frederick Parnham

Arthur A Penfold - Arthur Penfold

James J Richards - James Richards

George G H Roberts - George Harry Roberts

Bertram B Shepherd - Bertram Shephard

Nathaniel N S Smith - Nathaniel Smith

Wilfred W Smith - Wilfred Smith

Ernest E Thornton - Ernest George Thornton

Ernest E H Turner - Ernest Hampton Turner

John J W Turner - John William Turner

George G Udall - George Henry Udall

James J Udall - James Udall

Guy G M Vaisey - Guy Maddison Vaisey

Alfred A Watson - Alfred Watson

George G H White - George Harry White

John J Winter - John Hage Winter

James J Wright - James Wright

William W Wright - William Wright

  • Outside to the right of the path.
    St Mark's Church Memorial Cross - Outside to the right of the path.