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Nottingham (Old Basford) - St Leodegarius' Church (ROH)

Photograph Rachel Farrand (May 2011)

A Book of Remembrance/ROH was compiled of those who died in the war; the book gives first and last names, rank, regiment, date of death and place of death. A peal of eight bells was donated in memory of the men from the congregation and parish who died in the war and there is a brass plaque commemorating this gift: 'To the Glory of God and in honoured memory of Basford men who fell in the Great War, the peal of eight bells in this tower was dedicated, 4 June 1921 by the Rev HT Hayman MA, rector of Thornhill, Dewsbury, and formerly chaplain of the 7th (Robin Hood Battalion), the Sherwood Foresters.' A photograph and report of the dedication of the bells was published in the Nottingham Guardian on 6 June 1921: 'Old Basford's tribute to its fallen heroes. The (-) new peal of bells recently hung in the belfry of Old Basford church was on Saturday dedicated by the Rev HT Hayman. The peal serves as a memorial to the men of the parish who fell in the Great War, and the cost, about £1,500, has almost wholly been raised in the parish. The vicar, the Rev TB Lawson, is seen in the photograph with Messrs GR Godson (churchwarden), G Hooton, and J Sanderson (churchwarden).' A report of the dedication of the bells also appeared in the Nottingham Evening Post, Monday 6 June 1921: ‘Heroes remembered in Nottm. and District. If the primary purpose of a war memorial be to maintain, not only a permanent, but a constant reminder of the gallant dead, then the form adopted for Old Basford, that of a peal of bells in the parish church, cannot be improved upon. The ancient edifice, which bears the somewhat cumbrous name of Saint Leodegarius, was not entirely devoid of bells before, but the three which did duty were not a success. Now the district will be able to listen to a really melodious peal, worthy of the church in which the bells are hung, and of the purpose which has brought them there. So far as can be ascertained, about 220 Old Basford men fell in the war. A permanent record of the Roll of Honour is contained in a vellum book, which will be kept in a glass case near the centre of the church.’ (www.britishnewspaperarchive.co.uk). The bells were cast by Messrs John Taylor and Co, Bell Founders, Loughborough, at a cost of around £1500. The bells were paid for by public subscription and details of the donors were inscribed on the bells. Treble bell: given by Charles Hilton Seely and Frank Evelyn Seely 1921. Second bell: St Leodegarius Church Sunday Schools and Bible Classes bell. 'This bell is the offering of the Sunday Schools, Bible Classes, Scouts and Guides of the parish and their friends 1921.' Third bell: St Leodegarius Church Choir, 'presented by the adult members of the choir 1921.' Fourth bell: St Leodegarius Church Clergy, 'presented by the clergy, churchwardens and sidesmen of Basford parish church 1921.' Fifth bell: T Marriott, 'In loving memory of Thomas Marriott who died in 1917. Given by his children, 1921.' Sixth bell: WH Hill and AR Cox, 'In memory of William Henry Hill M.C.B.H. who died 17 March 1916 during the Great War and Arthur Robert Cox who served in the South African War 1899 - 1902 and who died 7 April 1916.' Tenor bell: Capt WEG Walker and Lt HCS Walker, 'In affectionate remembrance of Captain William Eaton Guy Walker and Lieut Harry Cullis Steele Walker of the Sherwood Foresters, sons of Major and Mrs Walker, Rock House, Old Basford, who fell in France in the Great War 1914 – 1918. For God, King and Country.' The Book of Remembrance is kept in a glass topped wooden desk in carved dark oak which has a small brass plaque on top, ‘Presented by Mrs CH Spencer, June 4th 1921’. As well as a list of members of the War Memorial Committee, the following details are included in the Book of Remembrance which gives the initial/s, surname, rank, unit and place of death: 'This book contains the names & particulars of the Officers, Non-Commissioned Officers and men who gave their lives in the Great War, 1914-1918. In their memory the Bells in the tower were erected as an abiding Memorial of their heroism and sacrifice. The dedication ceremony was performed on June 4th 1921 by the Rev H T Hayman MA, Rector of Thornhill, Dewsbury, and formerly Chaplain of the 7th (Robin Hood) Battn, The Sherwood Foresters. 'Their Name liveth for evermore'.' The case also contains a copy of the order of service for the dedication of the bells.

Memorial location
Names on Memorial

Arthur Adams - Arthur Adams

Francis Osbund Adams - Francis Osbund Adams

Samuel Reuben Adams - Samuel Reuben Adams

George Alfred Armfield - George Alfred Armfield

Albert Bacon - Albert Bacon

Archibald Bamford - Archibald Bamford

Albert Banner - Albert Banner

Bardsley - Bardsley

Alfred Barnes - Alfred Barnes

William Edwin Basford - William Edwin Basford

Bell - Bell

Noah Vivian Bellaby - Noah Vivian Bellaby

William Binks - John William Binks

William Birch - William Birch

Bernard Blagdon - Bernard Blagdon

Charles Cyril Blagdon - Charles Cyril Blagdon

George Edward Brefitt - George Edward Breffitt

Vincent Brown - Vincent Brown

Mark Brownlow - Mark Brownlow

William Buckley - William Buckley

Egbert Charles Bunfield - Egbert Charles Bunfield

Samuel William Bunfield - Samuel William Bunfield

William Arthur Burgin - William Arthur Burgin

Walter Burrows - Walter Burrows

Alfred Burton - Alfred Burton

Thomas Harold Burton - Thomas Harold Burton

Thomas Francis Camm - Thomas Francis Camm

Frederick Carnill - Frederick Carnill

John Thomas Carrington - John Thomas Carrington

Joseph Castledine - Joseph Castledine

Thomas Chambers - Thomas Chambers

Davis Clark - David Clark

Walter Clarke - Walter Clarke

Frank Cockayne - Frank Cockayne

Walter Cox - Walter Cox

William Cox - William Cox

John Thomas Crisp - John Thomas Crisp

George Crooks - George Crooks

George Henry Curran - George Henry R. Curran

Richard Darby - Richard Darby

Walter Arthur Davis - Walter Arthur Bernard Davis

Charles Percival Day - Charles Percival Day

John Richard Daykin - John Richard Daykin

George Cyril Dexter - George Cyril Dexter

Henry Donnelly - Henry Donnelly

Arthur Draper - Arthur Draper

Samuel Allen Draper - Samuel Allen Draper

Charles Richard Ellis - Charles Richard Ellis

Wallace Smith Fearn - Wallace Smith Fearn

Charles Fewkes - Charles Fewkes

Fisher - Alonzo William Fisher

Percy Fisher - Percy William Fisher

William Fletcher - William Fletcher

William Edgar Flory - William Edgar Flory

William Isaac Fox - William Isaac Fox

Alfred French - Alfred French

George Garton - George Garton

Samuel Gibson - Samuel Gibson

Henry Gill - Henry Gill

Frederick Golds - Frederick Golds

George Gouldin - George Gouldin

James Gouldin - James Gouldin

John Thomas Green - John Thomas Green

Arthur Boot Gregory - Arthur Boot Gregory

Frederick George Gregory - Frederick George Gregory

Arthur Gregory - Arthur Gregory

Horace Groves - Horace Groves

Henry Hall - Henry Hall

Harold Edward Harriman - Harold Edward Harriman

Thomas George Harris - Thomas George Harris

Percy Henson - Percy Henson

George Hide - George Thomas Hyde

Robert George Hopewell - Robert George Hopewell

Henry Hopkins - Henry Hopkins

Cyril George Huskinson - Cyril George Huskinson

Harry Hutchby - Harry Hutchby

Ralph Hutson - Ralph Hutson

David Albert Ingham - David Albert Ingham

Albert Jackson - Albert Jackson

Thomas James - Thomas James

Benjamin Javes - Benjamin Javes

William Jennings - William Jennings

Charles Edward Jennison - Charles Edward Jennison

George Kendrick - George Kendrick

Kenon - Kenon

Thomas King - Thomas King

Claude Knight - Edward Claude Knight

Ernest Arthur Knight - Ernest Arthur Knight

Mark Ernest Knighton - Mark Ernest Knighton

Robert Lakin - Robert Lakin

Bernard William Latham - Bernard William Latham

Horace Latham - Horace Latham

John Lawson - John Lawson

John Alfred Leaper - John Alfred Leaper

Thomas Henry Leman - Thomas Henry Leman

Ernest Leonardi - Ernest Leonardi

Arthur Lock - Arthur Lock

William Carlisle Lock - William Carlisle Lock

Elias Lovegrove - Elias Lovegrove

Gapp Campbell Mackman - Gapp Campbell Mackman

Joseph Frederick Marshall - Joseph Frederick Marshall

Arthur William Marshall - Arthur William Marshall

Alonzo Marshall - Alonzo Marshall

Arthur William Marshall - Arthur William Marshall

Albert Edward Matthews - Albert Edward Matthews

Joseph Matthias - Joseph Matthias

John Meakin - John Meakin

Walter Merrin - Walter Merrin

George Harold Morley - George Harold Morley

Mark Morley - Mark Morley

Victor Newton - Victor Newton

George Norman - George Norman

Wallace Norman - Wallace Norman

Jesse Palfreyman aka Bolstridge - Jesse Bolstridge

Ernest Parker - Ernest Parker

James Burrows Pearson - James Burrows Pearson

Frederick Byron Perrin - Frederick Byron Perrin

Wallace Pick - Wallace Pick

Fred Pinkett - Fred Pinkett

James Redgate Pollard - James Redgate Pollard

Harold Tuer Pratt - Harold Tuer Pratt

Herbert Purdy - Herbert Purdy

Albert Quarton - Albert Quarton

Horace William Raynor - Horace William Raynor

Thomas O. Raynor - Thomas Oliver Raynor

Isaac Reed - Isaac Reed

Percy Reed - Percy Reed

William Rhodes - William Rhodes

John Thomas Richards - John Thomas Richards

John Richardson - John Richardson

Harry Robinson - Harry Robinson

John Robinson - John Robinson

William Robinson - William Robinson

Albert Ellis Rogers - Albert Ellis Rogers

Charles Ryland - Charles Ryland

Harold Ryland - Harold Ryland

Percy Ryland - Percy Ryland

Walter Sanderson - Walter Handel Sanderson

Walter Sands - Walter Sands

William Sayers - Clifford William Sayers

Alfred Shaw - Alfred Shaw

Allen Vessey Shipman - Allen Vessey Shipman

Edward Shipsides - Edward Shipsides

Percy Shipsides - Percy Shipsides

Arthur Horace Shooter - Arthur Horace Shooter

Arthur Smith - Arthur Smith

George Smith - George Smith

Walter Speed - Walter Speed

Frederick George Spencer - Frederick George Spencer

George Spencer - George Spencer

Joseph Spencer - Joseph Spencer

William Spencer - William Hamilton Spencer

George H. Spowage - George Henry Spowage

Arthur Arnold Standage - Arthur Arnold Standage

Henry Caloe Stapleton - Henry Caloe Stapleton

William Crow Stenson - William Crow Stenson

Arthur Stevenson - Arthur Stevenson

Herbert Francis Stevenson - Herbert Francis Stevenson

Martin Stevenson - Martin Stevenson

William Stevenson - William Stevenson

Ronald Stirland - Ronald Stirland

Marshall Stockdale - Marshall Stockdale

Charles Henry Storer - Charles Henry Storer

Thomas Stout - Thomas Stout

Albert Summers - Albert Summers

Henry Syson - Henry Syson

George Tansley - George Tansley

William Taylor - William Taylor

Albert Terry - Albert Terry

Albert Towle - Albert Towle

Walter Towle - Walter Towle

Harry Towlson - Harry Towlson

Thomas Cyril Turner - Thomas Cyril Turner

Wilfred Unsworth - Wilfred Unsworth

Frank Wainwright - Frank Wainwright

Walbridge - Walbridge

Harry Cullis Steele Walker - Harry Cullis Steele Walker

Frederick W. Walker - Frederick William Walker

William Eaton Guy Walker - William Eaton Guy Walker

James William Wallis - James William Wallis

Dick Walters - Dick Walters

George Walters - George Walters

Cecil Frederick Ward - Cecil Frederick Ward

Henry Avenal Walwick Ward - Henry Avenal Walwick Ward

John Samuel Ward - John Samuel Ward

Anthony Wardle - Anthony Wardle

Henry Watson - Henry Watson

Alfred Webster - Alfred Webster

Ambrose Webster - Ambrose Webster

Harold Welbourn - Harold Welbourn

Edward Herbert White - Edward Herbert White

William White - William White

Alfred William Widdowson - Alfred William Widdowson

Wallace Williamson - Wallace Williamson

George Edward Willoughby - George Edward Willoughby

Edward Wood - Edward Wood

Walter Raymond Woodward - Walter Raymond Woodward

Albert James Yerril - Albert James Yerrill

  • Photograph Rachel Farrand (May 2011)
    Book of Remembrance - Photograph Rachel Farrand (May 2011)
  • Photograph Rachel Farrand (May 2011)
    Book of Remembrance - Photograph Rachel Farrand (May 2011)
  • Example of entries (surnames A-Br).  Photograph Rachel Farrand (May 2011)
    Book of Remembrance - Example of entries (surnames A-Br). Photograph Rachel Farrand (May 2011)
  • Page from order of service for dedication of the memorials.  Photograph Rachel Farrand (May 2011)
    Order of Service - Page from order of service for dedication of the memorials. Photograph Rachel Farrand (May 2011)
  • Brass plaque commemorating the donation of the peal of bells in memory of those who had died in the war. Photograph Rachel Farrand (May 2011)
    Peal of bells - Brass plaque commemorating the donation of the peal of bells in memory of those who had died in the war. Photograph Rachel Farrand (May 2011)
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