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Nottingham (Sneinton) - St Stephen's Church

Triptych.  Photograph Peter Gillings

UKNIWM Ref - 61370

St Stephen's church, Dale Street, Sneinton, Nottingham. Triptych in church, dedication: 'Remember before God the men of this parish who fell in the Great War 1914-1918. The Lord of Peace himself give you peace, 2.Thess.3.16'. The triptych was designed by Cecil G Hare at a cost of £35; it was dedicated on Armistice Day 1927. There is a Calvary Cross in churchyard (WMA59059), dedication: The inscription on the bargeboards of the gable reads 'By thy cross and passion'; the inscription on the plaques around the faces of the plinth, 'In grateful memory of the men of Sneinton who fell in the Great War 1914-1918. To the honour and glory of the ever blessed Trinity.' There are no names on the Calvary Cross. The Calvary Cross was designed by Cecil G Hare at a cost of £300. It was unveiled on 20 May 1920 by Rev The Hon Robert Margill Dalyrymple MA, vicar of St Stephen 1902-1917. (Sources: Sneinton Parish Church History, Nevil Truman, 1946, The British Publication Co Ltd Gloucester. Nottinghamshire Archives, Acc 4766, PR,958: Order of Service for the unveiling and dedication of the Calvary Cross, 20 May 1920.) The Grade II Listed Calvary Cross was restored in 2006/2007 with the support of grants from English Heritage and the Wolfson Foundation and rededicated on 20 May 2007

Memorial location
Names on Memorial

Ernest Allen - Ernest Allen

Harry Asker - Harry Asker

Herbert Ault - Herbert Ault

William Baker - William Baker

Jack Bales - John Bales

John Barker - John Barker

James Barrie - James Barrie

Arthur Barton - Arthur William Barton

Charles Barton - Charles Barton

William Sydney Baxter - William Sydney Baxter

Frank Baxter - Francis William Baxter

Wilfred Beal - Wilfred Arthur Beal

Gerald Beal - Edward Gerald Beal

Walter Beastall - Walter Beastall

Arthur Bentley - Arthur Bentley

William Bentley - William Bentley

Charles Bentley - Charles Bentley

Patrick Bentley - Arthur Bentley

Harry Bishop - Harry Bishop

H Bishop - H Bishop

George Bradley Blankley - George Bradley Blankley

Walter Booth - Walter Booth

John Bradshaw - John William Bradshaw

Ernest William Brotherhood - Ernest William Brotherhood

Arthur Gerald Brotherhood - Arthur Gerald Brotherhood

Joseph Brown - Joseph Brown

Edward Brown - Edward Brown

Frederick Brown - Frederick Brown

Allan Camm - Allan Camm

George Carter - George Carter

Archibald Chamberlain - Archibald Bertie Chamberlain

Ernest Albert Charles - Ernest Albert Charles

Herbert William Cheeseman - William Herbert Cheesman

Arthur Clamp - Arthur Clamp

John Robert Clark - John Robert Clark

Richard Clarke - Richard Clarke

Samuel Edward Clarke - Samuel Edward Clark

Sydney Clifton - Sydney William Clifton

William Comery - William Comery

William Cooper - William Cooper

Ernest Cooper - Ernest Cooper

Richard Cooper - Richard Rawson Cooper

Arthur Gilbert Cope - Arthur Gilbert Cope

Horace Cottam - Horace Arthur Cottam

Herbert Coulby - Herbert Coulby

Elijah Crackle - Elijah Henry Crackle

Frank Cresswell - Frank Ewart Cresswell

John Cripwell - John Edwin Cripwell

Frank Culley - Francis (Frank) Charles Culley

Arthur Cumberpatch - Arthur Edward Cumberpatch

William Dalley - William Herbert Dallay

Charlie Davis - Charlie Davis

Alfred Denham - Alfred William Denham

James Diggle - James Diggle

John Donavan - John Donoven

Sydney Dore - Sydney Dore

Reginald Dowell - Reginald Dowell

Ernest Dowell - Ernest Dowell

John Henry Dring - John Henry Dring

Frank Edwards - Frank Edwards

William Ellis - William Charles Ellis

George Else - George William Else

Ernest Elston - Ernest George Elston

Arthur Ford - Arthur Ford

George Fozzard - George Harold Fozzard

Alfred Claude Gant - Alfred Claude Gant

Walter Gregory - Walter Gregory

George Robinson Gunn - George Robinson Gunn

Robert William Hamilton - Robert William Hamilton

William Hardy - William Christopher Hardy

Herbert Edward Harris - Herbert Edward Harris

Leonard Harris - Leonard Harris

Frederick Harrison - Frederick Harrison

Harry Hayes - John Henry (Harry) Hayes

Frederick Heggs - Frederick William Heggs

Fred Herrard - John Frederick Herod

George Hibbert - George Hibbert

Harry Hibbert - Henry Hibbert

W Hinch - W Hinch

Arthur Holbrook - Arthur Holbrook

Harry Holmes - Harry Holmes

Harry Horton - Harold Walter Horton

Jack Hudson - William John Hudson

Ernest Henry Hunt - Ernest Henry Hunt

Harold Jerrom - Harold Jerram

Joseph Jones - Joseph Jones

Thomas Keetly - Thomas Keetley

William Keetly - George William Keetley

Peter Kenny - Peter Kenny

Horace Arthur Key - Horace Arthur Key

John Henry Kiddier - John Henry Kiddier

Frank Kilborn - Frederick Kilbourne

Ernest King - Charles Ernest King

Fred Knowles - Frederick Charles Knowles

Joseph Lacey - Joseph Tacey

Herbert Edwin Lake - Herbert Edwin Lake

James Stanley Larratt - James Larratt Stanley

Samuel Lawrence - Samuel Richmond Lawrence

Albert Ley - Albert Ley

George Lockwood - George Lockwood

Claude Mackintosh - Claude Herbert Bertram James Mackintosh

Thomas Mallet - Thomas Mallet

Henry Maltby - Henry Maltby

Charlie Marcer - Charlie Marcer

Herbert Marshall - Herbert Marshall

Harry Marshall - Harry Marshall

Robert Marshall - Robert Marshall

George Marshall - George Marshall

Herbert Marshall - Harry Marshall

Robert Marshall - Robert Marshall

Henry Martin - Herbert Martin

Fred Martin - Fred Martin

Edgar Mason - Joseph Edgar Mason

Robert Meats - Robert Frederick Meats

George Mee - George Mees

Samuel Messom - Samuel Messom

Arthur Mitchell - Arthur Mitchell

Arthur Mitchell - Arthur Mitchell

Frederick Morley - Frederick Morley

John Morrell - John William Morrell

Andrew Mosely - Andrew Mosley

Jack Mumms - John Munns

John Alfred Nathan - John Alfred Nathan

John Notmand - John Henry Notman

Archibald Parker - Archibald Parker

William Henry Petcher - William Henry Petcher

George Peters - George Henry Peters

John Basil Pierce - John Basil Pierce

Frederick Potts - Frederick Thomas Potts

William Potts - William Edward Potts

Jim Potts - Jim Potts

Ralph Potts - Ralph Potts

Fred Potts - Frederick Thomas Potts

Francis Norton Pratt - Francis Norton Pratt

Neville Herbert Pratt - Neville Herbert Pratt

Frederick Price - Frederick Price

Thomas Quin - Thomas Quinn

William Rainbow - William Rainbow

Robert Reynolds - Robert Henry Reynolds

George Richardson - George Richardson

Arthur Riley - Arthur Carver Riley

Bert Rose - Bertie Rose

Henry Samples - Henry Samples

James Sands - James Richard Sands

John William Searson - John William Searson

Harold William Searson - Harold William Searson

Edgar Selby - Edgar Selby

George Shacklock - George Miller Shacklock

Joseph Shaw - Joseph Shaw

Arthur Shepherdson - Arthur Shepherdson

William Shipley - William Shipley

Jack Simons - John Simons

William Simpson - William Howard Simpson

Thomas Skelton - Thomas Richard Skelton

James Smith - James Smith

Leonard Smith - Leonard Oswald Smith

William Smith - William Smith

Arthur Smith - Arthur Smith

Tom Smith - Thomas Smith

Herbert Spencer - Herbert Spencer

G Spencer - G Spencer

George Spencer - George Spencer

Jack Squires - Jack Squires

Frederick Charles Staley - Frederick Charles Staley

Walter Stokes - Walter Stokes

Frank Storey - Frank Storey

Edward Stretton - Edward Stretton

Arthur William Swain - Arthur William Swain

Oliver Thurman - Oliver Thurman

Frederick William Thurman - Frederick William Thurman

Frederick Tipping - Frederick William Tipping

Frank Tomlinson - Frank Tomlinson

Albert Turton - Albert Turton

William Goodfellow Tweddle - William Goodfellow Tweddle

Henry Underwood - Henry Underwood

Percy Viccars - Percy Viccars

William Wainwright - William Wainwright

George Everitt Walters - George Everett Walters

Harold Ward - Harold Ward

George Ward - George Ward

John Ward - John Ward

Harry West - Herbert West

Samuel Wheat - Samuel Wheat

Samuel Wheatcroft - Samuel Wheatcroft

William White - William White

Harold Wigley - Harold Wigley

Fred Wilson - Frederick Wilson

Ernest Wilson - Ernest Wilson

Harry Wilson - Harry Wilson

Arthur Wilson - Arthur Wilson

Robert Wilson - Robert Wilson

Thomas Winterbottom - Thomas Winterbottom

Arthur Wolfe - Arthur Wolfe

Leonard Wilson Wolfe - Leonard Wilson Wolfe

Arthur Edward Wood - Arthur Edward Wood

Walter Worthington - Walter Worthington

Percy Wray - William Percy Wray

William Wright - William Wright

William Cressey Wright - William Cressey Wright

Sidney Yelland - Sidney Yealand

  • Triptych.  Photograph Peter Gillings
    Nottingham - St Stephen - Triptych. Photograph Peter Gillings
  • Calvary Cross. Photograph Peter Gillings
    Nottingham - St Stephen - Calvary Cross. Photograph Peter Gillings
  • Example of ROH (names Ma-S).  Photograph Peter Gillings
    Nottingham - St Stephen - Example of ROH (names Ma-S). Photograph Peter Gillings
  • Dale Street, Sneinton, Nottingham. Photograph Rachel Farrand
    St Stephen with St Matthias Church - Dale Street, Sneinton, Nottingham. Photograph Rachel Farrand