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Nottingham - St Mary (Roll of Honour)

ROH, nave (south wall). Photograph Rachel Farrand

The Roll of Honour is on the south wall of the nave. The names are duplicated on the parish war memorial in the churchyard (see 'Nottingham - St Mary).

Memorial location
Names on Memorial

Charles Bakewell - Charles William Bakewell

Spencer Baldry - Spencer Baldry

Horace Ball - Horace Ball

Catherine Ball - Catherine Ball

Ernest Barby - Ernest Barby

Arthur William Barton - Arthur William Barton

Albert Owen Benson - Albert Owen Benson

Thomas Stanley Chetwynd Birkin - Thomas Richard Chetwynd Birkin

Arthur Brady - Arthur Brady

Charles Brett - Charles Brett

George Brockley - George Thomas Brockley

Albert Ernest Brockwell - Albert Ernest Brockwell

E.W. Brotherhood - Ernest William Brotherhood

Charles Bryan - Charles Bryan

Albert Buck - Albert Buck

Charles F Carr - Charles Frederick Carr

George Chamberlain - George William Chamberlain

Edward Clarke - Edward Clarke

Edward Clarke - Edward Clarke

Samuel Edward Clarke - Samuel Edward Clark

Joseph Clements - Joseph Clements

Ernest Cooper - Ernest Cooper

Frederick Cooper - Frederick George Cooper

Alexander W Daniel - Alexander William Daniel

William Henry Drewry - William Henry Drewry

Henry Durose - Henry Durose

Ernest Dykes - Ernest Dykes

Thomas Ellis - John Thomas Ellis

Thomas French - Thomas French

T. Gibson - T. Gibson

Reginald Horace Grundy - Reginald Horace Grundy

George Robinson Gunn - George Robinson Gunn

Cornelius Hallam - Cornelius Hallam

James Arthur Hallam - James Arthur Hallam

John William Hart - John William Hart

William Hazard - William Hazard

Fred Higgs - Fred H. Higgs

Cyril Hodgkinson - Cyril Hodgkinson

Arthur William Holland - Arthur William Holland

Henry Cecil Holmes - Henry Cecil Holmes

H. Ronald Hubble - Harry Ronald Hubble

Charles Edward Huddleston - Charles Edward Huddleston

Bernard Johnson - Bernard Johnson

Ernest D Jones - Ernest Daniel Jones

Leonard Jones - Leonard Jones

George Judd - George Judd Johnson

Wallace Judge - Wallace Staines Judge

Thomas Keeton - Thomas Keeton

William Kirk - William Kirk

William Lang - William John Lang

John Thomas Laws - John Thomas Law

Philip Umfreville Laws - Philip Umfreville Laws

George Frederick Leverton - George Frederick Leverton

William Lewis - William Lewis

Stephen E Foster Locker - Stephen Ewart Foster Locker

Frederick Masham - Frederick Masham

John Edward Meadows - John Edward Meadows

Joshua Meadows - Joshua Meadows

William Morledge - William Morledge

William Murden - William Murden

William Henry Newman - William Henry Newman

Samuel Newton - Samuel Newton

John Parr - John Parr

Arthur Pearce - Arthur Pearce

William Perth - William Perth

George Raymond Pinder - George Raymond Pinder

Thomas Pinder - Thomas Albert Pinder

Frederick Thomas Potts - Frederick Thomas Potts

Frederick W Roberts - Frederick W. Roberts

George Roberts - George Roberts

John William Roberts - John William Roberts

James William Sampson - James William Sampson

Thomas William Sanderson - Thomas Henry Sanderson

Henry Savage - Henry Savage

Herbert Savage - Herbert Savage

Joseph Scragg - Joseph Scragg

Harold Searson - Harold William Searson

Alfred Shepherd - Alfred Shepherd

Charles Shepherd - Charles Matthew Shepherd

Frederick Simpson - Frederick Lawrence Simpson

Owen Smith - Owen Smith

Thomas E Smith - Thomas E. Smith

Jessie Spinks - Jesse Watts Spinks

Lewis Stephen - Lewis Stephen

Robert Stewart - Robert Stewart

Arthur W Swain - Arthur William Swain

Samuel Taylor - Samuel Taylor

Harry Thompson - Harry Thompson

Samuel Thompson - Samuel Thompson

Reginald Stanley Turner - Reginald Stanley Turner

George Tutin - George Tutin

William Walker - William Walker

H. Wethall - William Wealthall

Frederick Wheelhouse - Frederick Wheelhouse

Ewart Herbert Widdowson - Ewart Herbert Widdowson

Jack Richard Wilmot - John Richard Wilmot

Edward Wilson - Edward Wilson

Frank Wilson - Frank Wilson

John Wing - John Henry Wing

George Edward Wright - George Edward Wright

Alfred Yeomans - Alfred Yeomans

Rowland Young - Rowland Young

  • ROH, nave (south wall). Photograph Rachel Farrand
    Nottingham - St Mary - ROH, nave (south wall). Photograph Rachel Farrand