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Photo taken by Colin Dannatt

UKNIWM Ref - 27176

St John's Church, 9 Overend Road, Worksop S80 1QG. Memorial: the organ was rebuilt and a brass tablet on an oak panel installed on the north wall of the church to mark the jubilee of the church in 1919 and the ending of the war. ('St John’s Church 1869-1969. A Centenary History', William Straw MA, 1969, published by R Martin & Co Ltd, Worksop.) Dedication: 'The organ in this church was rebuilt and this tablet erected as an act of thanksgiving and in grateful remembrance of the following parishioners and worshippers of St John's who laid down their lives in the cause of right and freedom in the Great War 1914-1919. Greater love hath no man than this that a man lay down his life for his friends.'

Memorial location
Names on Memorial

William Adlington - William Adlington

Henry Anderson - Henry Hurst Anderson

Thomas Arkwright - Thomas Arkwright

James A Arnold - James Arthur Arnold

Edward Arthur - Edward Arthur

John William Baines - John William Baines

Edgar Bartholomew - Edgar Bartholomew

Oliver George Bartrop - Oliver George Bartrop

Richard Beal - Richard Beal

Thomas Beall - Thomas Beall

Albert Beard - Albert Beard

Frederick Benn - Fred Benn

Frank Betteridge - Frank Betteridge

Harold Bettison - Harold Bettison

Herbert Bevington - Herbert Bevington

Percy Cynberht Biffin - Percy Cynberht Biffin

William Bingham - William Bingham

John Frederick Birkett - John Frederick Birkett

George Henry Blow - George Henry Blow

Tom Bolton - Tom Bolton

Arthur Henry Brewster - Arthur Henry Brewster

Alfred Ernest Bridgens - Alfred Ernest Bridgens

Harry Brooks - Harry Wistow Brooks

Alfred Brown - Alfred Brown

Albert E Burdett - Albert Edward Burdett

George Charlesworth - George Charlesworth

Horace Coe - Horace Coe

Alfred Ernest Collier - Alfred Ernest Collier

Charles William Connell - Charles William Connell

Percy Connell - Percy Connell

Harold Charles Daffen - Harold Charles Daffen

William T Davison - William T Davison

Matthew Drake - Matthew Drake

John Duckmanton - John Duckmanton

Cecil Dukes - Cecil Dukes

John Lynn Eason - John Lynn Eason

Percy Edeson - Percy Edeson

John William Edwards - John William Edwards

Robert Henry Edwards - Robert Henry Edwards

Jim Ellis - Jim Ellis

George William Fletcher - George William Fletcher

George Edwin Foreman - George Edwin Foreman

William Fores - William Fores

Arthur Fotheringham - Arthur Fotheringham

Tom Foulds - Tom Foulds

Leonard French - Leonard French

Archibald Evans Froggatt - Archibald Evans Froggatt

Thomas Gabbitass - Thomas Gabbitas

John Garside - John Garside

Harold Gladwin - Harold Gladwin

Edwin Godfrey - Edwin Godfrey

George Godfrey - George Godfrey

Horace Gollick - John Horace Gollick

Herbert Goodacre - Herbert Goodacre

Louis Goold - Louis Goold

Albert Grant - Albert Grant

Hubert Gray - Hubert Gray

Frederick Haigh - Frederick Haigh

Walter Haigh - Walter Haigh

Walter Pemberton Hallam - Walter Pemberton Hallam

Douglas Scott Hardcastle - Douglas Scott Hardcastle

Harold Harrington - Harold Wannop Harrington

John Harris - John Harris

Walter Hazelhurst - Walter Haslehurst

John Heaps - John Heaps

Albert William Hewitt - Albert William Hewitt

Leonard Hewitt - Leonard Hewitt

Albert E Hutchinson - Albert Edward Hutchinson

William Ellis Jackson - William Ellis Jackson

George Jeffrey - George Jeffrey

Arthur Johnson - Arthur Johnson

Sam Kay - Sam Kay

Charles Ernest Knight - Charles Ernest Knight

Harry Knowles - Harry Knowles

Thomas Lane - Thomas Lane

Frederick William Lucas - Frederick William Lucas

William Marks - William Marks

Fred Marsden - Fred Marsden

William Marsden - William Marsden

Robert Martin - Robert Martin

George Moakes - George Moakes

Charles Moore - Charles Heaton Moore

James E Moore - James Moore

Charles Alfred Naylor - Charles Alfred Naylor

Dennis Leo Naylor - Dennis Leo Naylor

Walter Ernest Newell - Walter Ernest Newell

George William Nixon - George William Nixon

John George Ord - John George Ord

Wensley Scott Otter - Wensley Scott Otter

George H Parker - George Harold Parker

William Holbery Pashley - William Holbery Pashley

Fred Pells - Fred Pells

George Alfred Pennington - George Alfred Pennington

Albert Pettinger - Albert Pettinger

Horace Pinchen - Horace Gordon Pinchen

Harry Pinchin - Harry Pinchin

Albert Pinkney - Albert Pinkney

Edward Powell - Edward Powell

Harold Presswood - Harold Presswood

Harry Pridmore - Harry Pridmore

Francis Green Procter - Francis Green Procter

James Radcliffe - James Radcliffe

John Wilfred Richardson - John Wilfred Richardson

Fred Robinson - Fred Robinson

Hector Franklin Rowland - Hector Franklin Rowland

Thomas Salmon - Thomas Salmon

William Sanders - William Sanders

Arthur Scott - Arthur Scott

George Seaman - George Seaman

Thomas Richard Seymour - Thomas Richard Seymour

Albert Shaw - Albert Shaw

Wilfred Henry Shillito - Wilfred Henry Shillito

William Simpson - William Simpson

Richard Slater - Richard Slater

James Albert Slatter - James Albert Slatter

Fred Smith - Fred Smith

Herbert Jenkinson Smith - Herbert Jennings Smith

William Edward Smith - William Edward Smith

William Henry Smith - William Henry Smith

Frederick William Dare Sorby - Frederick William Dare Sorby

Alfred Spencer - Alfred Spencer

Ernest Spencer - Ernest Spencer

William Staniland - William Staniland

Reginald T Stapley - Reginald Townend Stapley

James Starkey - James Starkey

Thomas Storer - Thomas Storer

Frank Straw - Francis William (Frank) Straw

Herbert Swift - Herbert Ernest Swift

William Stretton Tebbitt - William Stretton Tebbitt

Thomas Tourney - Thomas Tournay

Horace Turner - Horace Henry Turner

John Arthur Underwood - John Arthur Underwood

Thomas Arthur Vickers - Thomas Arthur Vickers

James Horace Wainscoat - James Horace Wainscoat

Harold Waite - Harold Waite

Frederick John Ward - Frederick John Ward

Herbert Ward - Herbert Ward

Samuel Ward - Samuel Ward

John Webster - John Webster

Albert Wharton - Albert Wharton

George Wilkinson - George Wilkinson

Fred Wilson - Fred Wilson

William Wilson - William Wilson

Joseph Ernest Wistow - Joseph Ernest Wistow

Samuel Woodcock - Samuel Woodcock

Herbert W Wright - Herbert W Wright

Albert E Wynn - Albert Wynn

  • Photo taken by Colin Dannatt
    Worksop - Parishioners memorial - St John's Church - Photo taken by Colin Dannatt