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Arnot Hill Park, Arnold, Nottingham. Photograph Rachel Farrand (February 2018)

UKNIWM Ref - 25

Arnot Hill Park, Nottingham Road, Arnold, Nottingham. Celtic wheel cross on tapering plinth and two stepped base. The memorial was renovated, two overhanging trees removed and the landscaping improved c2014. Records of the war memorial committee are held in Nottinghamshire Archives, together with other documents including brief histories of men from Arnold who died in the war and details of widows (Nottinghamshire Archives ref DC/A/1/26 and DC/A/1/26/1-26/7). There is photographic evidence c1925 of rolls of honour boards outside the main entrance to the Carnegie Library at the corner of Nottingham Road/Arnot Hill Road, Arnold. The library, built in 1906, was demolished in 1981 and is now the site of a Wilkinson's store. ('Arnold and Bestwood in old photographs', collected by ME Spick. Alan Sutton Publishing/NCC Leisure Services, ISBN 0 862 99954 5)

Memorial location
Names on Memorial

Joseph Ainger - Joseph Ainger

Robert Ainger - Robert Ainger

Thomas Allcock - Thomas Allcock

William Allcock - William Allcock

William G Allen - George William Allen

Samuel Allen - Samuel Allen

Frank Ancliffe - Frank Ancliff

Walter Annable - Walter Annable

Walter Anthony - Walter Anthony

Joseph W Arbon - Joseph William Arbon

George Armson - George Armson

Robert Armson - Robert Armson

William H Askew - William Henry Askew

C Ernest Atherley - Christopher Ernest Atherley

Thomas W Atherley - Thomas Walter Atherley

George Atkin - George Atkin

L Bertrand Atkinson - Lawrence Bertram Atkinson

Frederick R Bagguley - Frederick Richard Bagguley

Oliver H Ball - Oliver Herbert Ball

Walter W Ball - Walter William Ball

Wilfred Bancroft - Wilfred Bancroft

Ernest Barber - Ernest Barber

Walter Barnes - Walter Barnes

Henry Barratt - Henry Richard Barratt

Colin Bell - Colin Bell

Eric Bell - Eric Bell

Leonard B Bennett - Leonard Bennett

Cyril Bird - Cyril Bird

Arthur E Blacknell - Arthur Edward Blacknell

Richard Bowtell - Charles Richard Bowtell

Harold G Bradley - George Harold Bradley

Joseph A Broad - Joseph Arthur Broad

Cecil H Brown - Henry Cecil Brown

Samuel Brown - Samuel Brown

Frank Burton - Frank Burton

William Burton - William Burton

Leslie J Butler - John Leslie Butler

Bertie W Campion - Bertie William Campion

Thomas Cartledge - Thomas Cartledge

Henry W Cash - Henry Wells Cash

Wilfrid A Cash - Wilfrid Arthur Cash

Albert Cast - Albert Cast

William Casterton - William Casterton

Herbert Chamberlain - Herbert Chamberlain

Alfred W Chapman - Alfred William Chapman

James Churm - James Churm

Claude H Clark - Claude Harry Clark

Walter Clark - Walter Clark

Leonard W Clarke - Leonard William Clarke

Jonathan Clegg - Jonathan Clegg

James FN Colbourne - James Frederick Newham

William Colledge - William Colledge

Thomas H Colley - Thomas Henry Colley

William Cook - William Cook

Eric Cooke - Eric Rushton Cooke

Thomas Cooke - Thomas Cooke

Walter Cooke - Walter Cooke

Thomas Cooper - Thomas Cooper

Walter Corah - Walter Corah

Arthur Cresswell - Arthur Cresswell

Alec Dabell - Alec Dabell

James Daley - James Dalby

Soloman Davis - Solomon Davis

Frederick R Denham - Frederick Richard Denham

Leonard Denham - Leonard Denham

William Denham - William Denham

Frederick Dennison - Frederick Dennison

John Desborough - John Desborough

John Dexter - John Clarke Dexter

Edward Dobb - Edward Dobb

Samuel Dove - Samuel Dove

Willaim A Dove - William Dove

Sydney O Dyer - Sydney Owen Dyer

Frank Eastgate - Frank Eastgate

George Ellis - George Ellis

Thomas Ellis - Thomas Ellis

Walter E Ellis - Walter Edward Ellis

Thomas Everton - Thomas James Everton

Christopher Fell - Christopher Arnsed Fell

Percy Fell - Percy Fell

Henry Fish - Henry Fish

Geoffrey H Fisher - Geoffrey Herbert Fisher

John W Fisher - John Wilfred Fisher

George H Ford - George Henry Ford

William Forrest - William Forrest

William Foster - William Foster

George Fox - George James Fox

Walter E Fox - Walter Ernest Fox

Fred Fulham - Frederick Fulham

Albert E Garratt - Albert Edward Garratt

Herbert Gent - Herbert Gent

Albert Gilbert - Albert Gilbert

William Godfrey - William Godfrey

Richard Gosling - Richard Gosling

Robert Goss - Robert Goss

George H Gray - George Henry Gray

Ernest Gregg - Ernest Gregg

Basil Gretton - Basil Gretton

John H Gretton - John Henry Gretton

Harold Grundy - Harold Grundy

Albert Guy - Albert Guy

Joseph W Hague - Joseph William Hague

George J Hammond - George John Hammond

Herbert N Hammond - Herbert Nelson Hammond

John J Hart - John James Hart

Joseph Hart - Joseph Hart

Edward Hartshorn - Edward John Thomas Hartshorn

G Arthur Hartshorn - George Arthur Collingwood Hartshorn

Lawrence Hartshorn - Lawrence Hartshorn

William R Harvey - William Robert Harvey

George G Hodson - George Gordon Hodson

William J Holbrook - John William Holbrook

Alfred E Holmes - Alfred Ernest Holmes

Charles Hopewell - Charles Hopewell

Alfred Horton - Alfred Horton

Bert W Horton - Bert Horton

Samuel J Hough - Samuel John Hough

Arthur Hudson - Arthur Hudson

James Hudson - James Hudson

James Hudson - James Hudson

Harty B Hunt - Harty Batham Hunt

William Hunt - William Hunt

James Huskey - James Huskey

Edward Hyde - Edward Hyde

Jack Hyde - Jack Hyde

Walter Hyman - Walter Hyman

John Jeffery - John Jeffery

Harry Johnson - Harry Johnson

John H Jordan - John Hollingworth Jordan

Samuel Jordan - Samuel Jordan

Frank Kinnerley - Frank Kinnerley

Harry Kinnerley - Harry Kinnerley

Edward Kirk - Edward Kirk

Edward Kirk - Edward Kirk

Harry Kirk - Francis Henry Kirk

Luther M Lacey - Martin Luther Lacey

John T Lane - John Thomas Lane

Wallis Lane - Wallace Lane

William Lane - William Lane

Charles Langford - Charles Langford

Cecil Lear - Cecil Charles Lear

Harold Leivers - Harold Leivers

Joseph Leivers - Joseph Leivers

Frederick H Lindsell - Harold Frederick Lindsell

Walter Lindsell - Walter Lindsell

Eric Linnell - Eric Linnell

Albert H Lucas - Albert Horace Lucas

Sam Lucas - Sam Lucas

Charles Mackintosh - Charles Mackintosh

George Maddock - George Maddock

Harold L Mansell - Harold Lot Mansell

Joseph M Mansell - Joseph Martin Mansell

Christopher Marriott - Christopher Marriott

Roland Marriott - Roland Marriott

Frank Marshall - Frank Marshall

Harold Marshall - Harold Marshall

Frederick J Marshall - Frederick John Marshall

Frank Martin - Frank Martin

Fred Martin - Fred Martin

Horace Mayfield - Horace Mayfield

Horace Mayfield - Horace Mayfield

Leonard A Mayfield - Leonard Augustus Mayfield

Bertie Mee - Bertie Mee

William J Melbourne - William James Melbourne

William Merrin - William Merrin

Alfred Moore - Alfred Moore

Benjamin Moore - Benjamin Moore

Frederick W Moore - Frederick William Moore

James J Moore - James Moore

James Moore - James William Moore

Isaac Morris - Isaac Morris

John I Morris - John Ingram Morris

William Morris - William Morris

William Nash - William Nash

Lewis Needham - Lewis Needham

John A Northage - John Arthur Northage

Alec Oldham - Alec Taylor Oldham

Ernest W Orange - Ernest William Orange

Herbert S Orange - Herbert Samuel Orange

Wilson R Ormandy - Richard Wilson Ormandy

Henry J Oscroft - John Henry Oscroft

Harold Owen - Harold Owen

Gordon Palmer - Gordon Palmer

Joseph Palmer - Joseph Palmer

Thomas Palmer - Thomas Palmer

Walter Parr - Walter Parr

Charles H Pearson - Charles Henry Pearson

John Pearson - John Pearson

Samuel Peck - Samuel Percy Peck

William Peck - William Peck

Alfred W Ping - Alfred William Ping

Bernard Raynor - Bernard Raynor

Ernest Reavill - Ernest Reavill

William Rennocks - William Rennocks

Charles Richardson - Charles Edward Richardson

James Rimmington - James Rimmington

George E Robinson - Edward George Robinson

Samuel Rockley - Samuel Rockley

George T Roe - George Thomas Roe

George Rose - George Rose

Samuel Rose - Samuel Rose

William Rose - William Rose

George H Ruffles - George Henry Ruffles

Alfred J Sarles - Alfred James Sarles

Alfred E Saunders - Alfred Edwin Sanders

Frank Saxton - Francis Saxton

James Scott - James Scott

Charles G Seely - Charles Grant Seely

George Sharrett - George Sharratt

Percy Sheldon - Percy Sheldon

William F Sheldon - William Foley Sheldon

James D Simpson - James Dunn Simpson

Arthur Smith - Arthur Smith

Harry Smith - Harry Smith

Thomas Spouge - Thomas Spouge

Harold D Stenhouse - Daniel Harold Stenhouse

George Stevenson - George Stevenson

Jesse Stevenson - Jesse Stevenson

John H Stokes - John Henry Stokes

George Stones - George Stones

Frederick Stretch - Frederick Stretch

John Stretch - John Stretch

George Sudbury - George Sudbury

James Sulley - James Sulley

John Sulley - John Sulley

Joseph Sulley - Joseph Sulley

Sidney Sulley - Sidney Sulley

Arthur Surgey - Arthur Surgey

George W Taylor - George William Taylor

Bernard J Teece - John Bernard Teece

Thomas Terry - Thomas Bernard Terry

Thomas J Tolley - John Thomas (Tom) Tolley

William H Tolley - William Henry Tolley

Tom T Townsend - Tom Townsend

John E Turner - John Edward Turner

Samuel Turner - Samuel Turner

T Cyril Turner - Thomas Cyril Turner

Arthur L Varley - Arthur Leonard Varley

Albert E Ward - Albert Ernest Ward

Ernest Ward - Ernest Ward

William Wardle - William Wardle

Alfred Watson - Alfred Watson

Bertram O Webster - Bertram Owen Webster

Herbert Webster - Herbert Webster

Charles Wells - Charles Wells

Harold Wells - Harold Wells

Arthur Wheat - Arthur Wheat

George H Wheatcroft - George Henry Wheatcroft

James Wheatley - James Wheatley

John Wheatley - John Wheatley

George F Williamson - George Frederick Williamson

Joseph E Wright - Joseph Ernest Wright

Albert Yates - Albert Yates

  • details of names on memorial side 1
    Arnot Hill park memorial - details of names on memorial side 1
  • details of names on memorial front
    Arnot Hill Park memorial - details of names on memorial front
  • details of names on memorial side 2
    Arnot Hill park memorial - details of names on memorial side 2
  • Taken by Peter Gillings  2014
    Arnot Hill Park Memorial - Taken by Peter Gillings 2014
  • a postcard photo showing the war memorial just after it was unveiled
    Arnold - Arnot Hill Park - a postcard photo showing the war memorial just after it was unveiled
  • Arnot Hill Park, Arnold, Nottingham. Photograph Rachel Farrand (February 2018)
    Arnold and Daybrook Memorial - Arnot Hill Park, Arnold, Nottingham. Photograph Rachel Farrand (February 2018)