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St Mary Magdalene Church Sutton in Ashfield

St Mary Magdalene Church Sutton in Ashfield.

Memorial location
Names on Memorial

Ernest L Adams - Ernest Leonard Adams

John G Adkin - John George Adkin

George F Allsop - George Frederick Allsop

George W Allsop - George William Allsop

George Barnes - George Barnes

Charles Barnes - Charles Edward Barnes

Charles J Barratt - Cyril James Barratt

Cyril J Barratt - Cyril James Barratt

Squire J Baugh - Squire James Baugh

George Bean - George Bean

William H Bean - William Henry Bean

William E Beardsley - William Ernest Beardsley

Albert Beastall - Albert Beastall

Joseph Berresford - Joseph Beresford

George Berry - George Berry

Samuel Berry - Samuel Berry

Ernest Bills - Ernest Bills

John W Bird - Joseph William Bird

Felvus F Birks - Felvus Frederick Birks

Alfred Blinkhorn - Alfred Blinkhorn

Josiah Blythe - Josiah Blythe

Geoffrey AG Bonser - Geoffrey Alwyn Gershom Bonser

Harold Bowler - Harold Bowler

Verney Bradder - Verney Bradder

Thomas Bradford - Thomas Bradford

George Brailsford - George Brailsford

Samuel Bramley - Samuel Bramley

Arthur Brassington - Arthur Brassington

Thomas Breedon - Thomas Breedon

William H Briggs - William Henry Briggs

Charles J Brown - Charles J Brown

John L Buckland - John Leslie Buckland

Walter Buckley - Walter Buckley

Fred Bucklow - Fred Bucklow

Samuel W Bunfield - Samuel William Bunfield

Edward Burton - Edward Burton

John G Burton - John George Burton

Horace Butler - Horace Butler

Ernest Buxton - Ernest Buxton

George Buxton - George Gersham Buxton

Thomas Cambell - Thomas Cambell

Fred Carter - Fred Carter

Ben Caunt - Ben Caunt

Cecil Caunt - Cecil Caunt

Fred Caunt - Frederick Caunt

Percy Caunt - Percy Caunt

Robert Caunt - Robert Caunt

Reginald Cawns - Reginald Corns

Bertrand W Clark - Bertrand George William Clark

Francis E Clarke - Francis Edward Scott Clarke

William D Clowes - William Dexter Clowes

Charles F Coleman - Charles Frederick Coleman

Frank W Coleman - Frank William Coleman

George Coleman - George Coleman

William Copestake - William Copestake

Albert Crampton - Albert Crampton

Harry Critchlow - Harry Critchlow

Arthur Cutts - Arthur Cutts

Harry Davies - Harry Davies

Thomas W Davis - Thomas William Davis

Sidney Day - Sidney Day

James Doncaster - James Doncaster

Albert Dove - Archie Dove

Peter Dove - Peter Dove

Samuel Dove - Samuel Adlington Dove

William Dove - William Dove

John W Edwards - John William Edwards

Harry Egner - Henry Egner

Fred Evans - F Evans

William Farnsworth - William Farnsworth

Arthur Fowler - A Fowler

John W Fowler - John William Fowler

Walter Freeman - Walter Freeman

Isiah Gough - Isaiah Gough

Thomas Greaves - Thomas Greaves

Arthur H Gregory - Arthur Gregory

Tom Gregory - John Thomas Gregory

Robert Guy - Robert Guy

William Hale - William Hale

John A Hall - John Arthur Hall

Joseph G Hall - Joseph Gershom Hall

Thomas TE Hall - Thomas E Hall

William H Harris - William Harris

Frederick Harrison - Frederick Harrison

Walter Harrison - Walter Harrison

George Hastings - George Hastings

John R Hatcliffe - John Robert Hatcliffe

Henry Hawksley - Henry Hawksley

Leonard Hayes - Leonard Hayes

Samuel Heath - Samuel Heath

Thomas Heathcote - Thomas Heathcote

Albert V Hewitt - Albert Victor Hewitt

Charles W Hibbards - Charles William Hebbards

James C Hooley - James Cartledge Hooley

Arthur Housley - Arthur Housley

Harold Hunt - Harold Hunt

Everett Hutchinson - Everett Hutchinson

Harry Hutchinson - Harry Hutchinson

David Irving - David Irving

Frederick W Jeans - Frederick William Jeanes

Enoch Johnson - Enoch Johnson

Thomas A Kerry - Thomas Anthony Kerry

Matthew E Knowles - Matthew Henry Knowles

Douglas Leverton - Douglas Dalziel Leverton

Bertie C Lilley - Bertie Clarke Liley

Frederick Mallen - Joseph Frederick Mallen

Alfred S Marriott - Alfred Marriott

George W Marsh - George William Marsh

Robert H Marsh - Robert Henry Marsh

Leslie Marshall - Leslie Marshall

Samuel Martin - Samuel Martin

Thomas Massey - Thomas Massey

William Matchett - William Matchett

Walter Meakin - Walter Meakin

Cyril Mellors - Cyril Mellors

Arthur Middleton - Arthur Middleton

Albert Miller - Albert Miller

Charles D Miller - Charles Davy Miller

Joseph P Miller - Joseph Miller

Wilfred E Millership - Wilfrid Edmund Millership

Ralph Mills - Ralph Franklin Mills

Arthur Moore - Arthur Moore

Cyril Moore - Cyril Moore

John Morley - John Morley

Joseph P Morley - Joseph Parsons Morley

Ernest Morrell - Ernest Morrell

Walter Morris - Walter Morris

William Morris - William Owen Morris

Arthur Newstead - Arthur Newstead

Dudley North - Robert Dudley North

John W North - John William North

Ira Paling - Ira Paling

Thomas Parbutt - Thomas Parbutt

Peter Parker - Peter Parker

Peter W Parkes - Peter Wilson Percy Parkes

John W Parnell - John William Parnell

Stephen Pemblington - Stephen Pemblington

Charles Peplow - Charles Edward Peplow

Edwin Pepper - Edwin Pepper

John Pickard - John Pickard

John W Pickbourne - John William Pickbourne

Wilfred Picken - Wilfred Harry Picken

John E Pryme - John Edward Pryme

Samuel A Pryme - Samuel Alma Pryme

John G Radford - John George Radford

Joseph Radford - Joseph Radford

Absolom Randle - Absalom Randle

George Randle - George Edward Randall

Thomas Randle - Thomas Randle

James W Reavill - James William Revill

Arthur Reeves - Arthur Reeves

Jesse Reeves - Jesse Reeves

John W Richardson - John Wilfred Richardson

Edward C Roberts - Edmund Charles Roberts

George Roberts - George William Roberts

Samuel B Roberts - Samuel B Roberts

Charles W Robinson - Charles William Robinson

Arthur M Roebuck - Arthur Roebuck

Stanley Ronalds - Stanley Ronalds

Jonathan Sanderson - Jonathan Sanderson

Walter Sanderson - Walter Sanderson

Joseph N Saunders - Joseph Nuttall Saunders

Joseph Savage - Joseph Savage

Stanley Saxton - Stanley Saxton

Albert Searson - Albert Searson

John H Shardlow - John Herbert Shardlow

Alfred Shaw - Alfred Shaw

Samuel Shaw - Samuel Shaw

Samuel Shawcroft - Samuel Shawcroft

George W Shelton - George William Shelton

Herbert Shooter - Herbert Shooter

George Simms - George Simms

Richard Simms - Richard Simms

Walter Singleton - Walter Singleton

Herbert W Slack - Herbert William Slack

Alfred L Slater - Alfred Lewis Slater

Arthur Snaith - Arthur Snaith

George W Spavound - George William Spavound

Horace Spencer - Samuel Horace Spencer

Daniel Staley - Daniel Staley

Joseph Staley - Joseph Staley

George Stendall - George Stendall

Joseph Stendall - Joseph Stendall

Joseph H Stocks - Joseph Henry Stocks

William Stocks - William Stocks

Cyril C Straw - Cyril Carfield Straw

Ernest Swann - Ernest Swann

William E Tagg - William Ernald Tagg

Arthur E Taylor - Arthur Taylor

George Taylor - George Isaac Taylor

Harold Taylor - Harold Taylor

Charles E Townsend - Charles Edward Townsend

Ernest Turner - Ernest Hampton Turner

Harry Turner - Harry Turner

Robert Turner - Robert Turner

Frederick Wainwright - Frederick Wainwright

Robert Waldron - Robert Waldron

Walter Walker - Wilfred Walker

Frank Wallace - Frank Wallace

Thomas Wallace - Thomas Wallace

Rowland A Walters - Rowland Arthur Walters

George Walton - George Walton

John G Walton - John George Walton

Leslie Ward - Thomas Leslie Ward

Abraham Wass - Abraham Wass

George H Watson - George Henry Watson

Horace Webster - Horace Webster

William H Wilkinson - WH Wilkinson

Arthur E Wilks - Arthur Edward Wilks

Arthur Williams - Arthur Williams

Thomas Willoughby - Tom Willoughby

Thomas D Wilson - Thomas Douglas Wilson

Sidney Wingrove - Sidney Andrew Wingrove

Henry G Wright - Henry Gordon Wright

James Young - James Young

  • St Mary Magdalene Church Sutton in Ashfield.
    Photo Peter Gillings - St Mary Magdalene Church Sutton in Ashfield.
  • St Mary Magdalene Roll of Honour
    Photo Peter Gillings - St Mary Magdalene Roll of Honour
  • St Mary Magdalene Roll of Honour A-L
    Photo Peter Gillings - St Mary Magdalene Roll of Honour A-L
  • St Mary Magdalene Roll of Honour M-Y
    Photo Peter Gillings - St Mary Magdalene Roll of Honour M-Y