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Nottingham Virtual - Addresses Unknown

Nottingham's Great Market Place, now Old Market Square, around 1900

This section commemorates Great War fatalities with probable connections to Nottingham. It is not yet clear where these people lived. Hopefully further scrutiny of Nottingham Evening Post obituary entries, the CWGC Debt of Honour Register and other military sources, census data and Birth, Marriage and Death indexes will place them in specific districts within the city. David Nunn

Memorial location
Names on Memorial

Albert Edward Adams - Albert Edward Adams

Samuel Allen - Samuel Allen

Harold Andrews - Harold Andrews

Richard Harry Arnold - Richard Harry Arnold

Henry Atkin - Henry Atkin

Harry Augustus Ballard - Harry Augustus Ballard

Charles Barber - Charles Barber

Herbert Barton - Herbert Barton

Arthur James Beddard - Arthur James Beddard

William Bilton - William Bilton

George Joseph Bird - George Joseph Bird

Thomas Black - Thomas Black

Harry Leslie Blatherwick - Harry Leslie Blatherwick

Charles Cyril Blaydon - Charles Cyril Blaydon

Harry Boothman - Harry Boothman

William George Borrow - William George Borrow

John Richard Bosworth - John Richard Bosworth

John Charles Bray - John Charles Bray

Henry Brett - Henry Brett

Albert Britton - Albert Britton

Arthur Owen Brown - Arthur Owen Brown

William Burton - William Burton

John Thomas Carter - John Thomas Carter

Robert Charlton - Robert Charlton

Benjamin Clark - Benjamin Clark

John Thomas Clark - John Thomas Clark

Clarence Victor Clarke - Clarence Victor Clarke

George Thomas Clipstone - George Thomas Clipstone

Frank Henry Comber - Frank Henry Comber

Edward Cooke - Edward Cooke

Richard Cox - Richard Cox

William Dennis - William Dennis

Robert Drury - Robert Drury

Arthur Edwards - Arthur Edwards

Henry Elliott - William Henry Elliott

Robert Elliott - Robert Elliott

Lewis Stephen Ellis - Lewis Stephen Ellis

William Fenton - William Fenton

Joseph Fisher - Joseph Fisher

George Francis - George Francis

Frederick Francis - Frederick Francis

Joseph Dobson Frettingham - Joseph Dobson Frettingham

Clarence George Fryer - Clarence George Fryer

William Henry J Gadsby - William Henry Gadsby

Alfred Hall - Alfred Hall

Charles Wilfred Hardwick - Charles Wilfred Hardwick

John William Heffron - John William Heffron

Edward Hickey - Edward Hickey

Thomas Holmes - Frank Thomas Holmes

George Jackson - George Jackson

John Jackson - John Jackson

William Jacques - William Jacques

Henry Johnson - Henry Johnson

John Thomas Lamb - John Thomas Lamb

William Henry Baguley Lambert - William Henry Baguley Lambert

John Henry Lane - John Henry Lane

William Lee - William Lee

Harry Lewis - Harry Lewis

Stendall Lowe - Stendall Lowe

John Bolton Maclean - John Bolton Maclean

Denis Mcarthur - Denis McArthur

Charles Mills - Charles Mills

Percy Mitchell - Percy Mitchell

Thomas Brewer Moulding - Thomas Brewer Moulding

James Leonard Mudd - James Leonard Mudd

George Musgrove - George Musgrove

John Smith Briggs Needham - John Smith Briggs Needham

Arthur Oldbury - Arthur Oldbury

Wilfred Osborne - Wilfred Osborne

George Park - George Park

Ernest William Parkinson - Ernest William Parkinson

Matthias Parrott - Matthias Parrott

George Parsons - George Parsons

Fred Pearson - Fred Pearson

John Lawrence Sander - John Lawrence Sander

Clifford Sayers - Clifford Sayers

Sidney Sexty - Sidney Sexty

John Thomas Sharpe - John Thomas Sharpe

Alfred Shaw - Alfred Shaw

James Shaw - James Shaw

Charles Ernest Sladen - Charles Ernest Sladen

Arthur Newbold Smith - Arthur Newbold Smith

Reginald Smith - Reginald Smith

William Moore Spray - William Moore Spray

Frank Squires - Frank Squires

George Steele - George Steele

George Streets - George Streets

Harry Taylor - Harry Taylor

William Arthur Thomas - William Arthur Thomas

Arthur Towle - Arthur Towle

Samuel Trout - Samuel Trout

William Turner - William Turner

George Tycer - George Tycer

Albert Douglas Tyler - Albert Douglas Tyler

Albert Ernest Wakefield - Albert Ernest Wakefield

Harold Walker - Harold Walker

Alfred Watson - Alfred Watson

George Watson - George Watson

William Webster - William Webster

Clifford Whiteley - Clifford Whiteley

Charles James Williams - Charles James Williams

Fred Williams - Fred Williams

Thomas Wilson - Thomas Wilson

Thomas Wing - Thomas Wing

William Wood - William Wood

Harry Wood - Harry Wood

  • Nottingham's Great Market Place, now Old Market Square, around 1900
    Courtesy Nottingham Evening Post, [Images of Nottingham, (Breedon Books, 1994)] - Nottingham's Great Market Place, now Old Market Square, around 1900