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Book of Remembrance
Gary Tranter - July 2012

UKNIWM Ref - 23740

St Wilfrid, Main Road, Kelham, NG23 5QX. The Chapel of St George in the church commemorates the men of Kelham, Averham and Staythorpe who died in both World Wars. A framed notice on the south wall of the chapel reads, ‘This chapel of Saint George was dedicated by the Lord Bishop of Southwell on May 8th 1949 to the Glory of God and in memory of the men of these villages and from the House of the Sacred Mission who gave their lives in the World Wars which began in 1914 and 1939. Their names are inscribed in the Book of Remembrance which is kept before the altar.’ The Book of Remembrance is displayed in a wood and glass case. (www.southwellchurches.nottingham.ac.uk)

Memorial location
Names on Memorial

William Edward ANSELL - William Edward Ansell

William Curtis BOLTON - William Curtis Bolton

William James COLLYER - William James Collyer

John Whitworth CORBETT - John Whitworth Corbett

Frederick DICKINSON - Frederick Johnson Dickinson

Charles Alfred Stanley EVERETT - Charles Alfred Stanley Everett

Albert Edward GEAREY - Albert Edward Gearey

John Henry GENT - John Henry Gent

Frank Brooks GILL - Frank Brooks Gill

Stanley Percival HUGGINS - Stanley Percival Huggins

Harry Lawford HUNT - Harry Lawford Hunt

Reuben INGAMELLS - Reuben Ingamells

Herbert Peter LEDBITTER - Herbert Peter Ledbitter

Edwin John MEEDY - Edwin John Meedy

Arthur James NASH - Arthur James Nash

John NELSON - John Nelson

Stanley PIERCE - Stanley Pierce

Samuel Irving PREECE - Samuel Irving Preece

Andrew David SHORT - Andrew David Aitkin Short

George William SMITH - George William Smith

Harold Andrew SMITH - Harold Andrew Smith

Bernard Charles VICK - Bernard Charles Vick

Archibald John WADE - Archibald John Wade

Frederick Royden WARING - Frederick Royden Waring

Aubrey Charles Nixon WHISTON - Aubrey Charles Nixon Whiston

John Alfred WILLIAMS - John Alfred Williams

Harold Godwin WILLIAMSON - Harold Godwin Williamson

John WILLIAMSON - John Williamson

Frederick Laurence WILSON - Frederick Lawrence Wilson

Ernest Edwin WILSON - Ernest Edwin Wilson

  • Book of Remembrance
Gary Tranter - July 2012
    Kelham - St Wilfred's Church - Book of Remembrance Gary Tranter - July 2012
  • Book of Remembrance.
Gary Tranter - July 2012
    Kelham - St Wilfred's Church - Book of Remembrance. Gary Tranter - July 2012