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Nottingham Castle Gate Congregational Church

Roll of Honour. Photograph Rachel Farrand (2011)

UKNIWM Ref - 61846

The Roll of Honour includes men and women who served as well as those who died. The dedication reads: 'Castle Gate Congregational Church and Sunday School. This Roll of Honour is In affectionate thanksgiving to those whose names it bears who served in the Great War 1914-1919'. The 27 names of those who died are inscribed in red. A Roll of Honour, which included men and women from Bloomsgrove, Old Radford and Thorneywood Missions, was printed in January 1917 and is held in Nottinghamshire Archives (ref DD2325/10). The ROH does not indicate those who had died. It is likely that a series of Rolls of Honour were printed by the church during the war. Castle Gate established a number of daughter churches in Nottingham including Park Hill (which succeeded St James Chapel), Bloomsgrove Mission (succeeded by the Norton Street Congregational Church), Queen's Walk Mission, Thorneywood Mission, Old Radford Mission (later amalgamated with Bloomsgrove Mission) and St Ann's Well Road Congregational Church. Castle Gate merged with St Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Nottingham, in 1972 when both joined the United Reformed Church and the Castle Gate congregation moved to St Andrew's Presbyterian Church. Castle Gate Church and its ancillary buildings were sold in 1980 to the Congregational Federation, which represents Congregational churches that did not join the URC. The framed ROH (WMA61846) remained in Castle Gate Church. However, a board with the names of the men from the congregation who died in the war was transferred to St Andrew's Presbyterian Church when it and Castle Gate Congregational Church merged as the United Reformed Church. A four-light stained glass window was installed in Castle Gate in memory of those who served and returned and those who died. The following is a contemporary newspaper report describing the service of dedication: 'IN MEMORY OF THE FALLEN. FOUR WINDOWS UNVEILED IN A NOTTINGHAM CHAPEL. 1914 SPIRIT NEEDED TODAY. In memory of the 27 members of the congregation who fell in the war, four stained-glass windows and a tablet containing the names were dedicated and unveiled at Castle-gate Congregational Chapel, Nottingham, yesterday morning, by the minister, the Rev. EJ Hawkings. The first window represents ‘The Call’, the young knight shown being handed his sword by the womanhood whom he so ably defended, and about to don his helmet ready for the fight for his country and freedom, which duty, holding the banner of St George of England, points out. His shield bears the cross, the symbol of his faith, which gave him strength to face his enemies. The small subject below portrays the England at the time of ‘The Call’, busily engaged in peaceful pursuits of literature, art, &c. In the second panel, depicting ‘The Response’ the young knight is seen going to battle with the women and children waving him farewell, and underneath the little picture shows how those at home helped in the great fight making armour, &c. ‘The Sacrifice’ is the episode of the third, and here the young knight appears having made the great sacrifice, is surrounded with sorrowing friends, who place the well-earned laurel wreath on his breast, and receiving the blessing of our Lord. Beneath in the small picture is shown what the sacrifice meant to the widow and fatherless, faced with the rocks of despair. A representation of ‘The Reward’ is given in the fourth panel, which portrays the young knight, his armour beautified from the dull steel to the brightest gold, being carried to Heaven and received by the angels. In the small subject below is depicted the dawn of a brighter hope to those left behind. THE VOICE OF PATRIOTISM In the course of a striking sermon, the Rev EJ Hawkins emphasised that the memorial had a religious significance; it was representative, intimate, and priestly. The heroism of those men had a spiritual source. He was not foolish enough to say that everyone who went out consciously and deliberately gave his life to God, but the Almighty spoke to men in a multitude of ways. God had been the voice of patriotism and the nation’s call. To those who were spared to return he would say, ‘Do not let any of us do less than we were willing to do in 1914.’ The memorial would be a mere mockery to those who made the supreme sacrifice unless all who had survived took up and fulfilled in their own lives the aims with the fallen could not achieve because of their gift to them. They were the trustees of their work, and must complete their beginnings. (END) Appropriate hymns were sung, the Last Post and the Reveille also being sounded by buglers of the Robin Hoods. The windows were designed and erected by Messrs. GF Gascoyne and Son, Nottingham, while the tablet and a roll of honour in the lobby, containing the names of approximately two hundred members of the church who served with the colours, were designed and executed by Messrs. Foster, Cooper and Foster Ltd. The windows representing ‘The Call’ and ‘The Response’ have been erected as a thank offering for those who answered the call and were spared to return, the others being in memory of those who fell.' A photograph of Castle Gate Congregational Church c1909 is on the Picture the Past website, ref NTGM010452. (Research Rachel Farrand)

Memorial location
Names on Memorial

Frederic Abbott - Frederic Abbott

Claude H Baldock - Claude Henry Baldock

Arthur Bambridge - Arthur Bambridge

George A Boulton - George Alfred Boulton

Thomas Bray - Thomas Bray

William H Cullen - William Harold Cullen

Sidney Dore - Sydney Dore

Ernest Dowell - Ernest Dowell

John L Dowling - John Lawrence Dowling

George Hart - George William Harte

Arthur D Hodgson - Arthur Dawson Hodgson

Charles Hurst - Charles Martin Hurst

Lewis H Jackson - Lewis Henry Jackson

George T Kemp - George Thomas Kemp

John Langham - John Langham

S Frederick Lowe - Samuel Frederick Lowe

Arnold E Matthews - Arnold Ernest Matthews

Harold Price - Harold Price

Edward Randall - Edward Randall

G MacDonald Simms - George Macdonald Simms

William Smithson - William Smithson

Frederick J Tarlton - Frederick John Tarlton

Joseph H Taylor - Joseph Henry Taylor

Lawrence BO Wakelam - Lawrence Bernard Osborne Wakelam

George Watkinson - George Watkinson

Thomas Widdowson - Thomas Bradley Widdowson

William J Wright - William Joseph Wright

  • Roll of Honour. Photograph Rachel Farrand (2011)
    Nottingham Castle Gate Congregational Church - Roll of Honour. Photograph Rachel Farrand (2011)
  • Interior of church, ROH to right (as viewed) of window. Photograph Rachel Farrand (2011)
    Nottingham Castle Gate Congregational Church - Interior of church, ROH to right (as viewed) of window. Photograph Rachel Farrand (2011)
  • ROH Board now in St Andrew's with Castle Gate United Reformed Church.  Photograph courtesy of Mr N Worley, St Andrew with Castle Gate URC.
    Nottingham Castle Gate Congregational Church - ROH Board now in St Andrew's with Castle Gate United Reformed Church. Photograph courtesy of Mr N Worley, St Andrew with Castle Gate URC.