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Photograph Richard English

Chilwell Memorial Institute, High Road, Chilwell. The Institute was built by Mr J H Brough, builder, and opened at a ceremony on Saturday 3rd May 1924. The inscription over the entrance reads: 'In honour and to the respected memory of the men of this village who made the supreme sacrifice in the war 1914-1918. A Board was unveiled in the Institute on 10 November 2014 by Henry Hurt, the son of George Hurt, who was on the original committee that oversaw the building of the hall. It is dedicated to the men of Chilwell some of whose names are also commemorated on the memorial in Christ Church, Chilwell.

Memorial location
Names on Memorial

A Adcock - Arthur Adcock

J Adcock - James Adcock

J Adcock - Jesse Adcock

W Aram - William Aram

FW Beard - Fred Whiteley Beard

T Belfield - Thomas Henry Belfield

J Brailsford - John Brailsford

JD Crowston - John Daniel Crowston

GW Drinkwater - George William Drinkwater

JC Holland - John Claude Holland

JL Hudston - John Lomas Hudston

JH Kellett - James Herbert Kellett

LB Kellett - Lawrence Briggs Kellett

WD Kemp - William Dunstan Kemp

CG Lake - Cecil George Lake

WA Lake - Wiliam Addison Lake

J Lamb - Joseph Henry Lamb

F Metheringham - Fred Metheringham

H Moore - Harry Moore

M Niland - Martin Patrick Niland

P Oxley - Percy Oxley

SH Pearson - Stephen Hetley Pearson

CH Rawlings - Charles Rawlings

TS Roadley - Thomas Stanley Roadley

G Roberts - George Roberts

WH Simpson - William Howard Simpson

B Smith - Benjamin Smith

E Smith - Ernest Smith

HH Walton - Harold Henry Walton

H Westby - Harold Westby

HE Whitehead - Harry Esmond Whitehead

AF Worthington - Arthur Frederick Worthington

A Wright - Arthur Wright

  • Photograph Richard English
    Chilwell Memorial Institute - Board - Photograph Richard English
  • Main entrance with inscription above. Photograph courtesy of Peter Gillings.
    Chilwell Memorial Institute - Main entrance with inscription above. Photograph courtesy of Peter Gillings.