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Annesley All Saints - Chaworth-Musters

Photograph Rachel Farrand (July 2013)

UKNIWM Ref - WMA26871

All Saints Church, Annesley Cutting, Annesley, Nottinghamshire. The brass tablet commemorates three Chaworth-Musters brothers, Patricius George, Philip Mundy and Robert and a cousin, Roger Michael Chaworth-Musters. Dedication: 'To the Glorious Memory of Patricius George Chaworth-Musters. Lieut. 1st Battn. Kings Royal Rifles wounded in the retreat from Mons. Mortally wounded Jan. 8th died Jan. 11th 1915 at Bethune in France, aged 26. Philip Mundy Chaworth-Musters MC. Captain Royal Field Artillery. Fell near Hooge July 17th 1917 after 33 months continuous service in France and Belgium aged 22. Buried at Poperinghe. Robert Chaworth-Musters MC. Capt. 12th Battn. Kings Royal Rifles died in Cosham Military Hospital after 4 years and 2 months service. Oct. 10th 1918 aged 22. Eldest, fourth and fifth sons of John Patricius Chaworth-Musters Esq. of Annesley Park, Notts. And their cousin. Roger Michael Chaworth-Musters. Lieut. 50th Squadron Royal Flying Corps. Second son of Lancelot George EM Charworth-Musters Esq. of Field Dalling, Norfolk. He fell in aerial combat in France May 7th 1917 aged 19. In the morning of their lives.'

Memorial location
Names on Memorial

Patricius George Chaworth-Musters - Patricius George Chaworth-Musters

Philip Mundy Chaworth-Musters - Philip Mundy Chaworth-Musters

Robert Chaworth-Musters - Robert Chaworth-Musters

Roger Michael Chaworth-Musters - Roger Michael Chaworth-Musters

  • Photograph Rachel Farrand (July 2013)
    Annesley All Saints - Chaworth Musters - Photograph Rachel Farrand (July 2013)