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This memorial was unveiled in July 2014. It cost £38,000 and funding was provided by Nottinghamshire County, Ashfield District and Selston Parish Councils. The Portland stone obelisk has six sides at its base with the names of the fallen being carved in grey granite. One panel bears the names of Selston's World War Two fatalities. The inscription reads 'This memorial was erected to commemorate the lives of those who made the ultimate sacrifice in service to their country.' The memorial was erected in part to commemorate casualties whose names do not appear on the memorial in St Helen's parish church (WMA26909) which lists 49 names.

Memorial location
Names on Memorial

Sidney Adams - Sidney Adams

Thomas W Andrews - Thomas William Andrews

Archibald Askin - Archibald Askin

Alfred Bacon - Alfred Bacon

Ambrose Bacon - Ambrose Bacon

Albert Bacon - Albert Bacon

William Ball - William Ball

Thomas Banton - Thomas Banton

Joseph Barker - Joseph Barker

George T Barnes - George Thomas Barnes

John Bowmar - John William Bowmar

Charles Butcher - Charles Butcher

Cecil Clark - Cecil Clark

George Clarke - George Clarke

William Clifford - William Clifford

Robert S Cook - Robert Shelton Cook

A Cooke - Albert Cooke

Thomas Creswick - Thomas Edward Creswick

George W Day - George William Day

Wilfred Dean - Wilfred Dean

George Dobbs - George Dobbs

Harry Dove - Harry Lynam Dove

William H Dunn - William Heath Dunn

Albert Fearn - Albert Fearn

Albert H Gell - Albert Henry Gell

Edward Gent - Edward Gent

William Gilder - William Henry Gilder

Robert Grainger - Robert Grainger

James W Gregory - James William Gregory

Reginald L Hand - Reginald Lee Hand

Joseph Hankin - Joseph Hankin

Arthur Harpham - Arthur Henry Harpham

Thomas E Hawkins - Thomas Edward Hawkins

Harry Heald - Henry Heald

Harry Heald - Henry Heald

Ben Hopewell - Benjamin Hopewell

Bernard J Hudson - Bernard James Hudson

Harry J Jeffs - Harry Joseph Jeffs

William L Jones - William Leonard Jones

JA Jones - Joseph Alfred Jones

Arthur Keeling - Arthur Keeling

Samuel Kirk - Samuel Kirk

Clarence Kirkland - Clarence Kirkland

Samuel E Lee - Samuel Edward Lee

Christopher Lewis - Christopher Lewis

Harry Lines - Harry Lines

Francis H Marshall - Francis Harold Marshall

William E Maxey - William Edward Maxey

Alfred Miles - Alfred Miles

Arthur Edward Mills - Arthur Edward Mills

John L Nichols - John Lionel Nichols

John H Oates - John Harris Oates

Harry Palmer - Harry Palmer

Lawrence Parker - Laurence Thomas Parker

Herbert Peach - Herbert Peach

James Platts - James Platts

John Price - John Price

John W Priestly - John William Priestley

William Prothero - William Prothero

William Rawson - William Rawson

Frank Reed - Frank Reed

John W Revill - John Walter Revill

James Sheavyn - James Sheavyn

Joseph H Sheriston - Joseph Henry Simpson Sheriston

John W Shipman - John William Shipman

John G Slack - John George Slack

John Smedley - John Smedley

John T Stocks - John Tom Stocks

Norman R Stoppard - Norman Robert Stoppard

Cyril Storer - Cyril Percy Storer

Thomas W Tagg - Thomas William Tagg

William W Taylor - William Wilson Taylor

Thomas Timms - Thomas Timms

Horace Timms - Horace Timms

Arthur Timms - Arthur Timms

William H Timms - William Henry Timms

Joseph H Trueman - Joseph Harold Trueman

Arthur H Walker - Arthur Henry Walker

Herbert G Walters - Herbert Walters

William Walton - William Walton

John T Ward - John Thomas Ward

Ernest V Wheatley - Ernest Victor Wheatley

David Wightman - David Wightman

George Willmott - George Willmott

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