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Courtesy of The Boots Archive and Heritage Collection. Copies of this image may not be used or transferred to third parties without further permission being obtained from Boots Archives. Nottinghamshire Archives holds a copy of Boots 'Comrades in Khaki', a house magazine that was published between April 1915 and May 1916. The magazine has provided details of some of those named on the Boots memorials which commemorate employees from across the UK. (Nottinghamshire Archives ref RB38) Sir Jesse Boot wrote an introduction to each edition, this is the one from the final edition April/May 1916: ‘Comrades in Khaki’, April/May 1916. Preface by Sir Jesse Boot. ‘Station Street, Nottingham, 1st May 1916. Men from Boots, It is with no little regret that we announce the discontinuance of this magazine. During many long eventful months its pages have kept us all in close and sympathetic communication with one another. Through it you have cheered us at home and filled us with pride, for your letters have had in them that simple spirit which has given assurance to our hopes, and that quiet restraint in the narration of duty done and dangers braved that has warmed our hears. We, for our part, have striven in return to express, however inadequately, something of the gratitude and admiration in which we hold your service. The magazine chronicles matters that are a present glory and will be an abiding inspiration to the nation, but its pages are more than a record of high events – they form a link of affection, a token of esteem, and a memorial of thankfulness. With reluctance its course is brought to an end, but the situation, both in the paper market and in the labour market, leaves no option, and this is the final issue of the magazine, in its present form, at least. Although circumstances have made it necessary to suspend the publication of the magazine which has served as a messenger between us, our interest in everything relating to you is unaffected, and our solicitude for your welfare is as deep as ever. We shall still long anxiously to hear from you, and we will use the best means at our disposal to communicate with you, and, further we shall wait proudly and patiently for that victorious issue our cause merits, and towards which you are even now so faithfully and successfully striving. Once again, accept our warmest good wishes. Yours faithfully, Jesse Boot and Florence Boot.’

Memorial location
Names on Memorial

W Aldridge - William Aldridge

L Allum - James Lawrence Allum

J Anderton - John Anderton

J R W Ashton - John Richard Wilmot Ashton

E C Bailey - E C Bailey

J W Baker - J W Baker

C Baxter - Charles Edward Baxter

W Baxter - William Baxter

C Beale - Charles Beale

D Bennett - Donald Bennett

F Bibby - Frederick Bibby

W Blake - W Blake

W A Blockley - W A Blockley

G Bostock - George Bostock

J Bowes - J Bowes

H W A Brewster - Henry William Arthur Brewster

D S Brodie - Duncan Smith Brodie

H Brown - H Brown

C H Brown - Charles Henry Brown

G F Bryant - George Frederick Percival Bryant

F G Burnell - Frederick George Burnell

A Butterworth - Albert Butterworth

H Carlton - Henry Carlton

J Chipp

A Christie - Alexander Christie

E J Clarke - Edward Joseph Clark

C Coates - Charles Arthur Coates

J Cole - James Lavender Cole

J S Cole - Jabez Samuel Cole

G K Coultas - Gerald Kemp Coultas

A P Cowdroy - Arthur Pemberton Cowdroy

J Coxon - Jack Coxon

K H Crowe - Kenneth Hardie Crowe

R B Cruikshank - Robert Bisset Cruickshank

A Curry - A Curry

W Dale - W Dale

A Davies - Arthur George Davies

J C Davies - J C Davies

F De Bell - Francis De Bell

P Downs - Percy Downs

C G Dunn - C G Dunn

N S Dye - Norman Sawford Dye

F A Elkins - Frederick Arthur Elkins

W T Emery - Walter Thomas Emery

G Eminson - G Eminson

A Emlyn - Archibald Carlisle Melbourne Emlyn

A L Fargher - Alfred Leo Fargher

A Feltham - A Feltham

A S Ferrett - Alan Samuel Ferrett

W Frost - William Frost

E Furden - Edward Foden

J E Gadsby - Joseph Edmund Gadsby

R Gale - R Gale

W Gould - William Gould

C F Greenfield - Charles Frederick Greenfield

A W Greenwood - Arthur Wilson Greenwood

L H Griffiths - L H Griffiths

W Grubb - Walter Grubb

H Gunstone - Harold Gunstone

C Hackman - C Hackman

J Hampton - J Hampton

F Harris - Frank Harris

C Harris - C Harris

W Harrold - Walter Philip Gordon Harrold

W Hartley - William Guest Hartley

J Hatt - James Garfield Hatt

G T Hatton - G T Hatton

H Hawkins - H Hawkins

E C Henson - Edwin Charles Henson

L Herrod - Leslie Ewart Herrod

W Heslop - William Heslop

L Hodgkinson

W Hodgson - William Hodgson

V Holley - Vernon Coates Hooley

T J Holliday - Trevor John Holliday

A Hough - Alfred Hough

J Howe - J Howe

W D Hoyle - William Donald Hoyle

A Hudson - Albert Hudson

W H Hughes - W H Hughes

R J G Hughes - Robert John Gordon Hughes

J W Hutchinson - John William Hutchinson

J G Inns - John George Bland Inns

F Jackson - Fred Jackson

A F H James - A F H James

C P Johnson - Charles Pratt Johnson

H Johnstone - H Johnstone

J T Jones - J T Jones

T H Jones - Thomas Henry Jones

H H Jones - H H Jones

W Jones - W Jones

V Jordan - V Jordan

A A Kelsey - A A Kelsey

S Kirkbride - Stanley Kirkbride

P Latham - Percy Latham

H Lee - H Lee

J Longton - John Henry Longton

T W Luke - Thomas William Luke

L A Luscombe - Louis Atkin Luscombe

J Macintosh - J Macintosh

W D Mackay - W D Mackay

H Mackinson - Harry Mackinson

S Major - S Major

H Malone - H Malone

A R Martin - Alfred Reginald Martin

W G McCaig - William George McCaig

L McWilliams - Lewis Edwin McWilliams

P T J Meacham - Percy Frederick Joseph Meacham

F Miller - Frederick Miller Miller

A Milne - Andrew Milne

D S Mitchell - D S Mitchell

G T Morris - G T Morris

C S Moult - Clifford Stanley Moult

E F Murray - Edward Frank Murray

D Murray - David Murray

F Murrell - F Murrell

W S Norris - Walter Stanley Norris

W North - William North

W Norwood - William James Norwood

W H Packwood - William Harry Packwood

H Palmer - H Palmer

W Pankhurst - William Pankhurst

W Pargeter - William Haden Pargeter

W H Parkin - William Harold Parkin

P Parr - Percy James Parr

F Parrish - Frank Edward Parish

W Parsons - W Parsons

R A Partridge - Ralph Allen Partridge

L Pedder - L Pedder

G H Pedley - George Herbert Pedley

H Petty - Horace Edward Petty

C W Phipps - Charles William Phipps

J Pollock - John Pollock

R Pomfret - Richard Pomfret

R A Pool - Robert A Pool

J Potter - J Potter

S Powell - S Powell

H Price - Harold Price

R A Quayle - Robert Arthur Quayle

P Reeve - Percy Reeve

W Rennie - William Rennie

W Riggs - W Riggs

W Roberts - W Roberts

J Roberts - J Roberts

E Robertshaw - E Robertshaw

A Sadler - Arthur Hewitt Sadler

T O Sanders - Thomas Osborne Sanders

J Sarfaty - Jacob Sarfaty

P Scoffin - Percy Scoffin

A Seward - Arthur Seward

G Shackleton - G Shackleton

R Slater - R Slater

E S Smith - Edgar Stanley Smith

A A Smith - A A Smith

E T Smith - E T Smith

P Speak - Peter Speak

A Spreachley - Alfred Spreckley

A Stanton - A Stanton

W J Stevens - W J Stevens

A C Stone - Albert Charles Stone

J P Stride - John Philip Stride

P F Swann - Percy Francis Swann

R W Tatum - R W Tatum

J H Taylor - J H Taylor

E N Thomas - Ernest William Noel Thomas

H T Thomas - H T Thomas

R Thompson - R Thompson

S Timms - Sidney Edward Timms

F Toplis - Frank Toplis

S T Treharne - Spencer Morris Treharne

S Tremins - S Tremins

T Turner - T Turner

R Tweddle - R Tweddle

T Uffendell - Thomas Uffendell

W Veck - William Charles Veck

H G Venables - Herbert George Venables

A Vince - Alfred James Vince

E Vint - E Vint

H C Walkden - Harold Callis Walkden

H G Walkden - Harold Gordon Walkden

W Wallace - W Wallace

F G Walters - Francis George Swann Walters

A Ward - A Ward

C D Ward - Charles Douglas Ward

G Ward - G Ward

J Warner - John Warner

E Watkins - Eric Watkins

J Weaver - J Weaver

F Wells - Francis Wells

R Whitaker - Robert Thomas Whitaker

A W Whitaker - A W Whitaker

E Whitehouse - E Whitehouse

J Whitworth - Joe Whitworth

A L B Widdowson - A L B Widdowson

A Wildgust - A Wildgust

H Wilkins - H Wilkins

C Williams - C Williams

D Wilson - D Wilson

W E Withey - Walter Edgar Withey

E Wright - Ernest Alfred Wright

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