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Radford - All Souls Parish and District Virtual

The junction of Ilkeston Road with Radford and Lenton Boulevards which is the heart of All Souls Parish Radford. Tradition has it that locals used to refer to this spot as 'Ation Corner' because the intersection was overlooked by a church (Salvation), a school (Education), a public house (Damnation) and a pawnbroker's shop [long since closed but formerly behind the green shuttering] (Temptation).

The City and County Memorial at the entrance to St Mary the Virgin, High Pavement (WMA27420), gives the number of casualties from the parish of All Souls as 255. This memorial has been compiled from scrutiny of Nottingham Evening Post obituary entries, the CWGC Debt of Honour Register and other military sources, census data and Birth, Marriage and Death indexes. It has been created because no memorial to men killed from the parish of All Souls Radford has been found. The following information is taken from the Southwell and Nottingham Church History Project website (Radford All Souls): 'The War Memorial to the fallen of World War One was planned to be an ebony plaque. The Boots Company offered £30 10s towards the costs. A short report in the local paper confirms that there was a parish memorial in the church: Nottingham Evening Post, Monday 6 July 1920, ‘A memorial to the fallen of Radford was unveiled in All Souls’ Church yesterday.’ (www.britishnewspaperarchive.co.uk). A Book of Remembrance and a Roll of Honour was also produced and a memorial service also took place on 4th July 1920 with music played by the Nottingham Military Band.' The Book of Remembrance and Roll of Honour have not been traced. The Second World War memorial comprised a side chapel dedicated to the fallen of both All Souls and Christ Church, a choir vestry and the refurbishment of the Children’s Corner; there was also a Book of Remembrance but this has not been traced. The decision to demolish All Souls Church was taken in 1979 ‘allowing a new multi-purpose building including a space for the new All Souls to rise from its ashes’. A photograph of All Souls taken in December 1978 is on Picture the Past website (reference, NTGM009469). Searches for All Souls parishioners killed during the Great War also discovered other Radford men whose names are absent from local community memorials and it would seem appropriate to include them here. David Nunn

Memorial location
Names on Memorial

William Ackroyd - William Ackroyd

Alexander Francis Alcock - Alexander Francis Alcock

A J Algernon-Cox - Albert James Algernon-Cox

Louis Allcock - Louis Allcock

Arthur Ernest Andrews - Arthur Ernest Andrews

Percival Edwin Archer - Percival Edwin Archer

Alfred Armstrong - Alfred Armstrong

George Thomas Armstrong - George Thomas Armstrong

Joseph Asher - Joseph Asher

John William Ball - James William Ball

John Ball - John Ball

Alexander Banks - Alexander Banks

Charles Barker - Charles Barker

Thomas Albert Barnes - Thomas Albert Barnes

John Claude Barson - Joseph Claude Barson

Robert Henry Beck - Robert Henry Beck

George Beck - George Beck

George Richard Beddow - George Richard Ginnis Beddow

Arthur Bee - Arthur Bee

John Bennett - John Bennett

Percy Berry - Percy Berry

Harry Bignall - Harry Bignall

William Billington - William Billington

Charles Blower - Charles Blower

Edgar Fell Bonney - Edgar Fell Bonney

Jack Bonser - Jack Bonser

William Henry Boseley - William Henry Boseley

Robert Bottomore - Robert Bottomore

Edward Bradbury - Edward Bradbury

Thomas Charles William Bradley - Thomas Charles William Bradley

Herrick Stanley Bratby - Herrick Stanley Bratby

Kenneth Bratby - Kenneth Kennington Bratby

Harry Breedon - Harry Breedon

John Brereton - John Brereton

Ernest Brewster - Ernest Brewster

George Brinklow - George Brinklow

Leonard Broadhurst - Leonard Broadhurst

Richard Bromhead - Richard Bromhead

John Stanley Brooke - John Stanley Brooke

Arthur Brownett - Arthur Brownett

Oliver Brownett - Oliver Brownett

Arthur Bucknall - Arthur Bucknall

Oliver Burton - Oliver Burton

Bernard Griffin Butler - Bernard Griffin Butler

Alexander Butters - Alexander Butters

Claude Butters - Claude Butters

Walter Caunt - Walter Caunt

Arthur Caunt - Arthur Caunt

Albert Edward Childs - Albert Edward Childs

John George Chubb - John George Chubb

Charles Whiting Clark - Charles Whiting Clark

William Henry Clayton - William Henry Clayton

Tom Clifford - Tom Clifford

Frederick Samuel Collins - Frederick Samuel Collins

Arthur Cook - Arthur Cook

John Cooke - John Cooke

George Cooper - George Cooper

John G Cordon - John Cordon

William Henry Cox - William Henry Cox

Clarence Frederick Stuart Cox - Clarence Frederick Stuart Cox

Charles Sedgewick Coxon - Charles Sedgwick Coxon

Charles Coy - Charles Edward Coy

William Croft - William Croft

Samuel Cropley - Samuel Cropley

Frank Cupitt - Frank Cupitt

Arthur William Dames - Arthur William Dames

Harry Leslie Dawes - Harry Leslie Dawes

Thomas William Derry - Thomas William Derry

Harold Dexter - Harold Dexter

Fred Pockering Dixon - Fred Pockering Dixon

George Doar - George Doar

George Dobbs - George Dobbs

Percy Dominic - Percy Dominic

Joseph Arthur Dooley - Joseph Arthur Dooley

Percy Downing - Percy Ewart Downing

Alfred C Dring - Alfred Clark Dring

John Dring - John Dring

Percy Duffield - Percy Duffield

Harry Dutton - Harry Dutton

William Edge - William Edge

Samuel Arthur Edge - Samuel Arthur Edge

George Edson - George Edward Edson

George Edwards - George Edwards

Paul Evans - Paul Evans

William Henry Evans - William Henry Evans

Arthur Eyre - Arthur Eyre

William Falconbridge - William Faulconbridge

Archibald Hawthorne Fanton - Archibald Hawthorn Fanton

William Fearn - William Fearn

George Henry Fell - George Henry Fell

John Ferguson - John Ferguson

George C Fidler - George Clarence Fidler

Ashton Fields - Ashton Fields

David Finch - David Finch

Samuel Finch - Samuel Finch

Edward Fines - Edward Fines

Louis Fish - Louis Fish

John William Fish - John William Fish

Alfred Charles Fletcher - Alfred Charles Fletcher

Arthur Fletcher - Arthur Fletcher

William Flewkes - William Flewkes

William Fox - William Fox

John Robert Frettingham - John Robert Frettingham

Albert Frier - Albert Frier

Wallace Gale - Wallace Gale

Leonard Garton - Leonard Garton

Charles Henry Gee - Charles Henry Gee

Walter Gill - Walter Gill

Ernest Raymond Goodman - Ernest Raymond Goodman

Frederick Goodwin - Frederick Goodwin

George Gospel - George Gospel

Joseph Goss - Joseph Goss

George William Grainger - George William Grainger

William Barber Green - William Barber Green

Henry Charles Green - Henry Charles Green

Harold Green - Harold Green

Arthur Hallam - Arthur Hallam

John Mayor Handley - John Mayor Handley

Henry Flint Hardy - Henry Flint Hardy

Herbert Hardy - Herbert Hardy

Norman Frank Hardy - Norman Frank Hardy

William C Hardy - William Christopher Hardy

Henry Hare - Henry Hare

Harold Harker - Harold Harker

Albert Harris - Albert Harris

W A Harrison - William Archibald Harrison

William Henry Harvey - William Henry Harvey

John Hawley - John Hawley

I Hazard - John Hazard

William Charles Heath - William Charles Heath

Horace Heath - Horace Heath

John Frederick Herod - John Frederick Herod

John Herrett - John Herrett

John Scotney Hewson - John Scotney Hewson

Ernest Hewson - Ernest Edward Hewson

Thomas Cliff Hickling - Thomas Cliff Hickling

Frederick William Hickson - Frederick William Hickson

James Augustus Hill - James Augustus Hill

John Henry Hinde - John Henry Hinde

Albert Hitchin - Albert Hitchin

Arthur Holden - Arthur Holden

Albert Ernest Holland - Albert Ernest Holland

George Holland - George Thomas Holland

Willie Holland - Willie Holland

John Hollis - John Hollis

Thomas Holmes - Thomas Holmes

Arthur Houghton - Arthur George Houghton

Edward Arthur Howitt - Edward Arthur Howitt

Jeremiah Hudson - Jeremiah Hudson

James Hughes - James Hughes

Arthur Hughes - Arthur Hughes

Thomas Hulme - Thomas Hulme

Edmund Hunt - Edmund Cecil Hunt

William Hurt - William Hurt

Walter James Jackson - Walter James Jackson

Ernest James - Ernest James

John Jarvis - John Jarvis

Albert James Johnson - Albert James Johnson

Ernest Johnson - Ernest Johnson

Wilfred Johnson - Wilfred Johnson

Dick Keeling - Dick Keeling

William Alfred Kettle - William Alfred Kettle

Percy Keward - Percy Keward

George Edward King - George Edward King

John King - John King

Thomas King - Thomas King

Louis King - Louis King

Harry Knight - Harry Knight

Wiliam C Knight - William Charles Knight

John Henry Lawton - John Henry Lawton

George Lee - George Lee

William Lee - William Lee

Gustavus Lenglet - Gustavus Adolphus Lenglet

Charles Henry Lewis - Charles Henry Lewis

Charles Litchfield - Charles Ernest Litchfield

Albert Herbert Lodge - Alfred Herbert Lodge

Samuel Henry Lokes - Samuel Henry Lokes

Harry Long - Harry Long

Samuel Longdon - Samuel Longdon

James Mackin - James Mackin

Harold Malbon - Harold Malbon

Ernest Marriott - Ernest Marriott

Harry Martin - Harry Martin

William Martin - William Martin

Alfred Edward Mason - Albert Edward Mason

Joseph Matthews - Joseph Matthews

Tom Maxfield - Tom Maxfield

James Benjamin May - James Benjamin May

Fred May - Fred May

Samuel McClure - Samuel McClure

John William Meakin - John William Meakin

Charles Mellows - Charles William Mellows

Charles V Mercer - Charles Vernon Mercer

Harold Mercer - Harold Mercer

Philip Monsheimer - Philip Monsheimer

James Moore - James Moore

Dennis Morland - Dennis Morland

Henry Arnold Morley - Henry Arnold Morley

Thomas William Morley - Thomas William Morley

John Morton - John Morton

Arthur Murcott - Arthur Murcott

Albert Naylor - Albert Naylor

George Needham - George Needham

George Edmund Nix - George Edmund Nix

William Nix - William Nix

Edward Noseley - Edward Daniel Noseley

William Nowell - William Nowell

Harold Nuttall - Harold Nuttall

James Nuttall - James Nuttall

Charles Oakley - Charles Oakley

Arthur Oldfield - Arthur Oldfield

John Oldfield - John Oldfield

Edward Onions - Edward Charles Onions

Jack Oscroft - Jack Oscroft

William Oscroft - William Oscroft

Emily Jane Page - Emily Jane Page

Jack Palmer - John William Arthur Palmer

William Parsons - William Parsons

Walter Peach - Walter Peach

Richard Robert Pearce - Richard Robert Pearce

Thomas Pearson - Thomas Pearson

Edith Perkins - Edith Perkins

Frederick Perkins - Frederick Bonner Perkins

John William Pett - John William Pett

Alfred Phillimore - Alfred Phillimore

Frank Phillis - Frank Phillis

Wallace Pike - Wallace Pike

Joseph Pilkington - Joseph Pilkington

John Thomas Pitt - John Thomas Pitt

Thomas Potter - Thomas Potter

George Herbert Powell - George Herbert Powell

Albert William Price - Albert William Price

Frank Priestley - Frank Priestley

Frank Punter - Frank Punter

George Pyatt - George Pyatt

Albert Raynes - Albert Brainerd Raynes

Isaac Hargreaves Raynor - Isaac Hargreaves Raynor

Henry Raynor - Henry Shipman Raynor

Harry Fitzwater Read - Harry Fitzwalter Read

Albert Redgate - Albert Redgate

Joseph Oswald Reed - James Oswald Reed

Fred Richardson - Fred Richardson

Isaac Richardson - Isaac Richardson

Harold J Richardson - Harold Joseph Richardson

Cecil Rimmington - Cecil Rimmington

Thomas Charles Robinson - Thomas Charles Robinson

George Henry Rogers - George Henry Rogers

James Rooney - James Rooney

Sidney Walter Roworth - Sidney Walter Roworth

Leonard Salisbury - Leonard Clifford Salisbury

George Sanday - George Sanday

Henry Sansom - Harold Sansom

Arthur Saunders - Arthur Saunders

Frank Saunders - Francis Frederick Saunders

Herbert Edward Saunders - Herbert Edward Saunders

Albert Saunders - Albert Saunders

John Saunders - John Saunders

Edward Savage - Edward James Savage

Harry Savage - Harry Savage

Fred Scott - Fred Scott

Thomas H Searston - Thomas Henry Searston

George Henry Seymour - George Henry Seymour

John William Sharman - John William Sharman

William Alfred Sharpe - William Alfred Sharp

Ernest Arthur Shaw - Ernest Arthur Shaw

Archibald Shaw - Archibald Smith Shaw

Charles Henry Shaw - Charles Henry Shaw

George Edward Shelton - George Edward Shelton

John Robert Shelton - John Robert Shelton

Wallace Sheraton - Wallace Sheraton

Sherwin Harold Shipston - Sherwin Harold Shipston

Arthur Sibbring - Arthur Sibbring

Leonard Simmins - Leonard Simmins

Henry Simpson - Henry Simpson

William Sims - William Sims

William Skerritt - William Skerritt

John Slack - John Slack

Robert Smallwood - Robert William Smallwood

Frederick Smith - Frederick Smith

Harry Smith - Harry Smith

Samuel Smith - Samuel Smith

John Smith - John Smith

Harry Smith - Henry Smith

Edward Smith - Edward Smith

Frederick Gilbert Smith - Frederick Gilbert Smith

Harold Smith - Harold Smith

John Smith - John Smith

Frederick Smith - Frederick Smith

James Snow - James Reginald Henry Snow

George Starbuck - George Starbuck

William Staton - William Thomas Staton

George Stevenson - George Stevenson

Henry Stevenson - Henry Stevenson

Clarence Stocks - Clarence Leslie Stocks

Walter Stokes - Walter Stokes

Albert Ernest Stratton - Arthur Ernest Stratton

Ernest Straw - Ernest Straw

William Streets - William Streets

Ernest Strouther - Ernest James Strouther

Henry Stubbins - Henry John Stubbins

Joseph Sweet - Joseph Charles Sweet

Harry Swift - Harry Swift

Bernard Taylor - Bernard Taylor

John Taylor - John Taylor

Thomas Taylor - Thomas Taylor

John Henry Tempest - John Henry Tempest

William Bernard Terzza - William Bernard Terzza

Benjamin Thresher - Benjamin Thresher

Arnold Tomlinson - Arnold Tomlinson

Wallace Tomlinson - Wallace Fletcher Tomlinson

Frank Godber Tomlinson - Frank Godber Tomlinson

James Tomlinson - James Tomlinson

Arthur Toplis - Arthur Toplis

William Towle - William Towle

George Alfred Treece - George Alfred Treece

Joseph Truswell - Joseph Truswell

Tom Truswell - Tom Truswell

Claude Turier - Claude Turier

Frank Turner - Frank Turner

Herbert Turton - Herbert Turton

George Machin Twissell - George Machin Twissell

George Varney - George Varney

Thomas Voce - Thomas Voce

Frank Wagstaff - Frank Wagstaff

Herbert Wakefield - Herbert William Harold Wakefield

G H Wallace - George Henry Wallace

Edwin Walters - Edwin John Walters

Charles William Ward - Charles William Ward

Samuel Ward - Samuel Ward

William Leslie Ward - William Leslie Ward

William Charles Warriner - William Charles Warriner

William Charles Warriner

Fred Watchorn - Fred Watchorn

Herbert Watkin - Herbert Watkin

George Watson - George Watson

Thomas Watson - Thomas Watson

George Watson - George Watson

Albert Watts - Albert Harry Watts

John Addems Webb - John Addems Webb

Walter White - Walter White

John Joseph Whitehead - John Joseph Whitehead

Edward Whyman - Edward Austin Whyman

Samuel Wightman - Samuel Wightman

Harry Wilkinson - Harry Wilkinson

Edward Williamson - Edward Williamson

Leonard Wilson - Leonard Wilson

James B Wilson - James Barker Wilson

Joseph Wood - Joseph Wood

John Frederick Wood - John Frederick Wood

Alfred Woodward - Alfred Woodward

Thomas Woodward - Thomas Woodward

Charles Woodward - Charles Woodward

John Henry Glen Woodward - John Henry Glen Woodward

Joshua Woolley - Joshua Woolley

Thomas Woolley - Thomas Henry Woolley

Charles Woolley - Charles Woolley

Henry A Woolley - Henry Alexander Woolley

Frank Goodwin Wootton - Frank Goodwin Wootton

Harry Wright - Harry Wright

Joseph Wright - Joseph Wright

Richard Wright - Richard Wright

John Wright - John Wright

John Denham Wynn - John Denham Wynn

  • The junction of Ilkeston Road with Radford and Lenton Boulevards which is the heart of All Souls Parish Radford. Tradition has it that locals used to refer to this spot as 'Ation Corner' because the intersection was overlooked by a church (Salvation), a school (Education), a public house (Damnation) and a pawnbroker's shop [long since closed but formerly behind the green shuttering] (Temptation).
    Photo David Nunn - The junction of Ilkeston Road with Radford and Lenton Boulevards which is the heart of All Souls Parish Radford. Tradition has it that locals used to refer to this spot as 'Ation Corner' because the intersection was overlooked by a church (Salvation), a school (Education), a public house (Damnation) and a pawnbroker's shop [long since closed but formerly behind the green shuttering] (Temptation).