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Held at Mansfield District Council Offices on Chesterfield Road, Mansfield. Photos by Carol Malone

Great War fatalities from the Mansfield area, whose names do not appear on local memorials, are commemorated here. This section has been compiled from a Memorial Book held by Mansfield District Council in addition to scrutiny of local newspapers, the CWGC Debt of Honour Register and other military sources, census data and Birth, Marriage and Death indexes.

Memorial location
Names on Memorial

Harry Abbott - Harry Abbott

W Abthorpe - William Abthorpe

Edward Allcock - Edward Allcock

Ernest Allen - Ernest Allen

Harold Allen - Harold Allen

Frederick Allsopp - Frederick Allsopp

W H Allsopp - William Henry Allsopp

I Alton - Isaac Alton

C Ashley - Colin Ashley

John E Attenborough - John Enoch Attenborough

S Ayling - Sydney Ayling

S Bagnall - Samuel Bagnall

L Bagshaw - Leonard Bagshaw

Harry Baguley - Harry Baguley

G Bailey - George Bailey

Joseph E Bailey - Joseph Edward Bailey

William Ball - William Ball

C T Ball - Charles Thomas Ball

Spencer Ball - Spencer Ball

Alfred Edward Banton - Alfred Edward Banton

William Barnes - William Barnes

Thomas Barrett - Thomas Barrett

W Barringer - William Barringer

H Barton - Harry Barton

Jamie Bateman - Jamie Bateman

F Belcher - Frederick William Belcher

William H Bell - William Henry Bell

J Bellaby - John Bellaby

C Bennett - Charles Bennett

G Bennett - George Bennett

William Clowes Beswick - William Clowes Beswick

J A Betts - James Alexander Betts

James Biggins - James Biggins

J B Bilson - John Bradburn Bilson

T H Binch - Thomas Henry Binch

P Binfield - Percy Binfield

Herbert North Bingham - Herbert North Bingham

Ernest Bingley - Ernest Bingley

Harry Bingley - Harry Bingley

R C Birch - Robert Charles Birch

C B Birch - Charles Burgin Birch

William Bircumshaw - William Bircumshaw

Charles Bird - Charles Bird

A Bird - Albert Bird

E Blackburn - Ernest Blackburn

Harry Blinkhorn - Harry Blinkhorn

J Blount - John Blount

Harold Blud - Harold Blud

Abraham Booth - Abraham Booth

John Booth - John Booth

G A Booth - George Arthur Booth

T G Bower - Thomas Geoffrey Bower

C Bowmar - Carson Bowmar

Arthur Bowskill - Arthur William Bowskill

S C Bradder - Sidney Charles Bradder

W Bradley - Walter Bradley

A E Bramley - Arthur Edward Bramley

Harry Brian Bramley - Harry Brian Bramley

W Bromley - William Bromley

Ernest Brown - Ernest Brown

Ernest Brownley - Ernest Brownley

Horace Alfred Brownlow - Horace Alfred Brownlow

J T Buckingham - John Thomas Buckingham

F Buckley - Frederick Buckley

J A Bullas - Joe Alfred Bullas

Frederick Bundy - Frederick Bundy

E Burns - Edward Burns

William Buxton - William Buxton

Isaiah Byfield - Isaiah Byfield

William H Caddy - William Henry Caddy

W Cantrill - William Cantrill

S Carlin - Sam William Carlin

Richard Carter - Richard Harold Carter

P Cartwright - Percy Cartwright

J Cawley - John Cawley

A Chadwick - Albany Chadwick

John G (Harry) Chantry - John G (Harry) Chantry

G Chapman - George Chapman

John Charlesworth - John Charlesworth

J Charlton - Joseph Mellor Charlton

Leslie Chisholme - Leslie Chisholm

Frank Clark - Frank Clark

George H Clarke - George Clarke

S Clarke - Sydney Clarke

G W Clayton - George William Clayton

J Clifford - Joseph Clifford

William Coggan - William Coggan

Horace Coleman - Horace Coleman

Frederick J Coles - Frederick James Coles

George Collins - George Collins

Frank Commons - Frank Commons

Alexander Connolly - Alexander Connolly

Edwin Cook - Edwin Cook

J Cooke - John Cooke

George H Cooling - George Herbert Cooling

Edward Cooper - Edward Cooper

Walter Corah - Walter Corah

Walter Corah - Walter Corah

Patrick J Corless - Patrick John Corless

P N Coupe - Percy Noel Coupe

Arthur Cox - Arthur Cox

Joseph Croson - Joseph Croson

T Crowley - Thomas Crowley

Herbert Cumberland - Herbert Cumberland

F Cuttris - Frederick Cuttris

George Daft - George Daft

Arthur Darby - Arthur Darby

Henry George Davies - Henry George Davies

G T Davis - George Thomas Davis

F T Day - Frank Twin Day

William Day - William Day

Ernest Daykin - Ernest Daykin

Daniel Michael Deering - Daniel Michael Deering

Edward Cecil Dickens - Edward Cecil Dickens

Richard Dillon - Richard Dillon

Samuel Dodd - Samuel Dodd

John Doncaster - John Doncaster

Samuel Dovner - Samuel Dovner

John A Draycott - John Archie Draycott

William Drinkwater - William Edward Drinkwater

D Edger - Douglas Edger

B Edwards - Benjamin Edwards

Frederick Edwards - Frederick James Edwards

Hiram Elliott - Hiram Elliott

H Ellis - Harry Ellis

F H Evans - Francis Harry Evans

Albert Eyley - Albert Eyley

Donald Arthur Featherstone - Donald Arthur Featherstone

R Fell - Robert Fell

J W Fletcher - John William Fletcher

George E Fletcher - George Edward Fletcher

Albert E Flint - Albert Ernest Flint

James Foster - James Foster

W Freckingham - William Freckingham

George W Freeman - George William Freeman

Harry Frost - Harry Frost

W Garbett - William Garbett

William Garbutt - William Garbutt

H Garfield - Harold Garfield

J Garfield - John Garfield

Edward Garland - Edward Garland

T Gascoigne - T Gascoigne

F W Gaunt - Frederick William Gaunt

D E Gee - Daniel Evelyn Gee

Arthur Geeves - Arthur Geeves

George Herbert Gill - George Herbert Gill

William Gill - William Gill

William A Ginnever - William Albert Ginnever

A Goacher - Arthur Goacher

A Godley - Arthur Godley

Harold Scott HS Goodman - Harold Scott Goodman

John Green - John Green

Arthur Green - Arthur Green

Walter Green - Walter Green

George F Green - George Frederick Green

W Gregory - Walter Gregory

E Grice - Ernest Grice

Ernest Griffin - Ernest Griffin

S H Grundy - Samuel Henry Grundy

H Guilor - Harold Guilor

Samuel Guy - Samuel Guy

Bertie Hackett - Bertie Hackett

John Hackett - John Hackett

William Hall - William Hall

William Hall - William Hall

L Hallam - Leonard Hallam

W T Hallam - William Thomas Hallam

John William Hallard - John William Hallard

J Hanrahan - John Hanrahan

John (Jack) Hardy - John Hardy

Reginald Harford - Reginald Thomas Harford

George Hutson Harrison - George Hutson Harrison

Frederick Harrison - Frederick Harrison

G Harrison - George Harrison

R Haslem - Robert Haslem

T J Haynes - Thomas James Haynes

John W Haynes - John William Haynes

G H Hays - George Henry Hays

Tom Hayton - Tom Hayton

Frank Haywood - Francis Haywood

C Haywood - Claude Haywood

Meynell Heckingbottom - Meynell Hickinbottom

Ernest Hellwell - Ernest Hellwell

Thomas Henderson - Thomas Henderson

W Henshaw - William Henshaw

W Henshaw - William Henshaw

Thomas Henshaw - Thomas Henshaw

R Hepworth - Richard Hepworth

A Hewitt - Alfred Hewitt

W Hewkin - Walter Hewkin

John Hinchcliffe - John Hinchcliffe

William Hodson - William Hodson

George W Hogg - George William Hogg

B D Hogg - Benjamin Disraelie Hogg

T Holder - T Holder

H Hollingworth - Harold Hollingworth

William A Hollingworth - William Arthur Hollingworth

J V Hooman - James Victor Hooman

A Hooper - Albert Hooper

E W Horton - Ernest William Horton

James H Howitt - James Henry Howitt

T Humphrey - Thomas Humphrey

T Humphries - Thomas Humphrey

H Hunt - Horace Hunt

J R Hurt - John Robert Hurt

James Hutton - James Hutton

J R Jackson - John Richard Jackson

G Jacobs - Graham Jacobs

L James - L James

W Jarvis - William Jarvis

S Jeffries - Sydney Jeffries

G Jinks - George Irvine Jinks

Andrew Job - Andrew Job

William Johnson - William Henry Johnson

A Johnson - Alfred Johnson

Joe Johnson - Joe Johnson

John Johnson - John Johnson

Henry Johnson - Henry Johnson

W Jones - W Jones

Henry (Harry) Jones - Henry (Harry) Jones

Walter Jones - Walter Jones

J W Judge - Joseph Walter Judge

Harold E Kent - Harold Edward Kent

A Kerry - Arthur Kerry

Arthur Alfred Ketley - Arthur Alfred Ketley

William Henry Key - William Henry Key

Harold Kirk - Harold Kirk

M Kissane - Maurice Kissane

E Kitchen - Edward Kitchen

Albert Eugene Lambert - Albert Eugene Lambert

A Lees - Arthur Lees

J Lewis - Joseph Lewis

John Pilkington Lindley - Joseph Pilkington Lindley

Arthur Lowe - Arthur Lowe

Alfred Lowe - Alfred Lowe

Samuel Lucas - Samuel Lucas

J Macdonald - John Macdonald

John Mahoney - John Mahoney

S Mallen - Soloman Mallen

Malthouse F J G Malthouse - Francis John G Malthouse

C H Mansbridge - Charles Henry Mansbridge

George Marsden - George Marsden

P S Marsh - Percy Stack Marsh

William Henry Martin - William Henry Martin

Percy Maxfield - Percy Maxfield

George E Mayes - George Emmanuel Mayes

T McDonald - Thomas McDonald

R McLachlan - Robert McLachlan

A V McQuin - Archibald Vernon McQuin

E Meller - Ernest Meller

William Henry Mellors - William Henry Mellors

Arthur Millership - Archie Millership

James Millott - James Ernest Millott

Charles F Moran - Charles Frederick Moran

Arthur Morley - Arthur Morley

Arthur Morris - Arthur Morris

R Morris - Reuben Morris

John Morritt - John Morritt

H Mosley - Harold Mosley

Edwin Munks - Edwin Munks

P Nash - Percy Nash

H Neale - Horace Neale

T Needham - Thomas Needham

W Needham - William Needham

E Needham - E Needham

B W T Newberry - Bertie Wilford Thomas Newberry

J Nicholson - John Nicholson

Ernest S Noble - Ernest Sims Noble

W Norton - William Norton

James O'Hanlon - James O'Hanlon

George Osbon - George Robert Osbon

Fred Oxby - Fred Oxby

W M Parkes - William Parkes

F W Paulger - Frederick William Paulger

Harry Peacock - Harry Peacock

H Pearson - Herbert Pearson

Sydney Peat - Sydney Peat

Charles A Perry - Charles Anker Perry

E Pinches - Edwin Pinches

W Plant - William Plant

John Henry Plumb - John Henry Plumb

W Pointon - Wilfred Pointon

William Pope - William Pope

J A Powell - John Amos Powell

W H Poxen - William Henry Poxen

William Price - William Price

J Priest - James Priest

James Pryor - James Pryor

Edward Radage - Edward Radage

A Radford - Arthur Radford

William Edward Radford - William Edward Radford

Joseph Ramsden - Joseph Ramsden

R Ramsden - Richard Ramsden

Ernest Randall - Ernest Randall

C Ratcliffe - Cecil Ratcliffe

Thomas Raven - Thomas Raven

J W Rawlins - John Willie Rawlins

Allen Redfern - Allen Redfern

Frank Redmile - Frank Redmile

Samuel Renshaw - Samuel Renshaw

W Renshaw - William Renshaw

Harold Renshaw - Harold Renshaw

Leonard Reynolds - Leonard Reynolds

Ernest D Robinson - Ernest Robinson

E A Rogers - Ernest Arthur Rogers

F G Rose - Francis George Rose

Frank Muxton Rowe - Frank Muxton Rowe

Jess George Salmon - Jess George Salmon

C A Sanders - Christopher Allen Sanders

Frank K Sanderson - Frank Kennady Sanderson

D Saunderson - David Saunderson

B J Savage - Benjamin James Savage

W Schofield - William Schofield

Thomas Scott - Thomas Scott

R Seddon - Robert Seddon

Francis Shakespeare - Francis Shakespeare

J H Sharp - John Henry Sharp

Nellie Shayler - Nellie Elizabeth Shayler

Samuel Shelton - Sam Shelton

W Sherratt - William Sherratt

C Shields - Charles Shields

Harry Shooter - Harry Shooter

Thomas Siddon - Thomas Siddon

David Leonard Simpson - David Leonard Simpson

G W Siven - George William Siven

W Slack - William Slack

John H Slack - John Harold Slack

Percy Slack - Percy Slack

Edgar Slack - Edgar Slack

E Slaney - Eli Slaney

C H Slater - Charles Henry Slater

L A Slatter - Lionel Arthur Slatter

Lawrence Smith - Lawrence Smith

Stanley Smith - Stanley Smith

Harry Smith - Harry Smith

Samuel Smith - Samuel Smith

Tom Smith - Tom Smith

Joseph Smith - Joseph Smith

Walter Smith - Walter Smith

William Smith - William Smith

John G Smithurst - John George Smithurst

L Squires - Levi Squires

Matthew Staniland - Matthew Staniland

T Stansbury - Thomas Stansbury

F States - Fred States

Albert Stevenson - Albert Stevenson

C Edward Stocks - C Edward Stocks

Walter Stone - Walter Stone

H Stonehouse - Harold Stonehouse

Stephen Storey - Stephen Storey

James William Storr - James William Storr

A R Streets - Arthur Robert Streets

Wilfred H Swann - Wilfred Henry Swann

Charles Tarrant - Charles Tarrant

George Tasker - George Tasker

Joseph William Taylor - Joseph William Taylor

George W Taylor - George William Taylor

W Taylor - Willie Taylor

A W Taylor - Arthur William Taylor

J W Taylor - John Willie Taylor

C W Taylor - Charles Wilfred Taylor

W H Timmons - William Herbert Timmons

John Topley - John Topley

Harry Trenam - Herbert Trenam

Ernest Trolley - Ernest Trolley

Arthur Philip Hamilton Trueman - Arthur Philip Hamilton Trueman

Stanley John Twyning - Stanley John Twyning

G Wade - George Wade

R Wade - Richard Wade

Walter D P Wale - Walter David Purvis Wale

J Walker - James Walker

V Walker - Vincent Walker

W Walker - William Walker

Harold Walker - Harold Walker

Percy Walker - Percy Walker

T W Ward - Thomas William Ward

D G Wardman - Donald Grant Wardman

W Warner - Wilfred Warner

E Warrior - Edward Warrior

Thomas Waterfield - Thomas Waterfield

J W Watson - John William Watson

A V Watts - Albert Victor Watts

W W West - William Walter West

Frederick George West - Frederick George West

George H West - George Henry West

S Weston - Samuel Weston

Charles Wetton - Charles Wetton

B Wharmby - Benjamin Wharmby

John F C Wheeldon - John Flint Wheeldon

Joseph White - Joseph White

Jim L White - Jim Lindley White

Henry E Whitehead - Henry Earl Whitehead

Arthur Whiting - Arthur Whiting

W Whittleston - Willie Whittleston

F Whitton - Francis Henry Whitton

H Whyman - Harry Whyman

Charles Widdison - Charles George Bullivant Widdison

William Henry Wigglesworth - William Henry Wigglesworth

Albert Athley Wilderspin - Albert Arthur Wilderspin

Arthur Wilford - Arthur Wilford

George Wilkinson - George Wilkinson

A Wilkinson - Albert Wilkinson

A L Willis - Arthur Leonard Willis

Ernest Wilson - Ernest Wilson

George Thomas Wilson - George Thomas Wilson

Arthur Wilson - Arthur Wilson

Walter Wilson - Walter Wilson

H W Winfield - Herbert William Winfield

C E Winter - Charles Edward Winter

J Winterbottom - James Winterbottom

James Winterbottom - James Winterbottom

Joseh Wood - Joseph Wood

Joshua Wood - Joshua Wood

Albert Woodhead - Albert Woodhead

J W Wootton - John Wilfrid Wootton

William Worsley - William Worsley

Herbert Wright - Herbert Wright

Joseph Edward Wright - Joseph Edward Wright

John Wright - John Wright

G H Young - George Herbert Young

  • Held at Mansfield District Council Offices on Chesterfield Road, Mansfield. Photos by Carol Malone
    Memorial Book - Held at Mansfield District Council Offices on Chesterfield Road, Mansfield. Photos by Carol Malone
  • MDC Office
    Memorial Book - MDC Office
  • Memorial Book and VC panel
    Memorial Book - Memorial Book and VC panel