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The Major Oak is between 800 and 1000 years old and has local folklore associations with Robin Hood. Located in the middle of Sherwood Forest, the tree is one of Nottinghamshire's most famous landmarks. It appears here as a symbolic tribute to the county's Great War dead not commemorated elsewhere.

Commemorated here are Nottinghamshire Great War fatalities from outside the city of Nottingham whose names do not appear on any other memorials across the county or on this website. David Nunn

Memorial location
Names on Memorial

W Ablewhite - William Ablewhite

Frank Adams - Frank Adams

Ernest Adkin - Ernest Adkin

A Alworthy - Alfred Alworthy

H Andrews - Herbert Andrews

J C E Arnold - Joseph Linton Edward Arnold

Allan Oliver Atkin - Allan Oliver Atkin

F W Atkinson - Frederick William Atkinson

Fred Bailey - Fred Bailey

J H Baker - James Henry Baker

David Ball - David Ball

John Barker - John Barker

John Barker - John Barker

C J Barnett - Cyril James Barnett

S J Barratt - Sidney Jackson Barratt

F E Barratt - Frank Eric Barratt

W A Bealby - William Arthur Bealby

R G Beat - Ronald Griffiths Beat

J W Bell - John William Bell

J W Bell - John William Bell

R G Bennett - Robert Granville Bennett

Edward Berry - Edward Berry

W Betts - William Betts

D Birch - David Birch

H G Blackett - Henry George Blackett

W Bloor - William Bloor

A Boddam-Whetham - Arthur Courtney Boddam-Whetham

Cecil Arthur Reginald Bolton - Cecil Arthur Reginald Bolton

James Bonner - James Bonner

C G Bonnett - Charles George Bonnett

Harry Booth - Harry Booth

Wilfrid Eric Booth - Wilfrid Eric Booth

J Bow - John Bow

Willis Brown - Willis Brown

Harry Brown - Harry Brown

Fred Brown - Fred Brown

Ronald Brown - Ronald Brown

Samuel Bullock - Samuel Bullock

A P Bullock - Austin Percival Bullock

G A V Butt - Geoffrey Arthur Vernon Butt

C W Carr - Charles Watson Carr

Frederick Arthur Carter - Frederick Arthur Carter

C C Chalk - Christopher Charles Chalk

Thomas Henry Chapman - Thomas Henry Chapman

R D Chrystal - Robert Dalgarno Chrystal

Mansfield Clarke - Mansfield Wiliam Clarke

S W Clements - Sydney William Clements

C Collin - Charles Collin

Horace Cook - Horace Cook

J R Cook - John Robinson Cook

George Henry Cooke - George Henry Cooke

Frank Coop - Frank Coop

Samuel Cooper - Samuel Cooper

R W Coulthard - Robert Walker Coulthard

F V Coupland Smith - Frederick Vyvyan Coupland-Smith

Bertie Cox - Bertie Cox

William Crooks - William Crooks

William Cutts - William Cutts

Alec Dawson - Alec Dawson

Frank Devereux - Frank Devereux

J W Dodson - John William Dodson

Archibald Eley - Archibald Eley

W Farr - W Farr

J J Faulkner - John Jessop Faulkner

J G Fernley - James Garfield Fernley

Arthur Fisher - Arthur Fisher

William Fisher - William Fisher

William Fisher - William Fisher

C W H Flatters - Charles William Henry Flatters

Bertram Fletcher - Bertram Fletcher

E J Ford - Ernest John Ford

Hal Forster - Hal Forster

John Foster - John Foster

E A Foulkes - Edward Arthur Foulkes

W H Froggett - William Henry Froggett

W G Gall - William Goldie Gall

Ernest Gamwell - Ernest Gamwell

Walter Gamwell - Walter Gamwell

W Gant - Wilfred Gant

E Goddard - Ernest Goddard

J Goddard - Joseph Goddard

J Goodyear - Joseph Goodyear

R M Grandige - Robert Matthew Grandidge

J F Green - John Frederick Green

Leonard Green - Leonard Green

Robert Courtney Green - Robert Courtney Green

J H Gregory - John Hall Gregory

J Gregory - John Gregory

A Gumley - Arthur Gumley

Harry Gunn - Harry Gunn

F A Hallam - Frederick Arthur Hallam

W S Harpham - William Stanley Harpham

R V Harris - Reginald Vasey Harris

E W Harrison - Ernest William Harrison

C F Haywood - Charles Frank Haywood

J Hempshall - Joseph Hempshall

George Hempshall - George Hempshall

W Hemstock - William Alfred Hemstock

J Hennessey - John Hennessey

E Henton - Edwin Henton

Alice Hicklin - Alice Ethel Hicklin

O J Hicks - Owen John Hicks

B Hitchen - Bertie Hitchen

John W Holmes - John William Holmes

Arthur Hope - Arthur Hope

Joseph Hopkins - Joseph Hopkins

Harry Howett - Harry Howett

C S Hudson - Charles Sowter Hudson

E Hudson - Edmund Hudson

H A Hughes - Harry Alfred Hughes

T A Hunt - Thomas Ackroyd Hunt

Seth Hurt - Seth Hurt

C F Ingamells - Charles Frederick Ingamells

G E H Ingram - Geoffrey Edward Harvey Ingram

J Jacques - James Jacques

O W James - Oswald Whyndham James

P J Jobe - Patrick John Jobe

George Henry Johnson - George Henry Johnson

Joseph Arthur Jordan - Joseph Arthur Jordan

Harold Kaye - Harold Kaye

J L Kitchen - James Lewis Kitchen

Lewis Knight - Lewis Knight

Ernest Knott - Ernest Knott

George Lamb - George Lamb

Fred Lambert - Fred Lambert

Louis Bernard Law - Louis Bernard Law

William Lewis - William Lewis

Albert Lineham - Albert Lineham

T Lound - Thomas Lound

H B Lowe - Harry Bernard Lowe

E Mackinson - Elisha Mackinson

Alfred Mann - Alfred Mann

G Mansell - George Mansell

T H Masding - Thomas Henry Masding

F Massey - Frank Massey

A G Masters - Alfred Guy Masters

M McLean - Malcolm McLean

T G Mellish - Thomas George Mellish

J F Mellors - John Frederick Mellors

Elijah George Mendham - Elijah George Mendham

Clifford Miller - Clifford Miller

Maclaren Miller - Maclaren Miller

W V Miller - William Vincent Miller

C Mirfin - Colin Mirfin

R W Mitchell - Robert William Mitchell

G Moakes - George Moakes

James Jackson Mollison - James Jackson Mollison

G E B Moore - George E B Moore

G W Moorley - George William Moorley

G Morley - George Morley

Joseph William Morris - Joseph William Morris

Harold Moulds - Harold Moulds

J S Newman - James Sidney Newman

Wilfred Norman - Wilfred Norman

Henry Nuttall - Henry Nuttall

F J Orr - Frank James Orr

J F Orr - John Francis Orr

C R Orr - Charles Robert Orr

A Pacey - Arthur Pacey

W Pacey - William Pacey

Charles Frederick Paine - Charles Frederick Paine

W Parkin - Walter Parkin

E R Parry - Edward Richard Parry

Ralph Pattison - Ralph Pattison

Joseph Pearson - Joseph Pearson

J H Prentice - John Henry Prentice

Frederick Neale Reid - Frederick Neale Reid

William Richardson - William Richardson

R Riley - Richard Riley

C Ross - Cecil Ross

F Rudd - Frank Rudd

Herbert Rudd - Herbert Rudd

T W Rushby - Thomas William Rushby

Fred Sawyer - Fred Sawyer

J C Schingh - Joseph Cuthbert Emery Schingh

P Seabright - Percy Sebright

T Senescall - T Senescall

G E Sensicall - George Edwin Sensicall

Albert Sharp - Albert Sharp

Cecil Shaw - Cecil Shaw

W Shaxon - William Shaxon

C Sheppard - Charles Leonard Sheppard

A Short - Arthur Short

William Bennett Sissins - William Bennett Sissins

G R SIssons - George Reginald Sissons

James Slater - James Slater

H M Smedley - Harry Mortimer Smedley

James Smith - James Smith

William Smith - William Smith

W E E Smith - William Edward Evan Smith

John William Smith - John William Smith

Francis John Geoffrey Smith - Francis John Geoffrey Smith

S Snell - Sydney Snell

W A Starbuck - Wallace Alfred Starbuck

W Steele - W Steele

C M Steeper - Charles Minnett Steeper

T Stephenson - Thomas Stephenson

Arthur Stevens - Arthur Stevens

Henry Stevens - Henry Stevens

Jesse Stevens - Jesse Stevens

W B Stothard - William Burton Stothard

H J Stow - Henry John Stow

R Swallow - Rowland Swallow

George Henry Sweet - George Henry Sweet

A Taylor - A Taylor

F B H Taylor - Ferdinand Bertram Hallam Taylor

William Taylor - William Taylor

John Taylor - John Taylor

C E Taylor - Charles Edwin Taylor

Joseph Thomas - Joseph Thomas

J S Thompson - James Smalley Thompson

John Thompson - John Thompson

Louis Thornley - Louis Thornley

J T Tilley - James Thomas Tilley

G Timperley - George Timperley

N Tindall - Newcomb Tindall

H Tindall - Harold Tindall

G Tomlinson - George Tomlinson

Robert Wilfred Townsend - Robert Wilfred Townsend

F H Tregidgo - Frederick Havelock Peters Tregidgo

A E Turner - Arthur Edward Turner

G S Turton - George Sydney Turton

F Vessey - Fred Vessey

Thomas Wakefield - Thomas Wakefield

W Walduck - Walter Charles Walduck

A S Walker - Arthur Sampey Walker

Ernest Walker - Ernest Walker

John Thomas Walker - John Thomas Walker

John Ward - John Ward

G H Wardle - George Henry Wardle

W Wardley - William Wardley

H Watkin - Herbert Watkin

John Watson - John Watson

Henry Watson - Henry Watson

W H Webster - William Harry Webster

Thomas Wharton - Thomas Wharton

Edward Wheatley - Edward Wheatley

J F Whitehead - Joseph Frederick Whitehead

Hubert Whitehead - Hubert Whitehead

M H Wilkinson - Maurice Henry Wilkinson

Horace Wilkinson - Horace Wilkinson

Howitt Key Wilkinson - Howitt Key Wilkinson

Walter Wilson - Walter Wilson

M F Wilson - Morley Frederick Wilson

J W Witt - John William Witt

R Wolstenholme - Robert Wolstenholme

G W Wood - George William Wood

A G Woodend - Anthony Gordon Woodend

G W Woods - George William Wood

Bertram Woods - Bertram Woods

Alfred Wray - Alfred Wray

George Wright - George Wright

John Young - John Young

Fred Young - Fred Young

Arthur Young - Arthur Young

  • The Major Oak is between 800 and 1000 years old and has local folklore associations with Robin Hood. Located in the middle of Sherwood Forest, the tree is one of Nottinghamshire's most famous landmarks. It appears here as a symbolic tribute to the county's Great War dead not commemorated elsewhere.
    Photo David Nunn - The Major Oak is between 800 and 1000 years old and has local folklore associations with Robin Hood. Located in the middle of Sherwood Forest, the tree is one of Nottinghamshire's most famous landmarks. It appears here as a symbolic tribute to the county's Great War dead not commemorated elsewhere.
  • The Major Oak 1885 - source unknown -