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Nottingham North East (Carlton, Gedling, Mapperley & Netherfield) Virtual

Looking towards Gedling from Mapperley Plains

This section commemorates Great War fatalities from the Nottingham districts of Carlton, Gedling, Mapperley and Netherfield whose names were not included on memorials erected during the conflict's aftermath. It is being compiled from Nottingham Evening Post obituary entries, the CWGC Debt of Honour Register and other military sources, census data and Birth, Marriage and Death indexes. David Nunn

Memorial location
Names on Memorial

Ernest Allen - Ernest Allen

Alfred Alltoft - Alfred Alltoft

Frederick William Baldwin - Frederick Reuben Baldwin

Augustus William Henry Barber - Augustus William Henry Barber

Charles Frederick Brewster - Charles Frederick Brewster

John Brinklow - John Brinklow

Albert Castell - Albert Castell

Albert Chambers - Albert Chambers

Albert Arthur Chambers - Albert Arthur Chambers

Thomas Chantrey - Thomas James Chantrey

Ernest Clay - Ernest Clay

Leonard Clay - Leonard Clay

Joseph Collins - Joseph Collins

George Cowling - George Cowling

John William Cox - John William Cox

George Dakin - George Dakin

Tom Harry Danby - Tom Harry Danby

Alan Marris Day - Alan Marris Day

William Alfred Daykin - William Alfred Daykin

Ernest Brewster Dykes - Ernest Brewster Dykes

Herbert Ronald Eborall - Herbert Ronald Eborall

George Henry Elson - George Henry Elson

Thomas Fallon - Thomas Fallon

Edward Bruce Farnsworth - Edward Brace Farnsworth

Walter Freeborough - Walter Freeborough

Harold Frost - Harold Frost

Arthur Joseph Green - Arthur Joseph Green

Samuel Green - Ernest Arthur Hough

Jesse Guiver - Jesse Guiver

James Henry Hall - James Henry Hall

John Thomas Hallam - John Thomas Hallam

George Edward Haslam - George Edward Haslam

Reginald Heath - Reginald Heath

Herbert William Heath - Herbert William Heath

Frank Henley - Frank Henley

Harry Hicking - Harry Hicking

Henry Hicks - Henry Hicks

Horace Hirst - Horace Hirst

Frederick Holmes - Frederick Holmes

Samuel Jelly - Samuel Jelly

James Kennedy - James Kennedy

Thomas Harold Kimpton - Thomas Harold Kimpton

Charles Arthur Knight - Charles Arthur Knight

Leonard Langford - Leonard Langford

Frederick Mahan - Frederick Mahan

Arthur Markillie - Arthur Markillie

William George Marriott - William George Marriott

George Henry Marshall - George Henry Marshall

William Ewart Matthews - William Ewart Matthews

James Matthews - James Matthews

George Henry Meats - George Henry Meats

William Mycroft - William Mycroft

Walter Newman - Walter Newman

Edward Oldershaw - Edward Oldershaw

Richard Pacey - Richard Pacey

William Pape - William Pape

Harry Passmore - Harry Passmore

Arthur Peppiatt - Arthur Peppiatt

Frank Ernest Phillips - Frank Ernest Phillips

George Francis Popple - George Francis Popple

Bernard Cornelius Pottinger - Bernard Cornelius Pottinger

Harold Robinson - Harold Robinson

Charles William Rose - Charles William Rose

Wilfred Shepherd - Wilfred Sheppard

George William Simpkins - George William Simpkins

Walter Smith - Walter Smith

Harry Squibb - Harry Squibb

William Stanley - William Stanley

John Josiah Start - John Josiah Start

William Start - William Start

Leslie Stray - Leslie Stray

James Arthur Tacey - James Arthur Tacey

Arthur Thomas - Arthur Thomas

Frederick Vertigan - Frederick Vertigan

Sidney Lawrence Walker - Sidney Lawrence Walker

James White - James White

James Henry Wild - James Henry Wild

John Thomas Williams - John Thomas Williams

William Henry Worley - William Henry Worley

Charles Worvill - Charles Worvill

John Wright - John Wright

  • Looking towards Gedling from Mapperley Plains
    Photo David Nunn - Looking towards Gedling from Mapperley Plains