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Nottingham North (Arnold, Carrington & Sherwood) Virtual

Looking north along Mansfield Road (A60) from Sherwood towards Arnold

This section commemorates Great War fatalities from the Nottingham districts of Arnold, Carrington and Sherwood whose names were not included on memorials erected during the conflict's aftermath. It is being compiled from Nottingham Evening Post obituary entries, the CWGC Debt of Honour Register and other military sources, census data and Birth, Marriage and Death indexes. David Nunn

Memorial location
Names on Memorial

Alfred George Allen - Alfred George Allen

William Charles Anfield - William Charles Anfield

Charles Leonard Arnold - Charles Leonard Arnold

William Henry Barker - William Henry Barker

William Vincent Barlow - William Vincent Barlow

John William Bates - John William Bates

Samuel Blackburn - Samuel Blackburn

William Henry Blades - William Henry Blades

William Booth - William Booth

Joseph Frank Booth - Joseph Frank Booth

William Sydney Brewitt - William Sydney Brewitt

William Albert Broadhurst - William Albert Broadhurst

Andrew Aeiken Brown - Andrew Aeiken Brown

Ernest Brown - Ernest Brown

Harry Burton - Harry Burton

Frederick William Cave - Frederick William Cave

Arthur Colton - Arthur Colton

Vivian Courtenay Consterdine - Vivian Courtenay Consterdine

George Cooke - George Cooke

William Cooper - William Cooper

Percy William Dunbar - Percy William Dunbar

George Ellis - George Ellis

George Ellis

Hezekiah Farnsworth - Hezekiah Farnsworth

Ernest Ford - Ernest Ford

Percy Ford - Percy Ford

Archie Walter Gill - Archie Walter Gill

Patrick Glazebrook - Patrick Glazebrook

George Grimditch - George Grimditch

John William Heath - John William Heath

Herbert Hobson - Herbert Hobson

Henry Arthur Johnson - Henry Arthur Johnson

Enoch Bardill Johnson - Enoch Bardill Johnson

William Key - William Key

Henry King - Henry King

Ernest William Lamb - Ernest William Lamb

Stafford Woodliffe Law - Stafford Woodliffe Law

Percy Lord - Percy Lord

Thomas Marsh - Thomas Marsh

Harry Mellors - Harry Mellors

Thomas Miller - Thomas Miller

Frederick Arthur Osborne - Frederick Arthur Osborne

Frederick Charles Overton - Frederick Charles Overton

John Henry Perry - John Henry Perry

Joseph Henry Radmall - Joseph Henry Radmall

Ernest William Ratcliffe - Ernest William Ratcliffe

Thomas Raven - Thomas Raven

Aubrey Stanley Riddle - Aubrey Stanley Riddle

James Harold Riddle - James Harold Riddle

Albert Schofield - Albert Schofield

Hubert Oswald Severn - Hubert Oswald Severn

John Browning Sinclair - John Browning Sinclair

Benjamin Spall - Benjamin Spall

Edgar Thorpe - Edgar Thorpe

Enoch Esli Tomlinson - Enoch Esli Tomlinson

George Henry Trotter - George Henry Trotter

Edward Turney - Edward Turney

William Turney - William Turney

James Turton - James Turton

Frederick Charles Tyers - Frederick Charles Tyers

John Lawrence Varley - John Lawrence Varley

Ernest Newton Whitelegg - Ernest Newton Whitelegg

Arthur Walker Wilson - Arthur Walker Wilson

George Edward Wilson - George Edward Wilson

Albert Edward Winters - Albert Edward Winters

Emerson Wood - Emerson Wood

  • Looking north along Mansfield Road (A60) from Sherwood towards Arnold
    Photo David Nunn - Looking north along Mansfield Road (A60) from Sherwood towards Arnold