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Nottingham Castle January 2013

This section commemorates Great War fatalities from central Nottingham whose names were not included on memorials erected during the conflict's aftermath. It is being compiled from Nottingham Evening Post obituary entries, the CWGC Debt of Honour Register and other military sources, census data and Birth, Marriage and Death indexes. David Nunn

Memorial location
Names on Memorial

Albert Allen - Albert Allen

A Allsopp - Albert Allsopp

George Antcliffe - George Antcliffe

John Astill - John Astill

Tom Astill - Tom Astill

Ernest Atkinson - Ernest Atkinson

Frank Bagnall - Frank Bagnall

David Baker - David Baker

Fred Banks - Fred Banks

Albert Bannister - Albert Bannister

Herbert Barrowcliff - Herbert Barrowcliff

Arthur John Battersby - Arthur John Battersby

Fred Birch - Fred Birch

George Booth - George Herbert Booth

Henry Bosworth - Henry Bosworth

Sidney Bown - Sidney Bown

Arthur Bradley - Arthur Bradley

James Brannan - James Brannan

Emily Brannan - Emily Winifred Brannan

John Brett - John Brett

William Brett - William Brett

Frederick Charles Brett - Frederick Charles Brett

John William Bromley - John William Bromley

Mark Percy Brooke - Mark Percy Brooke

Frederick John Brown - Frederick John Brown

James Lacey Buck - James Lacey Buck

John Bunting - John Bunting

Edward Burke - Edward Burke

Ottiwell Hastings Stanhope Butler - Ottiwell Hastings Stanhope Butler

Edwin Robert Carter - Edwin Robert Carter

Francis Albert Carter - Francis Albert Carter

Herbert Cartwright - Herbert Cartwright

Ronald Cartwright - Ronald Cartwright

Stanley Cartwright - Stanley Cartwright

Albert Chappell - Albert Chappell

Leonard Clark - Leonard Clark

Herbert Clarke - Herbert Clarke

Herbert Alwin Clayton - Herbert Alwin Clayton

Harold Colton - Harold Colton

Gilbert Henry Condon - Gilbert Henry Condon

Lorenzo William Conduit - William Conduit

William Dabell - William Dabell

Thomas Edwin Dabell - Thomas Edwin Dabell

Albert Dale - Albert Dale

John Davey - John Davey

George Henry Dawson - George Henry Dawson

Joseph Daykin - Joseph Daykin

Ernest Henry Daykin - Ernest Henry Daykin

Charles Henry Diggle - Charles Henry Diggle

Handley Dobbs - Handley Dobbs

Alfred Dodd - Alfred Dodd

Reginald Charles Francis Dolley - Reginald Charles Francis Dolley

Lewis George Ellis - Lewis George Ellis

Alfred Lister Ellis - Alfred Lister Ellis

Edward Ellis-Johnson - Edward Ellis-Johnson

Leonard Elsey - Leonard Elsey

John Everitt - John Everitt

William Arthur Farmer - William Arthur Farmer

George Fletcher - George Fletcher

Luke Thomas Foster - Luke Thomas Foster

Walter Freeman - Walter Freeman

Robert Frost - Robert Frost

Albert Gamble - Albert Gamble

Arthur Gilding - Arthur Gilding

John Albert Gissing - John Albert Gissing

William Albert Goddard - William Albert Goddard

Andrew Goldsbury - Andrew Goldsbury

John Golland - John Golland

Walter William Goodwin - Walter William Goodwin

Bernard Goulding - Bernard Goulding

Tom Greenwood - Tom Greenwood

Frederick Griffiths - Frederick Griffiths

Lewis Grimshaw - Lewis Grimshaw

Henry Haggar - Henry Hagger

Benjamin Lewis Hague - Benjamin Lewis Hague

Algernon Edward Charles Hall - Algernon Edward Charles Hall

Guy Neville Hammond - Guy Neville Hammond

Tom Harber - Tom Harber

Joseph Harriman - Joseph Harriman

Harold Harrison - Harold Harrison

Alex Hayes - Alex Hayes

John William Hayes - John William Hayes

Frank Hill - Frank Hill

George Hills - George Hills

Bertie Hoare - Bertie Hoare

Thomas Hollins - Thomas Hollins

James Hynes - James Hynes

Horace Ingle - Horace Ingle

Arthur Stanhope Jenoure - Arthur Stanhope Jenoure

Leslie Herbert Johnson - Leslie Herbert Johnson

Joseph Johnson - Joseph Johnson

Patrick Kent - Patrick Joseph Kent

George Kent - George Kent

John Edward Lambert - John Edward Lambert

William Lawson - William Lawson

John Thorpe Lewis - John Thorpe Lewis

Cyril Lowe - Cyril Lowe

George Henry Lowton - George Henry Lowton

Ernest Marshall - Ernest Marshall

Albert Marshall - Albert Marshall

John Edgar Mason - John Mason

John Charles Francis Mason - John Charles Francis Mason

Lewis Matthews - Lewis Matthews

Arthur George Frederick Messom - Arthur George Frederick Messom

Charles Miller - Charles William Fitzharding Miller

Thomas Miller - Thomas Fitzharding Miller

Vincent Mitchell - Vincent Mitchell

Thomas Moore - Thomas Moore

John William Newman - John William Newman

Sidney Nix - Sidney Nix

Alfred Norwebb - Alfred Norwebb

Francis J O'Callaghan - Francis O'Callaghan

Harry L Ockleford - Harry Lane Ockelford

Harry Lane Ockleford

John Oliver - John Oliver

Joseph Frank Pashley - Joseph Frank Pashley

John Pearson - John Pearson

John Perry - John Perry

John Kesteven Potter - John Kesteven Potter

Edward Alfred Puttock - Edward Alfred Puttock

Bernard Thomas Quinn - Bernard Thomas Quinn

Samuel Raynor - Samuel Raynor

George Henry Reeve - George Henry Reeve

Harold Renshaw - Harold William Renshaw

George Richards - George Richards

John Thomas Rowley - John Thomas Rowley

Edward Fetherston Sankey - Edward Fetherston Sankey

Walter Walker Saywell - Walter Walker Saywell

James Scothern - James Scothern

Albert Scrimshaw - Albert Scrimshaw

Ernest Slack - Ernest Slack

Herbert Ralph Smith - Herbert Ralph Smith

George Jewett Smith - George Jewett Smith

Samuel Smith - Samuel Edward Smith

Ernest Smith - Ernest Smith

Thomas Stones - Thomas Stones

Arthur Tatton - Arthur Tatton

Arthur Taylor - Arthur Taylor

Herbert Claude Taylor - Herbert Claude Taylor

George Taylor - George Taylor

Ernest Albert Isaac Taylor - Ernest Albert Isaac Taylor

Herbert Henry Owen Taylor - Herbert Henry Owen Taylor

John Albert Thacker - John Albert Thacker

Claude Charles Samuel Turner - Charles Claude Samuel Turner

Ernest Hampton Turner - Ernest Hampton Turner

Frederick Eley Turner - Frederick Eley Turner

Thomas Tutin - Thomas Tutin

John William Ward - John William Ward

William Westmoreland - William Westmoreland

Leonard Wheelhouse - Leonard Wheelhouse

Frederick William Whittle - Frederick William Whittle

Thomas Wilbur - Thomas Wilbur

Albert Wildman - Albert Wildman

Stephen John Wilson - Stephen John Wilson

Richard Lane Winser - Richard Lane Winser

Thomas Woollerton - Thomas Woollerton

Arthur Wright - Arthur Wright

  • Nottingham Castle January 2013
    Photo David Nunn - Nottingham Castle January 2013
  • The Great War battalion most closely associated with the city of Nottingham was 1/7th Sherwood Foresters (Notts & Derby Regiment.) First raised at Nottingham Castle in 1859 the unit was known as The Robin Hood Rifles.
    Photo David Nunn - The Great War battalion most closely associated with the city of Nottingham was 1/7th Sherwood Foresters (Notts & Derby Regiment.) First raised at Nottingham Castle in 1859 the unit was known as The Robin Hood Rifles.