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Overlooking the Douai Plain, a cloaked, sorrowing woman stands at the front of Walter Seymour Allward's magnificent Vimy Ridge Memorial to Canada's Great War dead and missing. She represents Canada - a young nation mourning her dead.

620,000 Canadians served during the Great War. 39% of those mobilised became casualties with 67,000 killed and 250,000 wounded. Canadians strongly believe that the valour, triumphs and suffering of their forces at Vancouver Corner, Beaumont Hamel, Vimy Ridge and countless other places along the Western Front were instrumental in forging the sense of nationhood unpinning the modern state. Canadian government agents toured British schools during the early 20th Century selling their country as a land of adventure and opportunity and thousands were persuaded to emigrate. Many returned to Europe in uniform and around half of Canada's First World War army were British born. Amongst them was a large contingent of Nottinghamshire men of whom at least 212 were killed. This section commemorates their sacrifice and acknowledges Canada's massive contribution to the allies' 1914-18 victory. David Nunn

Memorial location
Names on Memorial

William Newball Allen - William Newball Allen

Owen Burchby Alvey - Owen Burchby Alvey

Robert Armson - Robert Armson

Frank Elleray Armstrong - Frank Elleray Armstrong

George Arthur Bailey - George Arthur Bailey

Harold Bailey - Harold Bailey

Herbert Baines - Herbert Baines

Alexander Banks - Alexander Banks

James Barker - James Barker

Frank Bennett - Frank Bennett

Langton Benson Brown - Langton Benson Brown

Herbert North Bingham - Herbert North Bingham

Walter Blore - Walter Blore

Thomas Alleyne Bosworth - Thomas Alleyne Bosworth

William Brackenbury - William Brackenbury

Herbert Assherton Bromley - Herbert Assheton Bromley

James Evelyn Brown - James Evelyn Brown

Joseph Bunyan - Joseph Bunyan

Harry Burdett - Harry Burdett

Harry Burton - Harry Burton

William Alfred Burton - William Alfred Burton

Edward Bust - Edward Bust

Brian Harper Butler - Brian Harper Butler

Edwin Robert Carter - Edwin Robert Carter

Frederick Arthur Carter - Frederick Arthur Carter

Henry Wells Cash - Henry Wells Cash

Wilfrid Arthur Cash - Wilfrid Arthur Cash

Thomas Robert Chappell - Thomas Robert Chappell

Edward Chell - Edward Chell

Charles Halford Clay - Charles Halford Clay

Harry Pilcher Clayton - Harry Pilcher Clayton

Joseph Clements - Joseph Clements

Edward Inman Codd - Edward Inman Codd

William George Cooke - William George Cooke

Ben Cooper - Ben Cooper

John Henry Cooper - John Henry Cooper

William Cooper - William Cooper

Edward Cecil Coy - Edwin Cecil Coy

Francis Mark Cragg - Francis Mark Cragg

Sidney Kestin Crawford - Sidney Kestin Crawford

Samuel Cropley - Samuel Cropley

Charles Curtis - Charles Curtis

Ernest Alfred Davison - Ernest Alfred Davison

John Derry - John Derry

Harry Vincent Dexter - Harry Vincent Dexter

Percy William Drakes - Percy William Drakes

James Richard Dunn - James Richard Dunn

Fred East - Fred East

William Eggleshaw - William Eggleshaw

John Reginald Mitchinson Ellis - John Reginald Mitchinson Ellis

Herbert Spray Fisher - Herbert Spray Fisher

Arthur Gamble - Arthur Gamble

William Francis Gamble - William Francis Gamble

William Gash - William Gash

Bernard Gelsthorpe - Bernard Gelsthorpe

Albert Gilbert - Albert Gilbert

Herbert William Godfrey - Herbert William Godfrey

Joseph Grainger - Joseph Grainger

John Frederick Green - John Frederick Green

Randle Newcombe Griffin - Randle Newcome Griffin

George Grimditch - George Grimditch

Harry Gunn - Harry Gunn

Charles Edwin Hackett - Charles Edwin Hackett

John Albert Hall - John Albert Hall

Reginald Lee Hand - Reginald Lee Hand

Lawrence Albert Hardy - Lawrence Albert Hardy

William Stanley Harpham - William Stanley Harpham

Joseph Harriman - Joseph Harriman

Herbert Edward Harris - Herbert Edward Harris

Reginald Vasey Harris - Reginald Vasey Harris

Albert Harrison - Albert Harrison

Henry Harrison - Henry Harrison

Charles Harrison - Charles Harrison

Frank Harvey - Frank Harvey

Harry Haslam - Harry Haslam

Kenneth William Heaps - Kenneth William Heaps

Arthur William Hempshall - Arthur William Hempshall

John Frederick Herod - John Frederick Herod

John William Hewes - John William Hewes

Harry Hewis - Harry Hewis

Henry Donald Hickling - Henry Donald Hickling

Frederick Hickman - Frederick Hickman

John Thomas Hickman - John Thomas Hickman

George Henry Joseph Hunt - George Henry Joseph Hunt

Percival Hutchinson - Percival Hutchinson

Frank Arnold Jebbett - Frank Arnold Jebbett

Stanley Johnson - Stanley Frederick Johnson

Horace Keeton - Horace Keeton

James Herbert Kellett - James Herbert Kellett

Leonard Key - Leonard Key

William Keyworth - William Keyworth

George Stanley King - George Stanley King

Walter Kirk - Walter Kirk

Fred Lacey - Fred Lacey

James Lane - James Lane

Louis Bernard Law - Louis Bernard Law

Stafford Woodliffe Law - Stafford Woodliffe Law

Samuel Richmond Lawrence - Samuel Richmond Lawrence

Jack Leverton - Jack Leverton

Arthur Reginald Lewis - Arthur Reginald Lewis

Albert Lineham - Albert Lineham

Robert Lineker - Robert Lineker

Cyril Lowe - Cyril Lowe

Harry Bernard Lowe - Harry Bernard Lowe

Samuel Ernest Lowe - Samuel Ernest Lowe

Charles Mackintosh - Charles Mackintosh

Arthur Maltby - Arthur Maltby

Robert Maltby - Robert Maltby

Leslie Dale Marchbank - Leslie Dale Marchbank

John Southern Marriott - John Southern Marriott

Benjamin Marsden - Benjamin Marsden

George Marsden - George Marsden

Archibald McMillan - Archibald McMillan

George Henry Meats - George Henry Meats

Charles Norris Mee - Charles Norris Mee

William Cecil Mellson - William Cecil Mellson

Cecil Mack Merritt - Cecil Mack Merritt

Richard Percival Metcalfe - Richard Percival Metcalfe

Wilfred Edmund Millership - Wilfrid Edmund Millership

Robert Hugh Richard Moffatt - Robert Hugh Richard Moffatt

Alfred Hermon Moore - Arthur Hermon Moore

George William Moorley - George William Moorley

Dennis Morland - Dennis Morland

Arthur Murcott - Arthur Murcott

David Murray - David Murray

Dennis Leo Naylor - Dennis Leo Naylor

Harold Arthur Edgar Newton - Harold Arthur Edgar Newton

William Henry Nix - William Henry Nix

Arthur Oldbury - Arthur Oldbury

Mark Oldershaw - Mark Oldershaw

Ernest Orange - Ernest Orange

Albert Edward Osborn - Albert Edward Osborn

Albert Edward Osborne - Albert Edward Osborne

Wensley Scott Otter - Wensley Scott Otter

William Oxley - William Oxley

Lionel Vernon Packford - Lionel Vernon Packford

Frank Padley - Frank Padley

John Page - John Page

Harry Parkes - Harry Parkes

Samuel Pearson - Samuel Pearson

Charles Perrons - Charles Perrons

Walter William Perry - Walter William Perry

Alfred Phillimore - Alfred Phillimore

Frank Ernest Phillips - Frank Ernest Phillips

Charles William Pick - Charles William Pick

William Pinkett - William Pinkett

George Francis Popple - George Francis Popple

George Herbert Powell - George Herbert Powell

Byron Frederick Pratt - Byron Frederick Pratt

John Herbert Price - John Herbert Price

Samuel Price - Samuel Price

George Henry Reeve - George Henry Reeve

Walter Nicholas Reynolds - Walter Nicholas Reynolds

James Harold Riddle - James Harold Riddle

Joseph Parry Rippon - Joseph Parry Rippon

William Roberts - William Roberts

Alfred James Sarles - Alfred James Sarles

Walter Walker Saywell - Walter Walker Saywell

John Furlow McConnell Sergeant - John Furlow Mcconnell Sergeant

Fred Sharpe - Fred Sharpe

William Slack - William Slack

Harry Mortimer Smedley - Harry Mortimer Smedley

William Smedley - William Smedley

Arthur Newbold Smith - Arthur Newbold Smith

John Robert Smith - John Robert Smith

Frederick William Dare Sorby - Frederick William Dare Sorby

Frank Squires - Frank Squires

Jack Squires - Jack Squires

William Starkey - William Starkey

Vernon James Steedman - Vernon James Steedman

Frank Steel - Frank Steel

William Duncan Stevens - William Duncan Stevens

Arthur Hallgarth Stockwell - Arthur Hallgarth Stockwell

Cyril Nathaniel Storer - Cyril Nathaniel Storer

George William Tallents - George William Tallents

Herbert Henry Owen Taylor - Herbert Henry Owen Taylor

John Willie Taylor - John Willie Taylor

Thomas Martin Templeman - Thomas Martin Templeman

Thomas William Theaker - Thomas William Theaker

Arthur Thompson - Arthur Thompson

Alfred Reginald Tinsley - Alfred Reginald Tinsley

Frank Tomlinson - Frank Tomlinson

Enoch Esli Tomlinson - Enoch Esli Tomlinson

Bernard Bert Topham - Bernard Bert Topham

George Sidney Turton - George Sydney Turton

Stanley Tyers - Stanley Tyers

Samuel Mark Varley - Samuel Mark Varley

Henry Wakefield - Henry Wakefield

Lawrence Bernard Osborne Wakelam - Lawrence Bernard Osborne Wakelam

Ernest Walker - Ernest Walker

Albert Ward - Albert Ward

Henry Avenal Walwick Ward - Henry Avenal Walwick Ward

John William Ward - John William Ward

George Watson - George Watson

Thomas Edward Watson - Thomas Edward Watson

John Lawrence Weatherall - John Lawrence Weatherall

EW Westerman - Elmer William Westerman

Leonard Kinder Wheat - Leonard Kinder Wheat

George Haddon White - George Haddon White

Arthur Wynne Williams - Arthur Wynne Williams

George Williams - George Williams

Frank Willoughby - Frank Willoughby

Thomas Cripwell Wilson - Thomas Cripwell Wilson

William Wilson - William Wilson

George Henry Wood - George Henry Wood

Frederick Woodford - Frederick Francis Woodford

Alfred Woodward - Alfred Woodward

Philip Woolfitt - Philip Woolfitt

Moses Thomas Worrall - Moses Thomas Worrall

Albert Wright - Albert Wright

Arthur Lawrence Wright - Arthur Lawrence Wright

Henry D Wright - Henry Dolby Wright

  • Overlooking the Douai Plain, a cloaked, sorrowing woman stands at the front of Walter Seymour Allward's magnificent Vimy Ridge Memorial to Canada's Great War dead and missing. She represents Canada - a young nation mourning her dead.
    Photo David Nunn - Overlooking the Douai Plain, a cloaked, sorrowing woman stands at the front of Walter Seymour Allward's magnificent Vimy Ridge Memorial to Canada's Great War dead and missing. She represents Canada - a young nation mourning her dead.
  • Part of a concerted early 20th Century campaign by the Canadian government to encourage emigration from Britain.
    Derby Courier 15/4/1911 - Part of a concerted early 20th Century campaign by the Canadian government to encourage emigration from Britain.