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Oak font from the Kirkby in Ashfield area

This memorial has recently been conserved by Malcolm Harrison of Stanley Village, Derbyshire. He is uncertain of its origins but the names commemorated probably indicate the Kirkby/Annesley area. He notes 'it was in pieces when I got it and was so pleased to save it although it no longer has its lead liner... It weighs 18kg (3stone) without the lead and with the lead it would have been at least 24kg (just under 4 stone). It is 40cm across the flats of the top. Inside about 18cm deep. Each face (measures) 16.5cm x 18cm high (and the) base 37.5cm across the flats. The central column is 15cm high x 9cm each face. The total height is 44.5cms. It is made entirely of British oak from the grain. We bought a font table which came from Ireland and it would be the right size for this font which looks to be an appropriate size for a chapel.' Mr Harrison's mother's family kept the Badger Box public house at Annesley pre - 1920.

Memorial location
Names on Memorial

Lancelot Allcock - Lancelot Arthur Allcock

Harry Barrett - Harry Barratt

George Miller - George Miller

Ralph Pearce - Ralph Pearce

Harry Skillington - Harry Skillington

John William Smith - John William Smith

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