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Apply for Free School Meals or Milk

Please use this form to apply for free school meals and/or milk if:

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Application for free school meals and/or milk
Section 1: Claimant details

Your details:

Please provide your details:

Your partner's details:

Please provide details about your partner, if appropriate:

Your contact details:

Please provide at least one method of contact:

Preferred method of contact »
Section 2: Children's details

Please provide details of ALL child(ren) and also indicate whether you wish to apply for free school meals. Tick to apply for free meals /milk in each case

First child:

Gender »

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Second child

Tick to apply for free meals
Third child

Tick to apply for free meals
Fourth child

Tick to apply for free meals
Fifth child

Tick to apply for free meals
Section 3: Declaration

Please read and authorise the declaration below:

I agree that Nottinghamshire County Council can use the information provided by me to process my claim for free school meals.  I confirm that they may contact other sources as allowed by law to verify my initial and ongoing entitlement.  I understand that the results of any eligibility check may also be used to assess my entitlement to receive free travel to school or free school milk.

I declare that I have read and understand the declaration above. »
Please note:
  • Communications with Nottinghamshire County Council may be subject to monitoring and recording.
  • You are not required to supply an email address in order to use this service, but if you choose to do so you consent to an e-mail confirmation being sent and accept responsibility for the security of this e-mail.
  • Your application cannot be processed without verification of your benefit eligibility.
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