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  • St Peter's & St Paul's Churchyard, Church Warsop.
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Budby, Nottinghamshire
Samuel (Sam) was married to Maria Robinson in 1897 at Edwinstowe Parish Church. They had at least nine children: Mary Elizabeth, 1898: Albert, (born Killamarsh, 22 January 1900) George William, (born Killamarsh, 30 June 1901), Frederick Harry, (born Shirebrook, 15 October 1903), Charles William (born Shirebrook, 5 May 1915), Ernest (born Warsop Vale, 24 September 1907), Ivy (born Warsop Vale, 29 October 1910), Horace (born Warsop Vale, 21 September 1912) and Sydney (born Warsop Vale, 19 November 1914). At the time he enlisted they were living at 170 Warsop Vale, Warsop.
He had been a coal miner but at the time of his enlistment in 1915 he was working as a caretaker at Warsop Stavely County School.
16 Apr 1917
2750779 - CWGC Website
170 Warsop Vale, Nottinghamshire.
Royal Army Medical Corps
Sam enlisted on 20 May 1915 at the age of 42 years 8 months. He was not considered fit for the Infantry and probably because he was a member of the St John's Ambulance he was enlisted in the RAMC. He served with No. 8 Company which was formed in York 1907; these companies took over responsibility for military and war hospitals in the UK. He was an orderly at the Nottingham (Sycamore Road) Military Hospital, before transferring to Bagthorpe Military Hospital. He was admitted to hospital on 10 January 1917 suffering from bronchitis and was also diagnosed with Vascular Heart Disease (VHD) and Bright's Disease (chronic nephritis, a kidney disease). He was discharged from the army on 25 February 1917 as physically unfit for war service and died in hospital on 16 April. He was buried in St Peter's and St Paul's churchyard, Church Warsop. Information from service documents (medical history): He suffered a cerebral haemorrhage on the evening of 17 January 1916 and suffered partial paralysis of the left side. He was transferred to Bagthorpe Military Hospital on 11 February and continued to recover from the stroke. He was transferred to Mansfield Casualty Hospital on 28 March and spent 14 days there to 10 April 1916. He returned to duty as an orderly at Bagthorpe Military Hospital. On 10 January 1917 he was admitted to Nottingham (Sycamore Road) Military Hospital suffering from bronchitis having suffered severe breathlessness on the evening of 9 January, 'There is a slight systolio apex. There is accentua(?) of second (-). Rest in bed. Apex beat is disturbed outwards and downwards. Pulses tension and infarct. In consultation 12 Jan.' He was also diagnosed with vascular heart disease (VHD) and Bright's disease. Extract from service documents: 'To Military Sycamore Road Hospital as orderly. He had an apoplectic stroke ] 17 November [January] 1916 followed by partial left sided paralysis. He was transferred to Bagthorpe Hospital on recovery and acted as (-) orderly. The left (3 words illegible) recovered. There is some (-). 10 January 1917 admitted to hospital (Sycamore Road) suffering from bronchitis. States that he had a serious attack of breathlessness on 9th (-). There is a systematic (-) with (-) of (-)… Not caused by military service … There is still some paralysis of left foot, leg causing lameness … recovered, discharged permanently unfit 17 January 1917.' The entry in the Nottinghamshire County Council register of employees who served in the war includes the following information: 'This man died of consumption which may have been caused through military duties or aggravated by it. He was not a strong man by any means. Signed F Blackburn.' (Nottinghamshire Archives Ref CC CL 2/12/1/1)
The personal dedication on the CWGC headstone reads, 'Always remembered by his loving sons and daughters.' John William Sleight, the head of Warsop Stavely County School where Sam was the caretaker, served in the RAMC (Home Hospital Reserve) from 17 April 1915 until he was discharged on 20 May 1918. He was in charge of the Nottingham Military Hospital (particular hospital not specified).
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  • St Peter's & St Paul's Churchyard, Church Warsop.
    Samuel Charles Johnson - St Peter's & St Paul's Churchyard, Church Warsop.
  • St Peter's & St Paul's Churuchyard, Church Warsop.
    Samuel Charles Johnson - St Peter's & St Paul's Churuchyard, Church Warsop.
  • Bagthorpe Military Hospital (formerly Bagthorpe Hospital) where Samuel worked as a orderly.  Contemporary postcard courtesy of L Gadd.
    Samuel Charles Johnson - Bagthorpe Military Hospital (formerly Bagthorpe Hospital) where Samuel worked as a orderly. Contemporary postcard courtesy of L Gadd.