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  • Photo is courtesy of Jim Grundy and his facebook pages Small Town Great War Hucknall 1914-1918
Person Details
13 Feb 1894
Hucknall Torkard Nottinghamshire
Served as Alfred Miles Bailey. Alphonzo was the son of Alfred Benjamin Bailey and Ann Bailey nee Buck. His father was born in Finsbury, London, and his mother in Basford, Nottingham. They were married in 1893 (marriage registered A/M/J Basford) and had two children, Alphonzo (b. 13 February 1894) and Effie Hannah (b. 17 September 1896). In 1901 Alfred (46), a colliery banksman, and Ann (35) and their two children were living at 41 Derbyshire (-), Hucknall. By 1911 the family was living at 65 West Terrace, Hucknall. Alfred was now a colliery surface labourer, Alphonzo (17) was a boot repairer and Effie (14) was a hosiery hand. Effie married Joseph O Bettridge on 30 June 1917 (marriage registered A/M/J Basford). She died on 19 April 1981; her home address was 34 Palmer Avenue, Hucknall. Alfred Benjamin died aged 77 on 19 February 1931 in Nottingham General Hospital; his home address was still 65 West Terrace. Probate was awarded to his widow, Ann Bailey, who died in 1935 aged 69 (death registered Dec Basford).
In 1911 he was a boot repairer and was still following the same occupation when he joined the Royal Navy in 1916.
20 Jan 1918
3039436 - CWGC Website
Ordinary Seaman
Royal Navy
HMS Raglan. J/56489 (Po). Alphonzo (Alfred) joined the Royal Navy on 12 August 1916 ('Hostilities'). He served in the following ships and shore establishments: Victory I, 12 August 1916-9 October 1916 (Ordinary Seaman); HMS Implacable, 10 October 1916-9 July 1917; HMS Raglan, 10 July-20 January 1918. Record annotated: ‘NP 772/18. DD 20 January 1918 HMS Raglan.’ HMS Raglan sailed for the Dardanelles in June 1915. She remained in the Eastern Mediterranean, based at Imbros. On 20 January 1918 while the battleships Agamemnon and Lord Nelson were absent, Raglan and other members of the Detached Squadron of the Aegean Squadron were attacked by the Turkish battle cruiser Yavuz Sultan Selim (formerly German battle cruiser SMS Goeben), the light cruiser Midilli (formerly German light cruiser SMS Breslau) and four destroyers. Raglan was sunk with the loss of 127 lives. The Monitor M28 was also sunk in the same battle. Midilli and Yavuz Sultan Selim ran into a minefield; Midilli sank and Yavuz Sultan Selim was badly damaged. (Wikipedia) Alphonzo's body was not recovered for burial and he is commemorated on the Portsmouth Naval Memorial.
CWGC and Hucknall St Mary Magdalene list him as Alfred Miles Bailey but he was registered as Alphonzo Miles Bailey (J/F/M/1894 Free BMD) and is Alphonzo on the 1911 Census and Alfonz(s)o on other memorials. It is possible that he chose to serve as Alfred to avoid embarrassment over his unusual name.
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  • Photo is courtesy of Jim Grundy and his facebook pages Small Town Great War Hucknall 1914-1918
    Alphonzo Miles Bailey - Photo is courtesy of Jim Grundy and his facebook pages Small Town Great War Hucknall 1914-1918