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Mansfield - St Aiden's (St Mark's) Church

UKNIWM Ref - 38761

St Aiden's closed in the 1960s and the memorial was moved to St Mark's Church, Nottingham Road, Mansfield. St Mark's was St Aiden's mother church.

Memorial location
Names on Memorial

Frederick F Bancroft - Frederick Bancroft

Wilfred W Bancroft - Wilfred Bancroft

James Bernard Theodore J B T Beaney - James Bernard Theodore Beaney

John J Bellamy - John Bellamy

Harold H Brailsford - Harold Brailsford

George G Chapman - George Chapman

Alfred A Clarke - Alfred Clarke

Joseph J Cook - Joseph Cooke

Ernest E Davenport - Ernest Davenport

Albert A Devenport - Albert Devenport

James Edgson - John Henry Edgson

John Frederick Charles J Fifford - John Frederick Charles Kifford

William Henry W Flower - William Henry Flowers

James J Foulkes - James Foulkes

James J Glenn - James Henry Glenn

Joseph J Grainger jnr - Joseph Grainger

Joseph J Grainger snr - Joseph Grainger

Charles C Hibbert - Charles Hibbert

Charles Henry C H Hibbert - Charles Henry Hibbert

Walter W Lager - Walter Lager

Joseph J Palmer - Joseph Palmer

Herbert H Pye - Herbert Pye

Harold Louis H L Scotney - Harold Louis Scotney

Wilfred W Smith - Wilfred Smith

James J Sparkes - James Sparkes

Herbert H Storey - Herbert Henry Storey

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